First pitch around 7:20

A bad-looking rain cell passed barely to the south — and judging from the sky, I mean barely. The grounds crew waited it out just in case, and they just removed the tarp a few minutes ago. First pitch is expected around 7:20pm.


Best thing that could happen would be rain out. That way we could pitch Verlander AND Porcello.

Well, this is it now. Who knows when we’ll ever be this close again? Might be a long time. Let’s do this.

You know, actually, Porcello pitched 4 1/2 days ago. JL is quibbling over a half day not a whole day. His stubborness will cause the Tigers to lose this race. Even if they win it, I have had it with JL and his strange decisions. Do a rain dance there in Detroit. And keep looking for that retirement home.

JL’s senility is showing already. Why take Ni out of the game. The old lefty-righty thing? Ni has been a very good pitcher. Let him pitch!

That inning could have been a whole lot worse.

Thanks, Leyland. By pulling Figaro are you admitting you made a bad choice? Duh, you don’t start a rookie in a playoff race. I am fed up with the stubborn old coot too, I don’t think I can stand to see the Tigers managed so poorly for 2 more years.
I just hope the Tigers have the will & resolve to win this game. Come on Tigers, do it for the fans.

Wonderful defensive play by the six-time All-Star and 2007 batting title champion. The overall defensive skills possessed by the starting outfielders has to be among the worst, if not the worst, in the American. Magglio’s effort was almost as pathetic as that of Carlos Guillen last night. You really earned your contract money there Magglio.

When the pennant is lost Tiger fans need to start a drive to get rid of Leyland. What an inept job. The last five hitters in the lineup are hitting a combined .236 and he starts a rookie in this game. Then he brings in Galarraga who has been terrible all year. He puts Guillen and Ordonez in the outfield neither can catch a beachball. This manager has to go.

Polanco bobbles the ball, Laird bobbles the ball, Ordonez pulls a Guillen play from last night. Is there such a thing as throwing a game? If Galarraga can pitch this long, why didn’t he just start? You know, Verlander has not had much luck against the WSox over his career so Sunday could see it all end.

I was just going to ask the same question Illinoifan. If JL was going to pitch Galarraga why didn’t he just start him?

It really doesn’t matter who we pitch if we don’t score any runs. Pathetic showing so far.

The entire team needs to be pulled off the field right now and replaced by the youngsters they couldn’t do any worse. In addition the managing reins need to be turned over to Knapp and Leyland pulled off the field as well. It is a disgrace to Tiger fans how poorly this team is performing.

Well, now that I’ve got my computer up and running again (it crashed), I’ve almost gone nuts watching these Tigers. What a miserable 3 days this has been. The Tigers can still win, but the Twin sure have the momentum. You know, that thing Leland doesn’t believe in. I’m gonna feel real bad if we don’t win the division, especially on the last day just like in ’06. But no postseason this time if we don’t win. I just can’t bear the thought!

they are so concerned about winning they have thrown up 6 whole hits in two games. Who what a performance to be proud of. I hope I am wrong at the end of this game and I looke like a fool, but it isn’t looking good guys.
This game was so important that our management threw out poor Figaro, (not Figaro’s fault, it was a terrible position to throw the kid in) This game was important enough to Gardenhire he threw out his best chance even on short rest.

Anybody want to take a guess at what Leyland will say in the postgame interview? I’m thinking something about how they didn’t hit so starting Figaro didn’t matter, or he’ll get mad and refuse to answer a question. I bet he won’t be eating this time.

Tkorea, you are right. The youngsters could not have done any worse.

I will second that: It is a disgrace. I’m so mad and so disappointed at this lackluster performance, that’ it’s just a crying shame. A shame to all Tiger fans to watch this horrible flame-out and I never want to look at Leland again.

Illiniofan- I couldn’t agree more with comments!.. I can’t help but write..
Last night, I said to my wife, what’s going on? An 8-0 game, we are almost losing the division, and Leyland cost us last nights’ game. Jackson was shaky, get him out of there! Get in the releif. What good does saving them,if you have lost it and won’t make the playoffs? Nobody contributed. STINK-O!
THen once again tonight, another wonderful sliding catches, that should have been practiced all summer long.. ah? Guys, your not kids anymore! Was Maggs trying to one up Carlos?
And “FIGARO”??? , Come on, Leyland! If not Ricky, then hand the ball over to MINOR , or G-man to start tonight. I just don’t see the intelligence, that JL is sporting these days..put rookies in to pitch when OZZIE has said, he won’t give any games to Detroit.. he’s still trying to improve ChiSox record. Royals did the same to us.
Sorry to rant, but…My gosh! They are giving it to Minnesota. Its like , well, we aren’t going to do anything but embarass ourselves against Yanks, Sox, and ANgels.. so let Gardenhire try.

