Porcello probably done until playoffs

When Jim Leyland extended Rick Porcello out to 111 pitches Tuesday against the Twins, he did so expecting that he’d be getting some extra rest. Because Monday’s rainout pretty much washed away any chance of Porcello pitching this weekend.

Asked if there’s any chance of Porcello pitching again this week, Leyland said, “I doubt it.”

If Porcello pitched Monday, he would’ve come back Saturday on his normal rest. With a Tuesday start, he would have to pitch on short rest to do that, which isn’t going to happen with a 20-year-old rookie.

Porcello could conceivably pitch on regular rest Sunday, but that has been Verlander’s spot all along in case the Tigers need a win in the season’s final day. It sounds unlikely that Verlander would pitch on short rest Saturday, either.

That would leave the Tigers in a spot start situation Saturday in a week when they’re already starting Eddie Bonine and Nate Robertson Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. The only other Tigers on the pitching staff who have started a game like that this year are Alfredo Figaro, who hasn’t started a game since June because a wrist injury forced him to miss nearly two months, and Zach Miner, whom Leyland said a few weeks ago he would rather not start unless “absolutely, 100 percent necessary.”


Personally, I think it’s absolutely 100% necessary to start Zach in THIS series vs the Twinkies. Why wait until Nate gives up four runs to bring him in for his five innings of work?
Two things are bugging me more than anything right now:
Bonine and Robertson.
Even if we get past those problems, there’s the offense, or lack thereof. And the manager putting Clete in the three slot and sitting Magglio while he’s leading the league in batting this month with a .400 plus average. I wish I could just be a mindless fan and not think so much about Leyland’s moves.

tigerdog – Miner pitched in the first game of the double header, so I really doubt that he’d be available to start today or tomorrow.

Do you think that they could bump Verlander up to pitch on Saturday and then have Porcello pitch on Sunday? I feel like if the Tigers lose the next two games that they need to do this. Verlander would be only 1 day short on rest, but like Leyland says, He is a horse. I would much rather have Verlander pitch 5 innings then anyone else from the bullpen pitch 5 innings? Do you guys agree and/or think that is possible?

I think anything is possible. It’s all up in the air, pending the outcome of the next three games. If I was desperate, I’d start Verlander on Saturday over Figaro for sure. That’s the only answer I can give. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

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