Saturday: Tigers at White Sox

Nothing fancy here. You can really see Leyland settling in with his veterans for the final days of the regular season.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Huff, DH
  6. Guillen, LF
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Nate Robertson


  1. Scott Podsednik, DH
  2. Gordon Beckham, 3B
  3. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  4. Paul Konerko, 1B
  5. Jermaine Dye, RF
  6. Carlos Quentin, LF
  7. Alex Rios, CF
  8. Jayson Nix, 2B
  9. Ramon Castro, C

P: Freddy Garcia


Adam Everett should not be starting with a RHP on the mound for Chicago. Using him as a pinch hitter last night has to be Leyland’s all time dumbest managerial move. Just sheer stupidity. Huff hits LHP’s better, as does Thames and Raburn. At least we don’t see Clete Thomas batting third today.

I can’t believe I’m suggesting a lineup with a week left in the season, but here it is:
Raburn LF
Polanco 2B
Ordonez RF
Cabrera 1B
Guillen DH
Santiago SS
Laird C
Granderson CF
Inge 3B
Forget Huff as a DH and it’s too late now to play him in the field. Granderson’s and Inge’s ABs need to be minimized. Hitting Santiago between Guillen and Laird would provide possbilities for stategy. But I suppose Raburn doesn’t play anymore unless a lefty starts. Okay, Jim. You’ll take the credit or the blame.

JL does do some good things – 2 bunt singles in one game even using Polly was all too special.
Apart from Miggs, the Tigs no longer have reliable power bats and I also thought bringing Everett on cold was an automatic 2nd out with the bases still empty.
Baseball is about transferring and building pressure between the hitter and pitcher and how the individuals are able to respond under the stress. The easy 2nd out just made the hole that much deeper for Carlos, Inge then Thames following.
I would have gone straight to Thames who has amazing pinch hit stats, likely to get on base but unlikely to give you the one magic swing having not hit a HR for over a month and over 65 AB’s. Carlos was also likely to get on base, may even have hit a tying HR given his recent tear, but at least the pitcher would have then been under pressure when Inge came to the plate.

I don’t think JL called for either of those bunts. Polly and Santiago did that on their own, I have to believe.

We better beat Freddie Garcia. The Tigers picked him up (was it last year, or this spring) and gave him a minor league contract, then let him go. He always did a number on Detroit, and that’s why he’s probably back with the Sox.

Scott Posednik leading off with a bunt. My gosh, wha a start.

Based on the first, Chisox are going to swing free and easy.
I am impressed with your energy levels Rich in the lineup – I gave up after JL changed numbers on me.🙂
I have wanted Curtis permanently from leadoff so hopefully tonight is a start of a tear.

Garcia could pitch 9 tonight for under 90 pitches. Desperation stakes when you need a pitcher with a 7+ ERA to keep you 2 ahead of the Twinkies.

Besides Miggs, our regulars struggle to clear the park.

JL’s stubborness with Curtis has achieved one thing – his stats against righties in September have now joined his lefties at .179/.270.

I just hate to be so pessimistic but it seems no one can beat the Twins and the Tiger hitters have gone to sleep again. The lead after tonight will be down to 1 game. If Jackson can win Sunday and Greinke can stop the Twins, maybe 2 games Sunday night. Whatever, I don’t think the Tigers can hope for a split with the Twins. They may have to win 3 or 4 to get the Twins far enough back so that the final weekend isn’t a disaster. But the way the Twins are playing on the road right now, I’m not sure the Tiger hitters can overcome them. As I look in the rear view mirror tonight, I see 2006 all over again. I’m sorry, fellow Tiger fans.

What a job Figaro has done the past three innings. Improbable to still be in this one.

Inge has some of the ugliest SO’s on memory – and they’re often.

We got ourselves a game for real, now!!!!!

OMG, the bats are on fire!!!

They sure can score a lot of runs on small ball hits. May not be pretty but still effective. Go Tigs!! :-)))

hold on tigs and will be great pick me up for the rest of the season,know they can come back when down early

WOW!!! Who would have thunk in a million years our Tigers would come back from 0 and 5 to be leading in the 8th inning 11-5? It’s just one of the most surprising things to happen and so many thinking we were burnt toast. I just love it!

