Bonderman, Mac suspended, Mijares only fined

Suspensions and fines just came down from Thursday’s hijinks between the Twins and Tigers, and the only suspensions are on the Tigers side. Jeremy Bonderman received three games, which he immediately decided to appeal. Hitting coach Lloyd McClendon, who was acting manager when Bonderman hit Delmon Young with a ninth-inning pitch, was suspended one game, even though he wasn’t thrown out of the game. He can’t appeal, so he’s out for tonight’s game. Bonderman was fined $1500, McClendon $1000, and manager Jim Leyland (ejected earlier in the game) and catcher Gerald Laird (ejected along with Bonderman) were fined $500 each.

Jose Mijares, whom the Twins and Tigers blamed for escalating matters when he threw behind Adam Everett in the eighth, was fined but not suspended.

Former Tiger Bobby Higginson was not at the park and was neither fined nor suspended.


Typical – Tigers got screwed again in the matter, just like in Boston. Boston started we got the raw deal. Mirajes started it and we get screwed again. I don’t know how make these decisions in the MLB offices but he is obviously biased against the Tigers. What the Heck.

Hosed AGAIN!!!!! What’s going on here?

It’s becoming obvious that MLB is cracking down on retaliation. With that in mind, Jackson should nail one of the Chicago players in the top of the first so Peavey would have to retaliate. And I’m serious about this. We may as well make the system work for us rather than against us.

Huff hitting behind Cabrera again. The best lineup all week was Wednesday’s, and we scored seven runs. I’ll never understand this stuff. First he ruins Huff by making him a permanent DH, then contines to plug a .195 hitter in behind Miggy. No wonder people want him fired. Do we have to lose the division to make that happen?

Is it still raining in Detroit? I’m getting so nervous I don’t know if I want a rainout or not. I hope those Tiger hitters are on tonight.

It is not, at least not at the park. Both teams were able to take batting practice outside.

TOTAL BULLSH#T! Mijares should be suspended as long as Bonderman. He pitched last night (and hit someone). He ADMITTED to throwing at Everett because we had taken 2nd twice on defensive indifference. Mijares should be done for the year!

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