Tigers get bulletin board material

There’s a bulletin board on the inside of the door to the visiting clubhouse at the Metrodome. On most days, that’s where the lineup goes. Tuesday, that’s where the Tigers had two clips of the quote Twins speedster Denard Span gave to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

“I don’t want to say they’ve choked,” Span said. “But, yeah, they have choked. They’ve choked a little bit, but they have the opportunity to not choke, I guess.”

A yellow highlight marker ran through it, just in case anybody still might’ve missed it.

That’s not to say the Tigers deny they were in the driver’s seat. To some, they still are. But a team needing a spark before Sunday might’ve gotten another one.


Hey Jason if you read this, could you give a rundown on who’s contracts are up for next year or at least how many years they have left?

So sad my friends. Ugh, what a stressful game that was to watch, much like the last month of this season.

Hats off to some real play today by Maggs (by the way, I totally disagree with taking him out for a defensive replacement, if anything replace Raburn and not him, his bat was way too valuable, even if Clete did clobber the ball). I cannot believe how much he rebounded this year, I hope he brings that to start next year, a full year of him like this would be dynamite.

Miggy showed off his bat today, so good for him for stepping up and supporting his teammates. My husband even was amazed at his speed when he got to 3rd on that hit by Kelly.

Porcello did terrific, as did Lyon and Rodney – he was left in there too long in my opinion, expected to see Perry or at least Seay for that final lefty batter. But hindsight is 40/40 isn’t it?

Anyone wondering why Marcus didn’t get in? Don’t get me wrong, Kelly hit a terrific shot, but I expected to see him hitting for Don.

Well, another year, another heartbreak. I have loved this board and the lively banter. Much to be discussed in the offseason. Sure we did better than expected, but when leading 7 games with a few weeks left, you want more than being the maid of honor.

by the way – Inge was huge on defense tonight, and his shot down the line was tremendous. I hope he can heal in the offseason and be an offensive force next year.

Tigers’ site headline–magical season ends.
More like tragical.

Maybe not winning the division will force them to make some of the changes they need to. Good luck to the Twinkies. You gotta root for them against the Yanks.

It was nice to see Porcello prove wrong everyone who predicted that he’d lose his composure amid the din of the Metrodome. Will be interesting to see his career continue to blossom.

You know what they say about pride, Denard.

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