On Jackson and tipping pitches

jackson091709.jpgOne of the things pitching coach Rick Knapp mentioned Sunday that he and bullpen coach Jeff Jones were working on with Edwin Jackson in his morning side session was a quirk that they believed was tipping his slider, letting hitters know it was coming. But the thing is, it’s still a good enough pitch that hitters haven’t been pounding it. Really, they haven’t been swinging at it, and Knapp’s belief was that by knowing it was coming, hitters were taking it so that Jackson would fall behind in counts, or just not finish off hitters with two strikes.

It’s an interesting little twist on the pitch-tipping saga. A lot of times, you hear about it allowing hitters to attack a pitch. Alfredo Figaro went from a decent Major League debut against the Brewers in June to a pounding from Astros hitters a week later, some Tigers believed, because he was tipping pitches. In that case, the Gameday app showed Astros hitters pummeled Figaro’s breaking balls and offspeed pitches while laying off the fastball. A few years ago, the White Sox found something in Verlander’s mannerisms that tipped his pitches, and pounded his changeup.

In Jackson’s case, Royals and Blue Jays hitters generally went after his fastball his last two starts. Yet if you look at his pitch data, his ball-strike ratio wasn’t any different than usual, and he still got a high number of swings and misses, 12 of them from the Royals. However, it didn’t take looking at Gameday to notice Jackson was throwing fewer sliders. Leyland complained about it after the Royals outing. Jackson is throwing 25 percent sliders this year, according to fangraphs.com, compared with about 20 percent last season.

I don’t know what Jackson was doing to tip his slider; Knapp obviously isn’t going to say it. But I do know he had Jackson working on his mannerisms over and over leading into his delivery during his side session Sunday morning in the Metrodome. Will it make a difference? We’ll find out, but the question will be whether hitters swing more at his slider, not less.


Wow, I got playoff tickets for both games. I didn’t think that was possible. All I had to do was be patient. And eat breakfast at my computer. 🙂 Good seats too, upper deck over the infield. And our usual game hotel had openings too, so that’s a nice morning’s work.
Let’s hope this tipping thing has a positive effect. Jackson’s slider is a swing and miss out of the zone pitch, so he certainly can’t let them know it’s coming.
I watched some of Twins-Sox last night and it doesn’t appear we can expect much help there. That team looks dead because they’re hitting worse than we do. I’m also afraid KC will cool off by the weekend. We just need to win games.

Rich – I assume those are tickets in Detroit? Nice to get a transplant back here! I wonder if my husband can get his work tickets again – too bad he is too low on the food chain for that!

Interesting article on the pitch tipping – our pitchers need all the help they can get with the hitting! I just hope EJ doesn’t worry so much about tipping that his pitching gets hurt.

Seven shut out innings from Edwin tonight, although he only threw six first pitch strikes to hitters all night, and only 55 of 103 pitches were strikes. He misses low quite a lot. He won’t get the same kind of results against contenders and playoff teams. We need the old Edwin back again.

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