Can you believe they are 10 – 14 for RISP after 8??
Amazing turnaround in hitting after the first four innings where they looked as if they were trying to win the game with each swing.

I agree Tracey – thought Miner could have gone another after 14 pitches.
Real nice to see Curtis and Gerald having good swings. Huge.
My only concern is JL’s total lack of a Plan B for 3rd. Surely someone could have come on to give Inge a break tonight.

Yeth tha burnedt taost smel hear is stromg. i em sittin on tha flor tiping cauz I em shokked bi thet cumbak. i gess tha Tiger baterz wer not sleepin but i shirley cam tonite Whew!
Jest wishe they hed com upp wit sum of thoz las nite. No i em nut drinkin but id shiley callz for won.

What a great comeback for the Tigers. I just wonder why we’re wasting Lyon for the 9th?

First I will say UNBELIEVABLE. I would of bet the farm against it.
Secondly Tracey I also wonder why waste Lyon with another inning. Frankly I am not sure I would of wasted him in the 8th.
I don’t know if some of you have heard me talk about my Grandmother who was (almost, missed it by about 15 days) 94. She was a HUGE Tigers fan. She in the last 5 years or so lost her vision to macular degeneration, but still listened to every game, whether it starter at 1:00 in the afternoon or 10:00 at night. In fact I remember as a child she would go missing during family parties and be in watching the Tigers. Well anyway, she died last Monday, and in fact one of the last things she said to me was I will keep the Tigers going (she knew she was dying). We always talked Tigers. So anyway I like to believe that she was watching in heaven and pushing the guys in the impossible win. Then I said to my spouse where was she yesterday???? Well she was partying with her family last night. (ha ha) It must of been good if Grandma missed the game. She told stories about how she lived in Detroit during WWII and took soldiers to the games that were returning or getting ready to leave. Anyway, I just thought that some of you might appreciate that.

Thank you GK – it brought a tear(s) to my eye(s).
I know you will miss her but real nice to have such fond memories.

Even more seriously though, why not give Inge a day off. Whether it’s his knees or something else, he needs some time to re-group. Everyone else on the team is given a day off, except maybe Cabrera but even he was out the other day for the last few innings. Certainly Santiago can fill in for one game. Inge’s knees or frustrations might have caused that error Friday night that blew the game.

What beautiful memories you have of your grandmother, skylant. My mom is 94 and very fragile but her mind is very clear. She knows I’m an avid Tiger fan and sometimes we talk about it.

Very nice story GK. It’s easy to see where your passion for the game came from. Must have been really cool to grow up with a Grandma like that. Sorry to hear she has passed on.
Add my name to the perplexed list regarding Lyon pitching 2 innings (not to mention 1 inning) tonight. Why? Though he is usually very efficient, as he was tonight.
Inge is lost at the plate. He gets himself in a hole every at bat, though it seems pitchers have the uncanny ability to hit the spots when pitching to him. He freezes on pitches in the zone, and waves at so many out of it. It just gets very tiring watching that overextended check swing sometimes 2 and 3 times an AB. My advice to him: swing away at every pitch, or don’t swing at anything. Pick a strategy. He has to be seeing the ball. Is he thinking too much? Well, Brandon does seem to have the knack of coming up with a game winning hit or catch every so often. Be nice if he could do it in one of these last 8 games.
It would also be nice if Zack Greinke could beat the Twins twice and the Tigers could split with them. That would leave just one more needed Tiger win against the Sox. They have to take this momentum into tomorrow.

