Friday: Tigers at White Sox

Jim Leyland talked earlier this week about playing Alex Avila at some point this weekend in Chicago, and he seemed to be leaning towards doing it with Eddie Bonine pitching, since they worked with each other at Triple-A Toledo. As expected, Avila is catching Bonine. I would expect Laird will catch Saturday and Sunday for Nate Robertson and Edwin Jackson.

Placido Polanco is the only Tiger who has hit Peavy well (5-for-10) over his career, so matchups aren’t coming into play here. Miguel Cabrera is 2-for-17 against him.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Thomas, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Huff, DH
  6. Guillen, LF
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Eddie Bonine


  1. Scott Podsednik, LF
  2. Gordon Beckham, 3B
  3. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  4. Paul Konerko, 1B
  5. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  6. Jermaine Dye, RF
  7. Carlos Quentin, DH
  8. Chris Getz, 2B
  9. Alex Rios, CF

P: Jake Peavy


Not a big surprise that Polanco would have good numbers against Peavey. Who doesn’t he hit well?

Is Avila catching him wearing Lairds’ uniform or something? I don’t see Avila in the lineup!🙂

Man I wish it was Clete – he is liable to do anything except GIDP’s.

Avila just made one of those G$$$ kind of throws. Very nice, indeed. I wish our guys could start getting some runs across home plate.

Bringing Perry in to face the lefty Getz sure strange.

It’s not the Twins that bother me. It’s this game right here. Hope Perry can pitch out of this mess.

Minn scores 5 runs on 2 hits. The Chisox have 1 hit and they are beating us by 2 runs. This does not feel good right now….

Make that 6 runs on 2 hits.

Hitting a bit lackluster but he couldn’t have asked for more out of Bonine, he was excellent. But the ineptness of the Tigers hitters allowed Peavy to get in and out of jams. Twins seem to be charmed 6 runs off of two hits, and the White Soxs get two unearned runs.
I have to say if I could reach through the television screen and throttle Rod Allen I would. He is gushing, drooling and tripping over himself to praise Peavy for his outing. Yet the words he used to describe Bonine where the kid had a pretty good outing, but allowed four walks which is uncharacteristic. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? He was throwing a no hitter through 5 and 2/3’s and only gave up those runs because Inge bobbled one of the easiest ground balls he will ever see. But all Rod could say that was a pretty good outing. I wish I didn’t have to listen to the man because his endless praise (not that he shouldn’t at all) of opposing players grates on my every last nerve. I don’t know how he gets away with it. If I never had to listen to him again I would be okay with that.

He had Thames on deck in case Inge got on. It still looks really weird PHing Everett for Huff. And Raburn would have been available if Granderson wasn’t so pitifully inept against lefties.
GK, tonight I’ll have to agree with you about Rod Allen. Peavey was good, sure, but our guy should have taken a no-hitter into the 7th inning of a huge game. Somebody needs to talk to Rod. He didn’t even know Thornton was their closer now.
Inge cost us the game with that error and three strikeouts, after making that big play last night. What are you gonna do?
It’s looking like nobody is going to help us. They sure do a good job of messing us up, though, don’t they?

Rod Allen ” Peavy was the story here tonight” Sorry Rod Jake Peavy is not the second coming of christ. Don’t act like Jake Peavy dominated a great hitting Tigers team, he got a bit lucky and was able to make a few pitches when he needed. Rod your own teams pitcher had a no-hitter going?? Want to talk about that. Pitiful.

Some games are just not meant to be. They never recovered from the double plays.
There must be a good reason why JL didn’t PH Thames instead of Adam. Thames is extremely reliable as a PH being 6 for 12 in 2009 and career 16 from 46 for .348/.434.

Bonine pitched a whale of a game but Inge (3 strikeouts,force out and that big error) and others let him down. the inability to drive in runs again was clearly evident. There were many opportunties to score but again the hitting was not there except for Polanco. Too many left on base plus all the strikeouts. The moves JL made tonight clearly mystified me. Chicago gets only 2 hits in the game and we lose. Don’t be to surprised if after this series we are not tied with the Twins. I hope not.