What a sense of urgency by the Tigers. They have thrown up 6 hits in two games, heck 13 in three games. Seriously I wonder about their mental makeup. Cabrera has been a huge disappointment, ya he gets a hit but it is never when it counts, he is not clutch hitter, (hence he just struck out).
Leyland though this game was important enough he threw poor Figaro out there to get killed. Gardenhire thought it was important he threw a guy out there after only 4 days rest.
I just cannot wrap my head around this it seems unbelievable. Major chokers.

Wow what bad luck the Tigers have had. We have faced every pitcher this year on the day that they pitch the best game of their career??? Or wait a minute could it be the hitters stink?? NO it couldn’t me it is the pitchers, they just show up against the Tigers.
And what the heck six stolen bases in one game?
I just can hardly believe this?

Ryan Perry has settled things down but Tigers need runs now.

If I were the owner of this team I would make Leyland and his cronies and the so-called veterans who performed so miserably stand in front of the fans after today’s game. Thus letting the Tiger fans vent their frustrations out on them and the let it be known that if the division is lost they will be gone next year. I know this is harsh but what they have done to the hard working people who have spent their hard earned money to watch them in Detroit is far worse.

Guess what Tigers it is probably too freaking late. Nice you may not get shut out but you are still pathetic. I guess it means just a little more to your fans than it does to you, and if it does mean something to you, it sure as heck doesn’t look like it.

by the way not thrilled with this ump either

magglio got shafted there, he should of been walked. Funny how Galarraga doesn’t get those calls, but boy their pitchers do. Then I can’t get a clutch hit to save my freaking life Cabrera screws it up again. How pathetic has Cabrera been in this last week?? He can come up with a clutch hit to save hit life. I wouldn’t care if he wasn’t in Detroit. Nice complementary player but not a clutch hitter. He has been completely disappointing.


Adam Everett, thank you for your defensive effort tonight.

Again, that pitch to Rios couldn’t have been any more of a strike that if they put it up there on a tee with a bow around it, and it doesn’t get called a strike, then they get a bloop freaking single. WOW is this umpire aweful or is it me???

Okay Rod if that is too close for Raburn to take, how come it was a called a ball to the White Soxs players??? This ump is a piece of crap. I swear, I can only stand to listen to Rod Allen for one more day. He is the most obnoxious person to have to listen to.

Way to go Tigers. Your making me proud to be a Tigers fan. What heart, what grit, what perseverance.

– (Anybody want to take a guess at what Leyland will say in the postgame interview?)
– Probably blame it on everyone but himself!!! Oh yeah – every other word will be “you know”. Highly intelligent man – NOT.
– Like I said – 2006 all over again.
– In being a Tiger fan for more than 60 years – this is the WORST!!!

What’s lost in all the comments about who should have started for us, is that it really didn’t matter. It matters not that JV is on the mound for us tomorrow. If he gives up one run, he will more than likely lose. Face it folks, we can’t hit.
We had chances tonight if our cleanup guy gets a big hit. I’m sorry. I love the guy as a hitter, but he chokes when you need him the most. Check the Twins box; I’ll bet you there weren’t nine walks and a bunch of hit batters either. The Sox took advantage of risp’s, most set up with walks before or after a base hit. Our clowns made Garcia look like the second coming of Juan Marichal. It’s so bad in my household that my wife even feels sorry for me. I am prepared for the Twins to clinch tomorrow, and give us the distinction of holding on to first the longest time, and then losing in the last week of the season. Just think about it; one victory over KC last week at home, but again no hitting. It’s the lack of hitting by so-called professional hitters who have wiped out this season. Fire Leyland and the whole staff, but if you don’t hit any better than we have this year, I don’t care who manages this team. We’ve argued all year long about whether Razor should start every day; he’s proven he can’t hit on a regular basis, especially above the seven spot. Get rid of Laird. Does your upgraded hitting offset outstanding defense; I don’t know the answers. I am rambling like a nut case, and my head is splitting. But my heart is breaking. Oh for the heart of a John Hiller on this team.


