Fan can exchange Monday tickets after all

Fans who had tickets to Monday’s rainout and weren’t able to use them for Tuesday afternoon makeup game can make an exchange after all. The Tigers announced that fans with those tickets can mail them in and get tickets for an April game next season, not including Opening Day.

The exchange has to take place by mail. The Tigers are asking ticket holders to mail in their unused Sept. 28 tickets, include contact information and game selection for next April, and sent to:

Attention: Postponed Game
Detroit Tigers
2100 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201

Tickets for April games will be mailed out next March. To find a date and game, click here for the Tigers 2010 schedule.


Glad to hear that. More of that square business I talked about. An organization to be proud of. You wouldn’t get that offer from the Phillies, I can tell you from personal experience.
Well boys and girls, here we are on the brink. That was an excellent job tonight by everybody. One more tomorrow and I can put away that gloomy prediction from Sunday night. I love to be wrong like that.
Santiago comes up big like this every September. He’s an unsung hero that should be sung more. He’s probably one of the most underrated players in all of baseball. We’ll never know if he can play an entire season if he never gets the chance, but I’m happy with the combination with Everett. That has worked out very well.
Brandon Inge is having a huge series at the plate.
Ordonez is making good on Mr. Ilitch’s trust. It’s been a tough year for Maggs and I’m not convinced his power loss is a permanent thing. For all we know, he may come back next season and be the old Maggs.
Eddie Bonine has been nails in two big starts. You never know when a pitcher will stake his claim. Maybe it’s just a hot streak until they get a better book on him, but he’s done the job. How often does a hitter see a knuckleball these days?
Zach Miner, while not quite as sharp as he has been lately, still put in 2+ innings of solid work. I continue to believe that his true value lies as a starter, though, and hope he joins the rotation next year. I think it’s easier and less expensive to fill his spot in the bullpen than it is to find a quality starter. That would give us four locks for the rotation.
That really was a good lineup tonight. I try to give JL props when I can (no really, I do), and he came up with a good one there. I’d like to see the same thing (with Laird) tomorrow against Baker.
Everybody’s breathing somewhat easier, I suppose. Finish it tomorrow and I’ll take our chances in the postseason.

Rich – yes I was breathing a little easier last night, this morning is another day. Unfortunately I will be at work today and miss the game. I can’t believe it, there is no way to get out of it today.
It sure would be nice for this weekends games not to mean a thing, and tell Ozzie Freaking Guillen to (well you know what). I would especially like it if Verlander’s game on Sunday didn’t mean a thing, so he could get out of the game really early, maybe just pitch a few innings and make it a pen game..
I cant believe I will miss todays game, I will be dying.

Oh my gosh, I can hardly stand the excitement. Why oh why though are there day games when I can’t see them? Now that I have my radio working right, I can listen to Dan and Jim, and they do a terrific job of calling a game. How wonderful a clinch would be today, take the stress off the weekend, let us get our pitching rotation in order.

Bonine – what a tremendous job you did last night. That takes a heck of a lot of composure to get out of the first inning and then to not give up anything else, with great backup by the pen. A truly terrific performance last night by offense and defense (except Grandy, he sure is getting mixed up out there).

Maggs is starting to hit doubles now – watch out. I am happy for him – it has been a rough year, got benched for a few games and platooned (deserved based on his performance) but he has broken out of it – was glad to see he was DH last night, I about freaked when I saw Clete in right field, Maggs is too hot right now and starting to hit rbi’s again.

this should have been the tigers stance all along.. it shouldn’t have taken people making the tigers look like idiots to get them to change their mind.

“It’s just amazing what a little end-of-the-season concentration will do for you,” said Brandon Inge, whose two-run double set off a four-run second inning.
This has got to be the quote of the day, if not the season. A guy hitting in the .230s is hitting .500 or so in this series because of concentration. I realize concentration is not Brandon’s best friend but come on, man. You think you could use some of this concentration in other games too? If his concentration level matched his natural athletic ability and dogged determination, he’d be in the Hall of Fame. He’s a piece of work. 🙂
I won’t be back until after the game has started so talk to you all later.

ok. i’m watching on mlb game day,i’ve played/watched baseball all my life, but what and the heck is an ‘automatic ball?’
never heard of that.

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