Sunday: Tigers at White Sox

Clete Thomas gets the start in right field, batting third. Magglio gets the day off.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Thomas, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Huff, DH
  6. Guillen, LF
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Edwin Jackson


  1. Scott Podsednik, CF
  2. Gordon Beckham, 3B
  3. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  4. Jermaine Dye, DH
  5. Mark Kotsay, 1B
  6. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  7. Carlos Quentin, LF
  8. Chris Getz, 2B
  9. Alex Rios, RF

P: Daniel Hudson


Riddle me this. When a pitcher who’s ERA against righties is 6.75 and opponents batting average is .316 why do we have a bunch of lefties in the line up. Lefties batting average is .167 and his era is 1.35. Even though this is a righty lefty thing righties hit him a whole lot better. Just another thing I don’t understand.

Kansas used bunt to move runners from 1,2 to 2,3. Why Inge and Polanco didn’t do the same?

Leyland better not make the mistake Ozzie made yesterday and leave Jackson in too long. Might be too late already. If we could gain a game today we’d be in very good shape to wrap this up.

Now we paid for missed opportunities in the top of 2nd and 3rd

CAN WE SAY MISSED OPPORTUNITIES????? Should of saved some of those hits for today. Lets just hope that KC can hang on. By the way this strikezone has been ridiculously inconsistent.

Well missed opportunities at the beginning of the game are looming large. Jackson couldn’t get out of his mess, and Rodney really messed it up. Not that it would of made a huge difference in this game, I certianly didn’t like the strike zone of this ump. I thought is was horrible.

Maybe they retain power for the next decisive series🙂

USA team won the Baseball World Cup. 10-5 over Cuba

Mxrussian, enjoyed seeing the websites from your links to your blog about the 2009 Tigers season and your live journal about baseball in Russia. Also enjoyed the link to the YouTube video about Russian baseball that was in Russian. Wish I could read Russian or speak Russian.

You might like this YouTube link about Russian baseball. It is in English.

I was having a hard time getting my mind wrapped around us having a 3 game lead going into the Minnesota series, so today’s outcomes aren’t surprising. That would have been too easy.
The best team will win this. The team with the best manager will win this. You decide who you think that is. I’m not counting on a split in the upcoming series, but I am wondering how they’ll handle next Monday’s one game playoff in the Dome with Monday Night Football also scheduled.


They said last week the baseball game would be played on Tuesday. NFL trumps MLB everytime.
I have tickets for 5 of these last 7 games. I feel my ulcer coming back already.🙂


I’m “witcha” on that one, Tracey. This is fun, but it’s kind of like riding Cedar Point’s Demon Drop fun. And the Tigers have been kind enough to see to it that we get to squeeze every last drop of fun out of it. 🙂
If I attend both ALDS games in Detroit, it will cost me roughly $600 for the tickets, the hotel, and the travel. I’m more than happy to dump the money into Detroit’s economy (plus the toll for the Pennsylvania and Ohio Turnpikes) if it means we win the division. If we don’t get in, I save the 600 bucks. One way of looking at it………………

Clete Thomas should not be in the lineup. Batting him in the three slot is just sheer stupidity on Leyland’s part. Magglio is hitting over .400 in September. Raburn is hot, Thames is hot, Guillen is sizzling. But Clete batting third? Just stupid.
Brandon Inge needs to be benched now, and traded this winter, preferably within the division. His defense, which was poor today, can not possibly justify keeping him in the lineup as pathetic as he has been at the plate. He needs to sit.

Well, that didn’t turn out so good. Why oh why does Leland not start Maggs. It dumbfounds me that he wouldn’t put his best bats in there. Oh, well! Into the homestand…..get you tums ready.

Well, it all comes down to a 20 year old phenom Monday night.
If we go three up with Porcello, the pressure shifts dramatically to the Twinks. If they win, Verlander will have to dial a gem. I think our season rides on the next two games.
The days of Clete Thomas starting in the 3-hole must stop.
And I am sorry to say, that my main man, Binge is now hurting the lineup. At this stage though, I just don’t know the alternative. Were it not so late, I might put Polly on third, with Santiago at 2nd. No confidence in Raburn or Kelly for an extended stay. Comments?

Haven’t commented in a while, but when I read this nonsense about wanting to bench Inge and trade him next year, well it kind of raises the hackles in me. I agree, Brandon is really scuffling right now at the plate and he has made a few errors lately. But we got 7 games left now and it would be an insane move to be sticking someone else in at third. We’re going to the dance with who brung us. Inge is a big reason we’re where we are at and you don’t change now!!!