Even though I have been a devoted Tiger fan since the 1950’s, I truly feel for all of you who have supported the team with attendance and money better than I have living here in Illinois. You didn’t deserve this debacle. Let me know any way I can help with convincing Mr Illitch to pressure DD to improve this team and get rid of Leyland. An address or whatever it takes. 2009 Detroit Tigers, R.I.P.

All depends on Verlander now. I already feel sorry for him. I’m sure he can handle thre pressure of the game but how is he gonna handle the non-support of his team-mates?
I don’t see anyone here that is really capable of producing runs. MCab has been hinting for quite some time now that he was going to fold under pressure. Ordonez gets his hits but again, not with men on.
Granderson is back to mediocrity as quickly as he suddenly became a hitter last week in Chicago.
Polanco is dropping ball, not getting errors but flat out dropping balls and twice in DP situations.
Pitching horrible today, walks, HBP, stolen bases. They are playing flat out brutal baseball.
Inge is lost, Laird is lost, Guillen is lost. Leyland is lost.
Did anyone in their right mind really think Figaro could possibly compete here tonight?
I know it’s the last game and they gotta play Granderson but for crissake at least make him bunt to move runners around. He will be useless against Danks if he is swinging away.
The only guy that played well tonight was Everett. Perry was not bad and we’ll never know what Ni can do as the cat has pitched only 30 innings all bloody year.
I would love to hear the post-game interview. It is almost certain to surpass the entertainment value in these last 3 games.
I swear I would be inclined to start Raburn at 3rd tomorrow and put Ramirez in left. Ordonez may not be the cat’s meow in right but he is three times as good as Guillen in left. Guillen is not hitting and he is not likely to hit much tomorrorow against a LHP.
DH Marcus and if the “Hope & Dream” strategy is ever going to work it may just as well work with him at DH than anybody else. I’d shake it up a little with this:
Ramirez LF
Polanco 2B
MCab 1B
Ordonez RF
Raburn 3B
Thames DH
Granderson CF
Everett SS
Laird C
If we’re really lucky maybe Leyland gets ejected in the 1st inning. That way if JV has a shutout going into the 9th he won’t be around to put Rodney in.

Even though I have been a devoted Tiger fan since the 1950’s, I really feel for all of you Tiger fans who have gone to more games and spent more money supporting your team than I have. You didn’t deserve this. No way. If you want me to help point this out to Mr Illitch, send me an address or whatever else it takes. This is 4 years now that they have collapsed in the last month or two. Tell Illitch that DD needs to fix this team and Leyland needs to GO! The 2009 Tigers? R.I.P.

Illinoifan, I got an idea – get rid of DD – he has mad the worse trades in the last few years. The only good one I can think of is Sean Casey. Even Cabrera disappoints me. He doesn’t come through when it matters. DD is the one that should go.

Tomorrow’s Lineup
Raburn LF (his bat will create a spark, and he seems focused)
Polanco 2B (wants to play in the post season)
Ordonez RF (bat is in the zone now….please no slide catches)
Cabrera 1B (way over due. Can he rise to the occasion?)
Thames DH (will in some way figure into the scoring)
Everett SS (looks like he wants to play in the post season)
Granderson CF (need his defense)
Inge 3B (no plan B)
Laird C (if a RHP, Avila would be in, hands down))
One last chance………

I’ll be at work tomorrow so can’t watch the game. Even though I’m heartbroken at the moment, we all know how games can turn. Verlander might be lights out tomorrow and/or maybe not. But, being swept will be the killer for me. Let’s hope tomorrow will shine some light and true competitve spirit on our Tigers. Gosh, I hope we win!

Hey Dan. We’re almost on the same page. I hadn’t seen your lineup before I posted mine. Actually I like yours better. You figured out a way to replace Inge. Ramirez might be the spark. I like it. In fact, I like it a lot…..I will never ever say “We need pitching AND DEFENSE to win” again. We need pitching and HITTING!

