Washburn hoping for return in 2-4 weeks

Jarrod Washburn said today the timetable he was given on his rehab program for his ailing left knee could have him back in 2-4 weeks, should the Tigers be playing around then.

Washburn, back with the club after missing the road trip to visit orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lewis Yocum, said he’s two weeks into a 4-6 week program designed to strengthen the muscles around his knee, which has instability on the inner side. That’s enough for him to hold off on surgery for now and try to get back into pitching shape.

“It was either that or surgery,” Washburn said.

That doesn’t mean he’s avoiding surgery. There’s a good chance he’ll have to have it this offseason. But waiting on that doesn’t hurt him, and he feels he owes it to the Tigers to at least try to come back, even if it’s a long shot.

“It’s frustrating,” Washburn said. “I’ve done nothing since I got here, and it’s all because of the knee.”


Just about fell off my chair Rich. Going to have a hard time getting that image out of my mind………
We clinch this thing against the Twins and we can let everyone rest against Peavey and the Sox. Let the call ups have some fun. Here’s hoping.

in response to washburn planning on coming back, i’m just not sure if we can chance a game on his “coming back”. IMO, to “come back” you needed to have pitched decent at some point (in a new division on a new club in a new park…..)

If a neutral fan just wanted to see some pennant race baseball and actually sat through both games today, he/she would have been very entertained.
Verlander did his thing for us. After we’ve pretty much roasted JL all day, I’ll give the man props for letting JV get that last man in the 8th. I like that. I also thought that he’d lifted Ordonez too soon and that almost came back to bite us. If you’re going to insist on playing the same old lineups regardless of the pennant race situation, Jim, then that should go for your defensive switches. There’s no way you’d have pulled Maggs that early in July.
My happiness over the win was tempered by this news about Peavey starting against us Friday. I KNEW Ozzie would do that, I KNEW it. I said so a few days ago. He just used the rainout as an excuse. Hey Ozzie, when you get to Comerica on Friday, why don’t you just go out and take a dump on the pitcher’s mound then give the good people of Detroit the finger? I can’t be there, so can somebody throw something at him? Man, he brings out the worst in me. Dragged me right down to his level.
Can this get any tougher? We face Greinke five times, the Twins two. We get Peavey twice, the Twins none. The rainout costs us Porcello on Saturday. Can we get a break here? Let’s just win these two games and clinch this thing before someone decides we used ineligible players or something. Detroit doesn’t need this.

I knew exactly what you were going to say Rich. So I went ahead and commented you before you wrote it:-) Just a little trick I’ve picked up along the way.

The space/time continuem ain’t got nuthin’ on us, Marty.
It seems the closer this “fun” pennant race gets to the finish, the more irritating it gets. 🙂 And the day after the irritation ends, I’ll miss it. Who’s bright idea was it to invent this “baseball” thing, anyway?

I can’t say what I think about Ozzie Guillen – He is even a bigger (you know what) than I originally thought. But this even shocks me. Although I did hear a few weeks ago that there were undisclosed White Sox’s that stated that they would rather lose to the Twins on purpose than see the Tigers go to the playoffs. Well I found it hard to believe but low and behold the White Soxs lost 5 of their last 6 to the Twins and now the jerk is changing his order just to stick it to the Tigers and the people of Michigan. Well ya know what he can go do?? I will be there on Friday night and if I thought I could I would say or do something.

In response to Ozzie, the best thing for us to do then is win the next 2 games (odds not in our favor with the pitching, but anything can happen) and make the weekend mean nothing with a 4 game lead and 3 games to go. Regardless, Ozzie is being Ozzie.

What a whirlwhind yesterday! Rick pitches terrific, we lose. Verlander does his usual, grinding it out with one rough inning and many terrific and we finally give him some run support. What an odd 9th inning, 2 great defensive players not making plays you would expect, but Rodney held his own and did not lose compusure – way to go.

Bonine has it in him, but he can’t go a full game so we need to give him run support and the pen needs to be ready the next few days knowing both pitchers can’t go deep into the game even if pitching a gem. I assume Miner will be usable.

Come on boys – if nothing else we need the split. Amazing what one game means – last night we could have been tied but we are back to 2 up – crazy!

