Perry, Miner likely key in Saturday's game

Though Jim Leyland is treating this as a starting assignment for rookie Alfredo Figaro, his remarks last night that he would not hesitate to make a change early if Figaro got in trouble essentially made tonight’s game sound like a bullpen start. Leyland said he would probably have Ryan Perry ready early if he had to make a real quick change, then Zach Miner going a little later. Eddie Bonine is available if needed tonight.

Perry has pitched in a lot of different situations this year, but one common denominator down the stretch has been that they’re usually with the Tigers trailing. He has entered with Tigers deficits in 10 of his last 14 games since August 23, and one of the exceptions was a tie. He has pitched with a lead just five times in the last three months, and just three save situations since mid-June. In most of those situations, his job was to keep the Tigers close, rather than mop-up work.

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