Tuesday: Tigers at Indians

Same left-handed lineup as it has been the last couple weeks. Interesting to note that Raburn is 1-for-7 off Laffey.

On the flip side, this will be the Tigers’ first look at Cleveland catching prospect Lou Marson, acquired in the Cliff Lee trade. He’s catching Laffey tonight, and he could catch Carlos Carrasco in the series finale, since he worked with him coming up through the Phillies system.

One thing I’ll be curious to see tonight is how the Tigers react to the change in intensity. They’re coming off three intense games against the Twins in a loud Metrodome, and they’re coming into a stadium that’s likely to be pretty quiet crowdwise. That’s an adjustment some players have noted in the past when going to Tampa Bay before last year. Of course, not having a roof is an adjustment they’ll be glad to make. This is actually a pretty good park for outfielders to see the ball.


  1. Raburn, LF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Thames, DH
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Granderson, CF
  8. Laird, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Edwin Jackson


  1. Michael Brantley, LF
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  3. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  4. Jhonny Peralta, 3B
  5. Travis Hafner, DH
  6. Matt LaPorta, 1B
  7. Luis Valbuena, 2B
  8. Lou Marson, C
  9. Trevor Crowe, CF

P: Aaron Laffey


Since we’ve had no success with this lineup, why change it now? At this point, I don’t know what else you’d do. Santiago has probably forgotten how to hit RHed, and likewise Huff against lefties. Ramirez had such a good game in KC that he’s ridden the bench for nearly two weeks. We need some homers with men on.
Tiger Girl, yes, my tickets are for the Detroit games. I’d forgotten that NY is actually closer so I should have been more clear. Anyway, it’s a chance to visit friends and family. I just can’t shake this feeling that we’re going to play a game in the Metrodome on October 5th.

Not many alternatives – toss a coin between Curtis and Wilkin who went walk, sac fly and single in a rare start earlier against Laffey. JL would have made it best of three if it came up Wilkin anyway.
I always feel these basically one side of the plate lineups makes it too easy for pitchers to adjust and get in a rhythm. Huff for Thames would be the only other realistic change.

They didn’t do it again. Runners on 2nd and 3rd, one out, Cabrera can’t even hit a sac fly and Thames swings at the first pitch. Been there, done that…..over and over and over.

JL is playing Thames more in the second half of the season. Whilst he is going better in September (.33/.368) after an ugly August (.176/.232), he is.158/.239 for RISP post break.
With his last HR on 12 August, Marcus is definitely due!! First pitch swings outside the zone don’t help.
The way the game started, 3 or 4 wont get it done.

Once again, the umpire called two balls when Gameday clearly showed them inside the strike zone and the batter ended up walking. What will it take for Jackson to get a strike?

1st inning. Twins 2-0. Are the Sox caving?

Cabrera and Thames. Been there, done that…..over and over and over. Maggs has been on base 3 times and stranded every time. Cabrera has stranded 5 baseruneers already. Jackson is doing all he can but no run support again.

They didn’t do it again. 2 runners on, none out. Cabrera double play, Thames ground out. Been there, done that….. over and over and over. It is definitely time to switch that line-up around. Cabrera is not a clean-up hitter and Thames is not a hitter at all. Can’t do any worse than have Huff hit against a LHP.

Am I the only one suffering through this? I’ve run out of comments. They are playing with fire here. They cannot get a hit with RISP. Jackson may be in his last inning even if he can continue to hold them.

And the White Sox take the lead!

Huge call keeping Jackson on to get the lefty Crowe out for the first time today in the 7th. Great show of confidence that worked.

I would have pinch hit Huff for Thames – he got the run home anyway.
They weren’t going to get away with Miggs the 3rd time.

Darn these umpires. Lyon had 2 strikes called balls. They were clearly inside the Gameday strike zone 0n Carroll. He was doing the same thing to Jackson.

Is it just me or does Seay have trouble getting out the LHB he is supposed to get?

