Seay to be examined Friday

The damage to Bobby Seay might’ve been more than just a couple hits. Manager Jim Leyland said they’ll have the lefty specialist checked out by a doctor after he complained of discomfort. Leyland referred to the collarbone. Seay didn’t know for sure, and didn’t want to comment until he was checked out, but he said in general that the problem was around the front of his shoulder.

Until they know the exact problem, there’s no telling how long Seay will be out. As the veteran left-hander in Detroit’s bullpen, he’s a huge loss, leaving rookie Fu-Te Ni as the only southpaw reliever. Ni has had his share of success against difficult left-handed hitters this season, and he could be called on for key situations this weekend.


Oh, no.

That sums it up pup – not good if Seay is out.

I hope everything is OK and wonder if this is behind Seay being ordinary for some time.
I have no idea when he started feeling discomfort but isn’t it a macho rule that you have to pitch injured until you get found out?
Maybe Rapada gets his second chance assuming he isn’t relaxing on a tropical island right now.

Front of the shoulder doesn’t sound good, but you never know. Bobby’s role is nearly irreplaceable and I think he understood that and tried to gut it out. Laird really took charge of that situation. Gerald has become a cornerstone of this club.
If this is a long term injury, we’ll need another lefty. Rapada? Washburn for a hitter or two? I do know one thing, and that is most successful teams late in the season have someone unexpected who steps up. That just could be Fu Te Ni. It would be the story of the year. I think the kid can do it. At any rate, I guess JL will have to use Lyon as a straight 8th inning guy now. It’s not the way I wanted it to come about, but here it is. Ryan Perry may need to do more too, as will everyone.
As we head into the final ten games, this is really getting exciting. This is the best race we’ve been in since 1987 and if we get in, the Yankees are going to have to deal with some tough hombres.
We’re missing some posters here. Where are GK and Dan?

The thing about Seay and Lyon is lefty’s hit .255 off Seay righty’s .229, Lyon on the other hand lefty’s hit .202 & right .203. Lyon does walk more than twice as many lefty’s 18-8, as he does right handers although 6 were intentional.
I don’t think we’ll miss Seay against the Sox as they don’t have many big LH bats.

Well this is a very disappointing loss, I am just glad that Laird noticed it before it got any worse. I am glad that he is out now instead of pitching poorly later in the season. Hopefully someone steps it up.
Question for you guys since alot of you seem to know your stuff pretty well. Do you any of you know who is going to be where during Mondays Game for the 1984 reunion? I am going to the game and trying to decide which section i should head to. Also, where is FS Detroit Brushfire Grill? Hopefully the will do some autographs. I am really looking forward to the game!

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