Postscript on Mauer and signs

Forgot about this in all the hubbub of yesterday’s game, but Gerald Laird said after the game that he did indeed go online and take a look at the video accusing Twins All-Star catcher and MVP candidate Joe Mauer stealing signs, just to see how legit it was after another reporter asked him about it.

“I looked at it,” Laird said. “It didn’t look like that big of a deal. We watched [Jason] Kubel’s at-bat that at-bat, and it didn’t look like he was really on that many pitches. It was just one of the things that was said, and we took a look at it.”

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe the Twins steal signs, of course. But he doesn’t think that was a video catching them in the act.

“It’s part of the game,” Laird said. “It happens everywhere.”


Somebody sent me that video and it does look like Mauer is trying to relay signs by scratching at his ear after Laird puts the sign down. I think all teams do it or at least try so it’s not that big of a deal to me.

I’m not really liking the matchups for this weekend especially throwing Figaro out there tomorrow with the season on the line. Hopefully JL has a trick or 2 up his sleeve because on paper it looks like a tie or we lose the division. If we tie the Twins have a huge advantage back at the dome, and it would probably be Baker’s turn to pitch.

Hoping we win tonight and the Twinkies lose and we clinch.
They can rest Verlander for game one then as well. I doubt it will be that easy.

I didn’t look at the video, but it’s a good example of how everything becomes larger than life at this point. Pine tar, anyone?
You have to admit, win or lose, if this isn’t fun it’s at least veeery interesting. As I always say, best reality show on TV. As Belle Starr said as her husband and ex-lover squared off for a knife fight, “I am having a REAL good time.”

The way the playoffs are set up, Verlander can pitch in two games even if he does work Sunday. It just wouldn’t be game one. I’d go Porcello then Verlander in that case. Jackson would be the other option for game one. I just hope JL doesn’t get some idiotic notion to start lefty Nate in Yankee Stadium. In 2006, he selected pitchers by whoever’s turn it was in the rotation, as an example of idiotic notions.

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