IMO, Thames would have batted had the tying run been on. It is painful to see the lack of hitting. If we get to the dance, we can compete with the pitching, but the Twinks seem to have all the luck; Tejada walks seven against them. They continue to add on runs; their pitching is not very good, but I am really concerned that our lead from May 10 will not hold when it counts, in game 162. Please prove me wrong guys.
Again tonight, you see why the Sox are nothing but a team of jerks; they are led by a jerk manager, who is a poison to the game. I still contend that with no bias at all, that the Tigers are one of the classiest teams in MLB. Same old same old from Miggy, I just don’t see big hits from him when they are most needed. Perry cannot be trusted in a big game situations.
We could easily have had 12 more wins if our hitting had been on par with it’s past performance. Rich, please reassure me that we can still pull this one out.


Zack Greinke has not pitched against the Twins yet this year. How many times have the Tigers faced him? However he will be pitching 2 times against them in the last two series. We can hope he will get some support and beat them.
Curtis needed about 3 more feet on the first pitch of the game.
Inge makes the costly error which always seems to lead to trouble. You’re right GK, Eddie out pitched Peavy but you wouldn’t have known it listening to Rod.
Next two games are very pivital. Nate has got to throw us a winner tomorrow.

I think one thing is clear: the best team is going to win this. Case in point: would the Tigers have been patient enough to draw 7 walks from Tejeda as the Twins did tonight? If the Twins continue to win, and win on the road as they’ve been doing, I don’t see what we can do about it. There seem to be an awful lot of Central Divison teams that “have our number.” That won’t do.
We blew an excellent performance from Bonine. I can’t compliment Eddie enough. The umpire had a big strike zone that favored both pitchers, but the error by Inge was a killer. Your man is pitching a no-hitter, it’s a crucial game, and you just can’t do that. I go easy on the players because I know how difficult it is to play this game, but it is what it is. You just can’t do that.
Here’s something to chew on. If the Sox follow their regular rotation, we won’t see Peavey again, but Ozzie is going to have the option of arranging it so that Peavey would pitch the final game on October 4th against us. We just may find out something about our friends from Chicago next week.
Greg, I can’t reassure much of anything with the way the Twins are rolling. There are two more games for each team this weekend, and the possibility still exists that both will end up with the same outcome for their respective 3-game series. If we arrive at Monday with a 3-game lead, we’re in good shape. Anything less and it’s all up in the air. We’ve already lost the game that, on paper, we should have lost. It’s up to the guys to avoid falling prey to this White Sox business. At this point, those boys are looking to “make their season,” sorry as it’s been, by knocking us out. That’s the hand we’ve been dealt. So we’ll have to play that hand.

Did you see what Beckham and Peavy told about Minnesota? All article on CWS’s site so double-faced after their loss to Twins. It amazed me so much.

Ha! I knew skylant would be ticked off regarding Rod’s “love” for Peavy. Noticed it myself early on. Rod has always been very quick to praise opposing teams’ pitchers. I used to turn the radio on when I got tired of it, but now I have MLB audio so just log in there. Other than that, it’s a doggone shame we lost this one, but we certainly had our opportunities with men on base, great pitching. Today’s a new day. Go Tigers!

Wow, what a nice stadium they have in KC. Got to see the very confident Twins play the alter ego Royals last night and as Rich states the Twins are very patient at the plate. This was not the Tejada that the Tigers faced twice in this month, he could not find the plate. I looked up at the scoreboard and the Twins had 6 runs on 2 hits and were issued 7 walks and it was only the 5th inning. I sat behind the Twins dugout so I had to put up with the visitor fans rooting for the Pale hose all night. Goes with the territory I guess. The Twins looked solid and CY Pavano was strong despite two Billy Butler home runs. Butler looks to be a stud now and in the future!

Go Nate, show us the command, movement and control you
had in your last outing. Would be nice to see Nate be a late season surprise and the timing could not be better!


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