Condolences from my family to yours, GK. I do remember you speaking of your grandmother. It’s a beautiful thing to have something handed down through the generations, be it baseball or anything else, and you’re fortunate to have had that. Thanks for sharing it with us.
On the subject of enjoying the pennant race, we got a good dose of it in the latter innings tonight. Just when things are darkest, the guys come through big time. I’ll admit even my optimism was shattered when we fell behind by five. I looked at my wife and just said “we are so dead.” I don’t think anyone saw that comeback coming. When the Twins took their big lead over KC, I just said we’ll have to act like a first place team and come alive here, but I never ever really expected it to happen. This team doesn’t surprise me very often, but they sure did tonight.
Figaro was the unsung hero. Cabrera, in our biggest game to date, had four hits and four RBIs. Laird is doing some things offensively lately. The most encouraging thing I saw was Granderson’s three hits late. If Grandy got it going for a big final week, there’s no describing how huge that would be.
The problem with Nate is, and always has been, that you never know which Nate is going to show up on a given night. He looked bad enough to me tonight that I would have pulled him before Quinton hit the 3-run jack. It was an immensely important game and I would had a much quicker hook. JL got by on that one. This is no time to spare feelings or go by the old manager’s guidebook. I do start him on Thursday against the Twins though, based on his performance against them last Sunday. I also wondered about using Lyon for the 9th, but I guess Jackson may be able to go deep tomorrow.
Inge needs to be removed from his current spot in the order. I still want him in there at 3rdbase, but he rarely gets a hit and his outs are all of the non-productive variety. Having him follow Cabrera and Guillen doesn’t make sense. “I’ve hit him in that spot all year” isn’t a good reason for continuing with it. I also lean towards Thames at DH over Huff. Marcus might not be getting the homers but has a higher BA the last six weeks than Huff. Other than his miracle pinch-hit homer, Huff hasn’t done much to help. I don’t think he makes a good fulltime DH. In fact, I don’t think anyone makes a good fulltime DH unless you’re Harold Baines or somebody.
Becoming optimistic again, it’s possible the Twins have scored about as much as they’re going to in KC, and they might have a real problem with Greinke tomorrow. They’ve been riding momentum. We should gain momentum from tonight’s win, if such a thing as momentum existed in JL’s world. If it’s only as good as the next day’s pitcher, explain how we won after Robertson bombed tonight. Hot teams find ways to win. Let’s go Mo.

I just have to comment about Ozzie!… Take that ChiSOX!
He just got served his own medicine.. saying he won’t lay down and take it easy to “let” our boys have the division!
Then to hear the one and only Ozzie’s comments on ESPN this morning… he’s going off , bad mouthing his players, for no heart, and caring more for the college football games on tv… Roh-Roh! I didn’t throw in all the bleeps covering his colorful content, but you folks get the point!
Go TIGERS! Minnesota can’t keep winning every game to the end of the season!!!

GO TIGERS!!!!! Can’t watch today, but I’ll be thinking of everyone and hoping Jackson can get the win!!!!

I really think we should of went for mora instead of huff . He is a joke !As for line up Raburn ,Polanco,Caberra,Ordonez,Thomas Granderson,Inge, (Dh),Laird,Santiago.

Hey Guys,
I am really thankful for my wife, because this year she has really been patient with me and my beloved Tigers. I have to admit(shamefully) that I have not spent a lot of quality time with her. She has become a loyal Tiger fan, and last night while I was ranting and raving, she told me the Tigers would win. Wow! What a nice display of great hitting from our boys. I am in agreement with my guy, Inge! He is lost right now, and I hope that it is the knee, and will be corrected by last year. Would drop him to ninth in the order. Again, we are getting good production from our shortstop combo. Is there a more consummate professional in all of MLB than Polanco? And is there a bigger jerk in all of MLB than Ozzie? What a disgrace to the city of Chicago. Let’s finish on a good note today, and get ready for SHOW TIME!


Re Inge, I meant by next year.

I think Ozzie’s place in the world is to remind all of us who aren’t happy with our managers that it could be worse.
I also think it takes quite a pair for Kenny Williams, who put this team together, to accuse the players of underachieving. No wonder Sox fans are cranky.
At least the Twins don’t misbehave (a mouthy little part-time centerfield aside) and, once that dome is gone, will become respected rivals.

I feel better losing to the Twins that Chicago – not that I am rolling over for them, we can still beat them, but the Twinkies are a much classier organization IMO.

Skylant – what great memories you will have of your grandmother. I too inherited the Tiger love from my grandfather and Dad. My grandfather passed years ago, but at his funeral my Dad had the organist play “Take me out to the ballgame” and the song means so much more to me now! Great stories from your grandma – my sympathies. I hope the Tigers do her proud!

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