One more time for Tigers in the dome

dome.jpgYou won’t get many tears from the Tigers on their way out of the Metrodome, but they’re going to try to get out of here with something.

Marcus Thames is in the lineup at designated hitter over Aubrey Huff, giving Thames history against Scott Baker (6-for-21, 4 HRs). Other than that, it’s a pretty standard lineup. Gerald Laird gets the start over Alex Avila again for defense, especially after his two outs on steal attempts last night.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Thames, DH
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Ordonez, RF
  6. Guillen, LF
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Nate Robertson


Well Jason, I just don’t know what I’m going to do without your stunning photos of this world class and state of the art facility. A true wonder of the world and a testament to mankind’s ability to create and endure.
I don’t know how I’ve gone all these years without visiting this gorgeous palace. It was the site of many amazing things, such as Kelley’s Flyball, Bonderman’s Eighth Inning, Trammell’s Humongous Ninth Inning Fans Blowing Out, and many many more.
What will we do without it? sob……sniff……..

Hello to everybody. There is about 21:00 here in Moscow and I can watch this game in the Gameday. I hope we’ll win, but if not, I’m sure it’s not the end. Yes, we’ll have only one game, but perhaps this is the condition for the Tigers to capitalize. This season proved this many times. Anyway, GO TIGERS!!!

1 inning. Already 0-2 with RISP.

He should get Guillen out of there and right now.

Has anyone noticed that Cabrera has only 4 extra base hits all this month?? 1 double and 3 homers?

2 long fly ball outs. Opposite field. No power from Inge and the $18 million man.

Well, I think the only thing we can do is to eat pitches from Twins starter. When Baker reach 100, he become a hole. So that’s the possible way. I only wish that Nate can hold us before that.

Great way to start off the day. Strand a runner on 2nd with less than two outs. And low and behold the Twins get a run, because they actually don’t strike out and get runs in. AMAZING

Yes, umpire help them. But I think that is the reason to adjust ourselves.

I don’t know how many of you watch Gameday but 3 of the pitches Robertson threw to Kubel were clearly inside the strike zone. All the harder when you have to play against 9 opposing players and an umpire.

How big is that baggie? I thought Guillen might have had a homerun.

Everytime I say something against one of our guys during a game, he does something. Maybe I should do that more often. Way to go, Carlos

Hey! I made those last 2 comments before 3:15. What gives?

And I answered to illinoifan comment at 3:26 PM, but my post is above him

Punto a .229 hitter drives in a run. Ho-hum.

It is the dumbest place on the planet to play a baseball game. They can barely call it baseball.
Extra base hits by Tigers hitters in September
Laird -3
Granderson -7
Thames -3
Cabrera -4
Ordonez- 2
Guillen -4
Inge – 2
Huff – 6
Everett -3
Thames – 2
Raburn – 2
Avila 2
That is why were are losing.

Miguel, why did you hit the first pitch? You have minimal 2 strikes to adjust… But anyway, we have a lead to hold

After the fact I know but I would have let Guillen bat against Mahay. What do you think Rich? He had a triple before. Many LHB hit against LHP.

Well, you can’t fault Laird. He is sure trying.

Let’s not blame Tram for the Fans Blowing Out controversy. That idea came from Kirk Gibson and Bob Cluck, and they talked him into it.

Okay Jason. 🙂 The Gibby/Cluck Humongous Ninth Inning Fans Blowing Out just didn’t have the same ring to it. Although it is more fun to say aloud.

>> Fans Blowing Out
May I ask you, what is it?

Here we go, a non save situation and Rodney coming in??? Can anyone say gulp??


Yes – a win and mostly NO MORE FREAKING METRODOME

I meant, WE WIN!

Never would have believed they could take this game with Robertson pitching and very poor hitting by the Tigers.

Just have to love the game of baseball – you can never bank on anything. A huge win – would have happily accepted a 1-2 result before the series and the rickety old Central bus splutters on again down the road.
25 hits the past 2 games with some extra bases today. Hope their last day off doesn’t cool them off again.

JL’s decision to stick with Laird should pay off. Shutting down Tampa’s rabbits was probably the difference between the 2 teams recently and his presence behind the plate and much lower pass ball rate than Avila is crucial.
Although tempting to pinch hit him late in games, I wouldn’t when we are protecting a lead.

If this team has an MVP, it’s got to be Polanco. He was big all weekend, even during the losses. If you ask yourself who you want at bat in an important situation, I’m sure the answer is always Polly. Not to mention his steady and sometimes flashy glove work. This is someone we need to keep here after this season. Pay him whatever it takes.
Nate really turned in a fine effort today. Baseball is so crazy, who would have thought he’d excel and win the biggest game of the season to date? I didn’t even think he’d be starting at all after spring training. The thing is, he really looked good, even results aside. Did the thing with his elbow really mess him up that much the past two years? That was some serious stuff he was bringing to the plate today. That was not luck.
Ordonez got some big hits and Guillen shut me up very effectively. In answer to the question above, yes, I would have PH for him when they brought Mahay in. Raburn’s not chopped liver up there. In fact, if there was an award for Unsung Hero/Surprise of the Year, Ryan would win it. Laird had a great series behind the plate and then got to contribute offensively today. He must be feeling pretty good this evening. I always like having Santiago in there because he can do so many things. JL must be happy that Miner pitched out of the pen the way he envisioned it. Okay Jim, I’ll give ya that one today.
Big win. Now just don’t mess it up in Cleveland. If the Twins were to arrive in Detroit next Monday down by as little as two games, they’d have a massive chore in front of them. Our best bet is to hold this lead at three games at the least. If they can sweep us in Detroit, they deserve it.

