Bonderman's ninth-inning exit

Manager Jim Leyland sent Jeremy Bonderman out for the ninth inning with the idea of getting him some much-needed work to try to work on some things in a low-pressure setting. Three batters and a pair of one-out walks later, Bonderman was gone, replaced by lefty Fu-Te Ni to face left-handed hitter Travis Hafner.

Leyland said after the game that he wasn’t trying to send Bonderman a message about commanding the strike zone. Rather, he was trying to avoid a big hit from Hafner spurring a late rally.


Can’t say that I blame Leyland for that, you can’t let a big lead get away, even in the 9th inning, baseball can be odd and you just never know, plus a mini comeback last night could have carried over to today (oh that is right, there is no such thing as momentum).

You know, he had to be taken out, but the pitch-tracker on Gamecast showed he was not getting ANY strikes low and inside. I don’t think it speaks too badly on Bondo or his progress, for that reason.

I don’t think it does either, Erik, but I’m not expecting Bondo to be back at full strength until spring anyway. I don’t know why it’s taken so long. I didn’t expect it to.
This topic has come up before, and I maintain that those electronic pitch trackers have little if anything to do with the zone that’s being called in any given game. Seattle has been using one full time on their broadcasts, and Cleveland puts one up on the screen occasionally. What I see live doesn’t resemble the location that the pitch tracker gives. It always looks to me like it’s tracking where the catcher caught the ball. I understand it’s supposed to track the depth of the zone as well as width and height, but I just don’t see it. Quite often an announcer will say something like “beautiful pitch that catches the outside corner” than have to backtrack with, “oh, I guess it was actually outside according to the Track-O-Meter” (or whatever they want to call it). The front and rear edges of the plate are within the strike zone.
Oh well, we have official replays in football and, upon further review, they still get the call wrong. 🙂

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