Washburn non-update

Jarrod Washburn was examined Tuesday by Dr. Lewis Yocum, but there's no final word on his status yet. According to a Tigers spokesperson, Washburn was presented with a few different treatment options, and now has to make a decision. At the moment, there are no imminent plans we know of to bring Washburn back with the team while they're on the road.


Nice surprise to get 4 consecutive groundball hits!! Was starting to think what is the record?

Who would want to be a pitcher with these umps? The strike zone has become the size of a non-Texan belt buckle.
Just make it T-ball and be done with it.

Can they turn this into a laugher, although happy to take a 5-3 win.
The Tigs are 14-21 for games with a margin of 5 or more runs and incredibly 9 of those wins came in April/May. We have had only one win each month since apart from 2 in July either side of the break.
With us 49-30 in 2 runs or less close games, they are fast running out of fans with dodgy tickers.

Nice to see all the questionable starters already making huge contributions!!!

2 homers and an extra base hit sure pile on the runs – 8 runs from 7 hits thus far. :-)))

I just figured it out. Leyland told the team they better hit tonight. Leyland: “Go ahead and Bat Masterson around guys.” Sorry, I had to say it. Can of corn, I know. LOL

Great win! I was able to breathe easy during most of the game. I’m afraid the WSox have all but laid down and died for the Twins. Already lost 2 and trailing tonight 8-4. I’ll bet they play the Tigers tougher than that. The Twins will now have 6 games with KC. Let’s hope the Royals play them as well as they play against the Tigers.

Assuming the Twins go on to win tonight, they will be 79-73. Tomorrow the Tigers face a RH pitcher with a 9.+ ERA whom they have seen before and beaten. Assuming they can win Thursday, they will be 82-70. If the Tigers can split the 6 games with the WSox and the 4 games with the Twins, they would end up 87-75. In order for the Twins to tie at season’s end, they would have to go 8-2 meaning they could only lose the 2 games at Detroit and would have to sweep KC all 6 games. It’s hard to believe this could happen but if it does, I guess they deserve to win it. Is the tie-breaker already scheduled to be in Minnesota? I read that the NFL will not give up the Dome if there is a tie-breaker game.

The team with the best head to head record gets homefield for a tie breaker, so that would be the Twins. If the Tigers swept them to finish 9-9 against them, there would obviously be no tie. So yes, the game would be in Minnesota. Since MLB bows to the NFL in all things, I guess we’d play the Twins on a local college diamond. 🙂
I heard from Hawk during the Sox telecast that Peavey had now been moved up to Friday. So what is going on here? I thought he was slated for Friday in the first place. Is this some Ozzie gamesmanship with his old buddies the Tigers? We flipped Nate and Bonine so he flips his starters? I never trust that club. There’s a 40% chance of showers on both Saturday and Sunday. They may declare a rainout. Wouldn’t be the first time.
The first order of business is to finish with Cleveland tomorrow and maintain a 3 game lead. If we reach Monday with a 3 game lead, that puts all the pressure on the Twins to take 3 of 4.
I ’bout fell over when Guillen started mashing from the right side tonight. This sheds a whole new light on the lineup. JL doesn’t necessarily have to play the suddenly powerless Thames if Carlos can do that.

Since only four starters are required for the postseason, we have eight bullpen spots. Six are taken. That leaves Bonderman, Bonine, Galarraga and Washburn for two spots. I’d assume Washburn isn’t included in the mix for the ALDS, but I seem to remember that the rosters can be switched up between rounds?
For an opening round with the Yankees, I’d go with Robertson in game one, Verlander in game two, Rogers in game three and Bonderman in game four. It worked before, but I’ll admit my plan has some flaws. 🙂

I, too, was shocked to see Carlos hit those homers, especially the one from the right side. I looked up and said “huh, I thought he couldn’t hit from the right side”. Well, now we know he can. Such a surprise! Just looking at the schedule makes me sick. Chicago and Twins. Ugh!

Good for you Carlos – I couldn’t have been happier last night for him. Rich, I said the same thing last night, Marcus better watch out, he might not be getting the starts against lefties like he was if Carlos happens to continue as he did last night.

Nice win boys – Minnie is on a tear right now, I hope KC can keep up what they have been doing lately and beat them up a few times.

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