Has anyone tried to watch the videos on the Tiger site? I have been trying to watch the ’84 tribute, but each video I select it doesn’t do anything, just says your video will begin shortly.

Still pumped after yesterday’s games and emotional rollercoaster – this run seems far more stressful than the 2006 playoffs, or maybe I am just getting older.
Ozzie is trash whether he is talking or not. If no action was taken after his recent tirade of an interview where every second word was censored, MLB management is worse than I thought. A $100,000 fine and a two week dugout ban would be appropriate for his actions bringing the game into disrepute.
The people of Detroit are so well behaved – those two foul catches would never have happened in most other ballparks. The home plate umpire could not possibly have missed the fan interference before Mauer finished the catch and JL kept his cool extremely well. I was watching on a Twins broadcast and they naturally made far less fuss over it than the Tiger coverage. I must say though their commentating was balanced and fair whilst still pulling for the Twins.
Curtis, Polly, Maggs, Miggs, Carlos (DH) and Raburn are all in form and the Everett/Ramon split nearly always producing. Together with Laird and Inge, no others should make the starting lineup with possibly Huff for Raburn if matchups warrant.
If Bonine and Nate can keep the ball in the park, we will take the last two games – a tall order and have to wonder how long the Twins have gone this season without a homer.

This thing about moving Peavey to Friday isn’t getting any play anywhere that I can see. Are we just ahead of the curve here or what? If Peavey deals us a damaging loss, people might take notice of what Ozzie’s done.
The umpire blew that call on the foul ball. Good thing it didn’t amount to anything. To the fan that touched it, I can only say you have to CATCH those. 🙂 Mauer is in your territory, anything goes. On a related note, anyone ever wonder why a fielder reaching in for a foul ball in their home park doesn’t call it? I got it I got it?
If we were to win tonight, tomorrow afternoon’s game would be a potentially division clinching contest. It’s so close now.

Tigergirl, I was able to view the video for the ’84 tribute. Maybe your area is subject to blackout restrictions, hee hee. Glad you were all here yesterday after the loss of the first game. You are like my support group. -JP

Just a couple of thoughts here mid-day before I put on my “game face.” 🙂 Anyone remember that routine Bobby Knight did on the game face? He was a hoot.
We’ve had a third catcher on our bench now for a month. Alex Avila has been available to DH this entire time. In fact, there was talk of that just before Dusty was called up. Where’d that go? Gardenhire has used Mauer to DH all season and he STILL only has two catchers, so how does he pull such a stunning feat? It must be mind boggling to JL. I think Alex will start behind the dish tonight and I’m sure we’ll see Huff as DH again. Now, this is not to bash Huff. In fact, I seem to remember him being brought here to spell Inge at times but this never happened. Not once. Brandon pronounced himself game ready and JL, as usual, meekly went along. This left Huff to DH, and only against RH pitchers, something he’d never done. The end result is a .195 or something BA. Very few big league players excel as a fulltime DH. Other than Thome and Ortiz, can you think of one? Even Gary Sheffield couldn’t do it and he got booed out of town because of it. Earlier JL had exulted in the fact that he could rotate position guys into the DH slot. Where’d that go? JL has created a failing situation here, and stubbornly insists on playing his veterans. One question: why is that so important?
I see some folks waking to the fact that Peavey is starting Friday. There’s no wondering, no doubt about the reason. Ego-maniac Ozzie is sticking himself into the limelight of a pennant race he failed to get his team interested in. It’s all about Ozzie, 24/7. And he doesn’t care who he sticks it to to make it so. Ozzie, you’re less than a man. I wish you’d read this.

If Oz read your post, he would lob f-bombs back. These rants and obscene raves merely give the reader a true picture of Ozzies’s intellectual capacity. What a disgrace to our hallowed game. And they fine Rodney, and suspend him for throwing a baseball into the stands after a game is over. I hope the guys win this thing for Ernie H. What a befitting tribute that would be. One other quick note re the Sox. This atmosphere that Ozzie creates permeates the entire Sox organization, even down to their announcing crew. Steve Stone should bail out while he can. We finish out winning the last five. Did I really say that?


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