There were 12 total walks in this game and that had everything to do with the homeplate umpire. He didn’t give the low strike nor anything on the corners, and he was consistent with that for both teams. The pitchers had to come high and down the middle to get the call and they either didn’t adjust or didn’t want to throw in that location.
There were a lot of hard hit balls by both clubs that didn’t result in anything. If this had not been such an important game, I would have greatly enjoyed the flashy defense on display tonight. It was pretty good baseball.
I’ll say this again since you’re not forwarding my comments to Leyland, Dave. 🙂 I don’t like the 8th inning L-R matchups he plays. Just bring in your 8th inning guy, Lyon, and simplify the entire thing. He brought in Seay to face Brantley, who was 11-19 off lefties, and Cabrera, who was 3-7 off Seay. That could have been a disaster.
All that aside, it was a good hard fought win and I thought the team played very well. Miggy could easily have had four hits tonight, but he finally did get the big blow. In the clutch, I might add. Jackson was superb and Rodney cooly did his thing. That was a tremendous turn by Polly on that DP, and Thomas made a good hard slide to score on that short fly in the 8th. Just a good job all around.
Regarding the lineup, I would suggest maybe dropping Inge to 9th. I don’t know what’s up with Thames. He’s always pulled pitches away but now he’s going too far out there.
We’re going to have to win this ourselves as I doubt we’ll get any help.


Interesting stats:
In 19 games in September through Sunday, we’ve hit 17 homers. 6 of those came in 2 games, so we’re talking 11 homers in the other 17 games. It’s hard to score many runs when the ball isn’t flying out of the park.
If it seems like we never have an easy win, you’d have to go back to the July 29th game in Texas when we scored early and often in route to a 13-5 victory. While there’s nothing as entertaining as a good close baseball game, the guys need to remember that some of their fans aren’t as young as they used to be. 🙂

Couldn’t agree with you more Rich about Lyon. I lost an earlier post tonight about JL using Lyon as his late innings security blanket – tough on the pitcher always having to come in and cleanup other guys mess.
The strange thing about Seay is the lefties hit him more often than the righties, but his much higher ground ball ratio to lefties usually saves him from the big hit.

Watching the home run derby between the Twinkies and Chisox concurrently was like worlds apart. The Twinkies feed sure beats the Chisox – never once felt like turning the volume off.

Thank you about Seay. I didn’t think I was dreaming.

The defense was superb, to say the least!

Another day closer with the win – such drama that every night I am afraid to walk away from my tv! don’t you just love it though! I wish too they made it easier to watch though! EJ did a terrific job pitching tonight – everyone did – hats off to all the pitching, although I am not thrilled with the bases loaded walk!

I have never been a fan of Raburn, but his bat has been a great source of power this past week and a half – good for him. And terrific play at the plate – great throw and great play by Laird to get the ball to the runner. And I can’t believe Clete got to home before getting tagged on that sac fly from thames – the ball was there, just the wrong side of the plate, he did a good job of going straight at the plate and getting that foot in there.

We have to win, we can’t rely on the Sox right now to beat the Twins, they are simply on a roll – so we just need to keep winning ourselves, the post season is in the hands of the Tigers.

did you see that the Tiger’s franchise is going to be featured in Sports Illustrated? I’ll have to go get me a copy – I still have my copy from the 1984 World Series with Tram on the cover.

I was thinking again about the ball/strike umpiring last night. I didn’t come up with anything astute, but it did make me ponder how it was in the semi-old days. You had a 10-team league so that’s five games at a time, equaling five crews of four umpires. That meant you’d basically see 20 different strike zones in an entire season. Now in this enlightened day and age, the umpires work both leagues so there are 30 teams=15 games=15 crews of 4=60 different strike zones. And that’s not even counting vacation replacements. So stealing a line from that pizza commercial they keep running, I have to ask the pitchers and catchers “How do they do it?”

Great call by Rick Knapp, on Jachson tipping his pitches!
I still believe in the boys, and think they will lead the division by 2 games at the end! Regardless, of Minnesota’s determination, as in other years, and a new ballpark that Rod keeps gushing over. I just hope that I am not wrong, and it goes to a tie-breaker on the Monday following MLB season ends…ala, last year between MinnTwinkees vs. Chisox!
Sure is a good time to see Maggs hitting the ball, come’on Granderson and Thames.

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