Cabrera heartbroken

Miguel Cabrera was looked devastated on television when reporters interviewed him after the game. Once the cameras left, he might’ve been even worse.

He sounded like he was blaming the loss on himself.

“I don’t know what to say right now,” Cabrera said. “I feel bad.”

It was difficult to make out what he was saying because he was so emotional, so it was hard to tell if he was blaming his hitting — later in the game after his double and two-run homer in his first two at-bats — or his run-in with authorities Saturday becoming a distraction.

Still, it sounded like he was ready to move on. Asked if he might spend his offseason getting his life in order, Cabrera seemed to agree.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to,” Cabrera said, trying to find the term.

Right now, though, he’s going to go through a pretty tough time.

“It’s very tough, very tough,” Cabrera said. “It’s a very tough loss.”

At that point, Cabrera broke down.


That makes me sad, but it also is a good sign, he wouldn’t break down like that if he didn’t realize things needed to change. They didn’t lose yesterday because of him, because of him they were in the game and he played his heart out, you could see it. But maybe he realizes he could have been more productive at other points. Can’t ever say yes or no to that, but am glad to see he was worked up over the loss – you don’t do that unless you care, unless you are a great actor and am guessing that he is not.

I think Jason hit the nail on the head when he did his articles on the Latino players and they all said the biggest challenge for them was learning the language. All of our Latin players have improved dramatically over the years, particularly Rodney. Polanco has pretty well mastered it. Carlos, Maggs, Ramon all have improved. Miguel has improved since last year, but he still struggles prouncing the words, and sometimes understanding the sometimes stupid questions they put to him. He is an emotional guy, some call it immaturity, but that’s just his MO. I love his playfulness on the field with his teammates and sincerely hope he has a good off-season, stay healthy, work out, and get his personal life in order. He, in no way, was responsible for the loss.

I woke up this morning with a migraine, heartbroken. This too shall pass. Everyone, with a brain of sense, must realize this was a truly great game. A game that was watched by millions. You can point to several plays or playrer, but in the end, the team lost a heartbreaker. I’ll bet we would have give the Yanks a run for their money. Dombrowski looked devastated. Wait til the Twins have to play in a real stadium. I don’t believe they will be dominating the Central for a long time.

Good and fair comments so far. I appreciate that after all the Cabrera bashing. Nobody can defend what he did but nobody has to walk in his shoes either.
In defense of the Twins, they were very good, and they’ve eaten the A L Central for lunch. But it wasn’t just at the Dome that that took place, with their 7-3 road trip across the Midwest. They might lose a game or two edge from the Dome to Target Field but I think after a period of adjustment, I don’t think it will be as much a difference as people think.

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