Those are all valid points regarding Inge. I can’t see benching him at this late point because we have no alternative, so I’d just drop him to 9th so he’s not killing rallies started by Cabrera and Guillen. The reason we have no alternative is because JL didn’t provide us with one. He had a chance to give Huff a few starts there last month, but he stubbornly continued to run Inge out there and now Brandon is completely run down, whether he himself realizes it or not. JL compounded the damage by making Huff a DH, never once playing him in the field. Just more reasons why I think Leyland is a bad manager. I wish I’d made a list all these years because someone is going to challenge me on this.
I noticed that Gardenhire immediately lifted Liriano today in the 3rd inning after he gave up the 3-run jack to Betancourt and walked the next hitter. This is a guy who’s managing in a pennant race. JL left Nate out there Saturday night when he didn’t have a thing, waiting till it was 5-0 to remove him.
Thomas started instead of Ordonez AND hits 3rd? That’s crazy. What made JL think that was a good idea? It may have worked in Cleveland or wherever it was, but today wasn’t the day for that.
It looks to me like we’re not going to win this after all. We blew it earlier this month when we had a chance to overcome missed opportunities from earlier in the season. Assuming we’ll split with the Twins is folly, IMO. They own us. They hit better, pitch better, hustle more and are more fundamentally sound, plus they’ve got a better manager in this situation. And they realize they’re in a pennant race. We’ve already blown it.

Say it ain’t so Rich. That’s a pretty pessimistic view of things but at the same time realistic. If these guys go into this series thinking that way it may well be over. Or maybe you’re stirring the pot with a little reverse psychology? I agree with Greg on Inge. Probably too late to make a change but he sure needs to rest. How about Carlos playing third. I know…..too late for that. One thing that needs to be addressed is getting Magglio into the lineup until this thing is either won or lost, no matter LHP or RHP. Forget about that dogmatic crap. And if Brandon continues to play he needs to bat 9th. Limit his at bats and hope he runs into one as a bonus. Would Santiago be a serviceable 3rd baseman? He’s playing like he understands the situation. And pretty cooly I would add…. Bunting, swinging away, and solid defense. Doesn’t look worn out or tired to me.
We’re going to get to see how Rick P. pitches under pressure. He has been very good lately and may be just the guy to start this series. Here’s hoping.

With no Plan B, Inge at 9 is the only option, together with playing Maggs and Carlos to the end.
I would play Thames from the bench every game and platoon Huff with Raburn (Carlos then DH) who just keeps coming up big.
The 85 I thought would be the number is now going to come up one or two short. I think we will still do it provided the head gasket of a bullpen is able to hold together. Rodney is leaking oil badly and unfortunately Managers ride their closer regardless of how they start. I would be tempted to keep Lyon in reserve not just for bailing out the 8th as JL as done but also the 9th innings.

Quite frankly, if we can’t split the next four at home, we don’t deserve to make it and hats off to the Twinkies for a great run home.


Here is a list you can use in your argument against Leyland’s managerial skills (or lack thereof). In his four seasons with Detroit, his winning percentage as of July 31st is .569 (239-181). After July 31st it is .455 (105-126). In his past three seasons, as August hits, he has gone from 7.5 ahead of 2nd place to one game back (2006), one game ahead of 2nd place to eight games back (2007) and with last year’s preseason favorites to win the World Series he started August five games out and finished 14.5 back in dead last. This season he has had them playing winning baseball after July 31st (for once), but they are still struggling to win baseball’s worst division with a payroll nearly double that of Minnesota.

For whatever reason, he can’t keep his team motivated for the last two months of the season, even though they’ve always started August in the thick of the playoff race. Not only does he seem to have a motivation problem, but also, when the other teams are managing like it’s do or die time, he’s still playing his hunches and sandwiching the team’s best hitter between two black holes (I’m refering to the idiotic combo of Thomas-Cabrera-Huff).

Do you think Ron Gardenhire is going to have his staff throw anything near the plate when Cabrera comes up with Aubrey Huff in the on-deck circle?

Owen, thank you for the video. It’s interesting, on the 26th second you can see woman in the white jacket. This saturday I were on the final game of the 2009th season and talked to she :))) She is a big fan of Moscow State Pedagogical University team which shown on this video. But this year champion is the team named Tornado. They won three of four games in the final series.

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