Bonine, Robertson flipped in rotation

The Tigers have flipped their rotation for the start of the White Sox series this weekend. Eddie Bonine will start Friday's series opener opposite Freddy Garcia instead of Saturday. Robertson, who was scheduled to start Friday, will get an extra day's rest and start Saturday instead opposite Jake Peavy.


Works for me. That would leave Nate to pitch a possibly pivotal 4th game against the Twins next Thursday, rather than Bonine. Does anyone see a reason why this might be a bad idea? I had thought Peavey was starting Friday. Did Ozzie make a switch there too, or was this their plan all along?
It might raise some eyebrows putting Clete in the 3-hole tonight, but it’s seemed that our lineup has been ending after the 5 hitter recently. This might be a good move.

Pardon my ignorance but I had no idea the World Baseball Cup involving 22 countries is currently being played in various central European countries during September and finishes up this weekend in Italy. The link is
I noticed MX that Russia is not one of the countries.
Can understand JL’s logic with todays team but hate seeing your two guys regularly hitting with good splits both benched.

Thomas in the 3rd spot gives the Tigers someone who can run in front of Cabrera and Huff, allowing him to score on an extra-base hit.

USA lost to Venezuela in the first round but take revenge yesterday. Venezuela lost to Spain also. The spaniard team is actually an american born players team

Its organized by the FIBA International amateur baseball federation. Usually won by Cuba until opened to pros. Abbot played once in the final

I don’t know why Russia isn’t a part of World Baseball Cup. I know that one stage of this Cup was to be held in Moscow. But one month before, it was canceled (as I heard, due to some financial machinations with stadium reconstruction; of course, it’s not the official info). Our youth teams took part in European competitions. For example, European Championship Kadets 09,, where Russia won the second place.
I like to see Porcello came back since struggling in middle of the summer. The next game is “must win”. It’s a pity that Sox did nothing to help us. But that’s not so true. Maybe the sweep made Twins weaken for Kansas and us. The Tigers should try to win as much as possible…

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