Leyland: Short rest was never a consideration

Depending on what happens tonight with rookie Alfredo Figaro in his first start in three months, the question among more than a few Tigers fans will be why manager Jim Leyland didn’t just stay with his core starters and use either Justin Verlander or Rick Porcello on short rest. After all, Porcello was on schedule to start Saturday anyway until Monday’s rainout pushed back that outing.

According to Leyland, it wasn’t a consideration. Judging from his remarks, their futures beyond this season were the overwhelming consideration.

“I’m not going to pitch Verlander on three days rest, and I’m not going to pitch that kid [Porcello],” Leyland said.

That would be the same decision, Leyland said, even if they were a game back in the race. Wouldn’t happen.

“Not with those two kids. I wouldn’t do it. We’ve got our opportunity. We’ve got enough guys. It’s not the ideal situation having to pitch a rookie like this, but we’ve won two or three big games like this with [Eddie] Bonine pitching.”


Well I really wish he would reconsider this as well. Appearently Blackburn is doing okay on the short rest, heck he didn’t give up a hit until the fifth inning. Not hurting him at all. So Blackburn must be tougher than Verlander or Porcello.

Appreciate the update on this, Jason. Unfortunately, it would be better for JL if he didn’t talk at all. What he’s doing is foolish and there’s not another manager in baseball that wouldn’t bring back one of his best on three day’s rest, as Gardenhire is doing with his “kid”, Blackburn.
I’m blacked out of the Twins game, as I’m getting a meaningless Nationals-Braves encounter here. Jair Jurrjens is pitching. Wish we still had him, especially today.
Wow, with a man on third and two out, Greinke pitches to Mauer and he singles. So says Gameday.

Twins up 4-0, maybe 5 now. It’s all up to us, as it should be. We shouldn’t win because of MIN losing. Owell.

Just wondering if either Verlander or Porcello went into the manager’s office and demanded the ball today.

Well the Twins just scored 4 runs – they will win this game.

Twins tag Gienke for 4 runs with 2 outs. They were supposed to lose this game. It’s apparently ok for Blackburn to pitch on 3 days rest, but not our guys.

Tigers were supposed to lose last night, and they made sure they did. The difference is night and day.

Going tonight and tomorrow, but not feeling very confident at all.


Still want to throw Figaro out there JL????? Blackburn is pitching pretty well on three days rest he must be a better pitcher and much tougher than either Verlander or Porcello. Gardenhire thinks a lot more of his pitchers that JL thinks of his.

Yeah, that’s it, JL. Wait until next year. You have an extended contract. To he!! with the fans.

Thank David Dombrowski for Jair Jurrjens pitching for the Braves. The second worst trade he has made since being in Detroit. It was yet another effort to acquire an old and far past his prime member of the 1997 Marlins. Another waste of money just like Sheffield was. Another trade that cost the Tigers young prospects. Thanks Dombrowski.

Royals back in it!

Ya know the interesting thing is that if anyone if May would of told me we would be in this position I would of said you’re CRAZY. But to be in this position now and to see it being pissed away like it is for whatever reason: lack of heart, lack of talent, bad decision making my the decision makers. Well now that we are here and to see this just sliding away well it is really depressing, and hard to believe for some reason.
Ya know typical Twins fashion in a game they typically don’t start digging in until late in a game, and this season they didn’t start to play until the last 3 weeks of the season. Hard to believe that until about a week and a half ago they weren’t even playing .500 baseball. Now in the last month they are playing at like .620 clip.

4-3 Twins. Royals with tying run on first base with one out.

The Twins are playing like champs and unfortunately we are playing (and managing) like chumps.
Everything is going Minny’s way. Mauer had 2 strike on him and he fouls of a lethal slider to stay alive. Watches the next pitch come in low and then slaps a pop-up foul down the LF line. Of course it falls harmelessly and safely away from the Royals’ left-side infielders.
Then he spanks a single to right.
Kubel hits a ball down the LF line that Bloomquist gets a glove on but can’t catch–bounces out and goes for a ground rule double.
Delmon Young is one of the best hitters in baseball at the moment. He clobbered Greinke.
The Twins deserve this right now. They are playing great baseball, they are confident, they are smart, they play fundamentally sound ball (everything above was set up by a sac bunt), they are getting the breaks and the calls. This happens when you play the game the way it should be played.
JL is not going to go with Verlander and never intended to. In his baseball brain he figured the team would win this thing yesterday or today and he would be able to rest Verlander for the playoff opener. What is it that he keeps saying about the cart before the horse?
IF the Tigers can surprise everyone and win this thing then they deserve it. Right now, as it stands, Minnesota deserves it more than we do.
JL has mad a ton of mistakes and poor judgements all year and especially down the stretch. Figar might come out and throw a gem. The chances of that are slim and none.
He has mismanaged Huff, Guillen, Inge, Laird, Everett, Thomas, Ordonez, Thames and most recently, Polanco. And that is not even including the pitching staff.
It is time for Leyland to depart. There is a reason these guys fail so miserably every autumn.
His lineup today is another arrogant attempt at making things go “his way” because he visualizes it that way. His choice of Figaro as a starter is insanely misguided.
My fingers are crossed that this club can outplay their manager and do it themselves. But it ain’t saying much when your team is 2 games up with 3 to go and it still didn’t feel right.
Next year is a whole other story but thinking Carlos Guillen can play anywhere on the field (including DH) is in my mind a capitualtion of the season. If they keep Ordonez around he should be the full-time DH. And he doesn’t have to bat 3rd to fulfill that role.
We need “real” corner outfielders who can produce and flag the ball down.
We need a catcher and a third sacker who can at least hit .250 and a shortstop who is a game changer and not a salary saver.

Check that, no outs.

Third and first for Royals with no outs. Go KC!

Well I was at least a little happy for about 2 seconds. Cuddyer another homerun. How does a guy go from about 13 homeruns in a season to over 30????

I don’t think the Twins deserve it any more than the Tigers. The Twins played good for 1 month of the season, the Tigers even though not great, have been more consistent, about .535 winning pct. I just think who ever has the most wins at the end deserves it no matter how they get there.

Unless they pounce on Freddy Garcia and score a bunch, this does not look good.

Anyone else remember CC pitching a couple times last season on short rest and Milwaukee making the playoffs? Leyland calls Verlander a horse yet won’t send him out today because he’s worried about his future. What’s the difference with frequently letting him get to around 130 pitches than starting him one day early?

Watching the Royals has never made me more nervous that this afternoon. Watching the Tigers tonight will just make me more nervous…

Take that back Cuddyer had 19 homeruns in the last two seasons and 31 this year???? Strange huh???

Rain delay. Do whatever you have to there in Detroit to get this game postponed. Sunday they could still have Porcello pitch. They may lose this thing but at least they will have their best pitchers on the mound. Oh, and look up some good retirement homes for u-no-who, extension or not.

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