Well kids (weak attempt at humor), this team is choking. If you read my stuff, you know I detest that term but this is what a choking team does. I hate to say it about our guys but what you see is what it is.
The fact that we scored only one run doesn’t play into the argument against starting Figaro. If JL was so concerned about his “kids”, then why run the risk of Figaro losing his confidence forever by pitching him in this no-win situation? Did you see him sitting on the bench after being lifted? And I thought Galarraga had a sore elbow or something. He looked fine to me, so why not at least start an experienced big league starter in this game? A real head scratcher, that one is.
Regarding JL’s postgame, it wasn’t much. He sounded down, as he should, and clueless, which he is. The magic touch he thinks he has isn’t working. The fact is, the team is performing to his standards. Without a doubt, he should be let go as soon as the season ends, but first give him a chance to step down voluntarily. I know I’m not as sharp as I used to be, and he’s older than I am. He needs to understand and accept this. For my part, I can’t go through another season with him at the helm. What would be the point?
Right now I’m leaning towards pretty much blowing up this group over the winter, but there’s plenty of time to discuss that when the season ends, which could be as soon as tomorrow.
I do have a question for you all, one that I’ve been wrestling with. Would you rather lose the thing tomorrow or would you rather drag it out and go into a nightmarish game in the Metrodome at 4 PM on Tuesday? Think about it. I doubt that the Twins losing tomorrow is an option.
Looking back now after 161 games, this entire season has been amazingly not much fun considering we’ve been in first place nearly all year.

Thanks Marty.
May as well throw this in now. I was actually concerned that I should not put this into a forum where possibly ( no matter how ridiculous that sounds) another team could pick up on it.
Rodney is still tipping his pitches. Rather than Jl calling me I’ll just come out here and let everybody know—maybe even the luddite JL will hear about it:
When Rodney throws a fastball he takes the ball out of his glove a little further and pounds the ball into the palm of his glove. His changeup has this same mannerism very subdued or not done at all. It happens every time. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago and he is still doing it.
Rodney (and all of us) needs all the help we can get.
To compound the misery of losing tomorrow—does anyone here really want Ozzie to have that kind of satisfaction?
I guarantee you he will make fun of this team and of Detroit if he is allowed to gloat.

I’ll take a win tomorrow in a heartbeat. No thought even involved for me. Sure, let’s go into the metrodome and go out fighting, or better yet, go out winning and face the Yankees. If we lose to the Yankees, so be it. But, I will never forgive Leland for letting this slip away if that is what happens.

GO TIGERS!!!! You can still make it happen!

Rich I couldn’t agree with you more, but along with blowing up the team, I would also get rid of Dombrowski.
Dan, I didn’t even think about that Ozzie (the evil one) getting this kind of satisfaction. God that makes it even worse.
I have a headache and need to go to bed. Thanks Tigers you rock.

I say lose tomorrow. It’s the only way to get rid of Leyland. If we win it makes him look better.
Nick Blackburn told his manager he was ready to go on 3 days and look how it inspired his team. Just maybe if Verlander did the same thing for tonite’s game it would have done the same thing.

“There’s no such thing as momentum………There’s no such thing as momentum…………There’s no such thing as momentum”

Hey Dan – welcome back – your energy has been missed the past week or two.
My energy levels are shot to pieces as with the teams that has nose dived in this classic choke that makes past Cubs and Mets efforts pale in comparison.
I haven’t posted much in recent days trying to fathom how the team which was actually hitting well in September so suddenly froze with the search light pointed their way. It probably has always been there given the way the ESPN games throughout the year always just happened to catch the team on a ‘bad day’. The Tigers weakness has been further masked by the Division’s overall ineptness prior to the recent Twins great September run, even with some of their stars sitting injured on the bench and a payroll half that of the Tigs.
I think the turning point this week was dropping Polly that game and not fully committing the bullpen leaders. That hesitation has now infected all parts of their game – tonights number of walks and steals must be close to season highs.
JL had lost the team before tonights game even started having Figaro on the mound yet having the temerity to defend his selection by saying he will be quick to pull him. Talk about being a lamb led to the slaughter with your manager sharpening the knife.
Anyway, if they don’t somehow miraculously make it to the playoffs, this Tiger season will go close to the all-time best baseball choke. Maybe we should form our own seperate division with the Mets and Cubs.
If JL doesn’t fall on his sword after this season, the respect I have for him as a person will go the same way as his managerial abilities – straight down the toilet.

Tom Gage’s article in today’s Detroit News highlights Migg’s facial scratch, his extremely quick ballpark exit after the last out following an at best lethargic game points to clubhouse friction before and after the game.
And in true JL leadership, when asked about the scratch, and if Cabrera was all right, is quoted “I didn’t see it.”

I suppose if there was a clubhouse dispute, we can hope that the results on the field are as good tomorrow as the Oakland A’s of the early 1970’s would achieve in spite of their well-known clubhouse fighting.

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