If you looked back over this year’s blogs, we(I include myself) have badmouthed Robertson, the winner, Raeburn, a clutch HR,, and just about everyone else who stepped up today. Miner has another good “bridge inning”. These situations cannot be overlooked in just how important this game was to us today. I honestly do think that Robertson did have a physical ailment, which kept that slider from being so effective.
He might be a 12 game winner for someone next year. I’ve said it, Rich has said, many have said it; Polly is still to valuable to let him walk away. He is the consummate professional. It seems like we have gotten far more out of our two number nines this year than we thought. We’re
approaching 70 rbi’s from that slot. I would agree with what the stats have also shown. Miggs has provided no clutch hitting in Sept. Not that I still don’t want him in my lineup, but that is the part of is game that must improve. His defense is already much improve. He needs to get that all important hit. I would be thrilled if we can get 2-3 from Cleveland. A sweep would be gold. Looking for a tremendous effort from Jackson on Tuesday. Hold on for the last 13 games. Great win today Tiges.

Whew, what a win yesterday – much needed. We must lead all of baseball in men left on base in scoring position – unbelievable the way Saturday’s game went.

So happy for Nate (and us) that he had such a good showing – nice to see him bounce back, I hope he continues that type of performance over the next month.

I agree on needing Polanco – if nothing else, you know he is probably going to put the ball into play and I bet he hits into very few double plays.

OK – so I guess we root for the Sox for taking 2 of the 3 so that neither team can get too close to us? A 3 game lead is so much better than 1.

Come on everyone, ya gotta believe, we are family!
Gone all day Saturday but saw some highlights. I would have sent JV out there for the 9th. You think Rodney is better? Reminds me of a Denny McClain story and Mayo Smith. Anyway, got to watch the whole game on Sunday. Polanco is the man! Nate looked great! I thought the strike zone was crazy. Come up, Ump.
Down the middle a ball and outside was a strike. So if you have 2 strikes and it is close, you should be swinging. Who said it has to be a strike to get a base hit
Now we are due for some home runs.
Go Tigers! –Dave

We are definitely due for some homeruns, overdue. That would take a lot of pressure off everybody.
The way I read it, Verlander would be scheduled to start the final game of the season. That’s good if we need that game, but not good for playoff ball. Best case scenario is to clinch it early enough to get the rotation set for the Yankees. JV in games one and five would give us a fighting chance. I realize I’m getting way ahead of things here, but it’s just something to think about.
I think we root for the Sox to sweep ’em.

What a great job, Nate, and all the Tigers bullpen. Finally some key hits. A tremendous team win.

What a great turnaround for Nate, from being on the bench in the bullpen to pitching a great game as a starter. Not long ago we were asking what he did wrong that he was never allowed to pitch, then he was on the DL, and now look at him go..Has anyone already asked mxrussiantiger what a Tigers fan is doing in Russia? If so, sorry I missed that post.

You know, I meant to ask the same thing yesterday but the game was going on and then I forgot.
So mxrussiantiger, if you don’t mind us asking, how is it we have a Tigers fan in Russia? You say you’re in Moscow?

Did anyone know that, by winning yesterday, we avoided tying the White Sox for most visiting team losses in Metrodome history? I knew Chicago had it rougher than we did in there, but I didn’t know it was that close. I know Hawk was mad enough to spit after a dome walkoff loss that I saw on TV earlier this year.

will be a bit of advertising :)))

Yes, I live in Russia. About two years ago our cable operators offered a new channel, Viasat Sport, where I saw baseball for the first time. Of course, russians know about baseball, but I haven’t seen any games before. The Tigers were one of the first team I saw in 2007 (with Justin Verlander on the mound). Since, the Tigers became my favorite team🙂 Viasat Sport also has unofficial blog where russian baseball fans discuss championship during live TV broadcasts. This blog is the place where everybody can come and ask a questions about baseball rules, and our community try to help them to understand this interesting game. By the way, my country has its own baseball federation which consists of eleven teams. Here is the site: And here is my personal blog about Tigers season: All it’s in russian, but you may be interested to know about that….

P.S. I hope I didn’t violate any rules by posting links… Sorry for possible mistakes. I have only little experience in English.

MX, you can’t help bad luck ssing the Tigs first!!🙂
I hope your relatively young as the Tigs win Pennants and Championships roughly every 20 years.
At least we are due one soon, but then so have the Cubs.

Hey, that’s great. That’s worth an article, Jason.
My daughter is taking Russian studies in college so I’ll have to have her read your blog to me when she gets home. There you see, the tuition money was not wasted. 🙂

Welcome mxrussiantiger!! Don’t apologize- your English is better than some others I’ve seen post on this blog, and I’m pretty sure it is their first language.🙂
I concur with Rich. Jason- this gentleman deserves a little recognition. Supporting the Tigers and acting as an ambassador for the game of baseball in Russia. It could be that article Rich spoke about before- the challenges of displaced Tigers fans and how they have found a home on your blog. We have quite a few!
I’ve been a little quiet on here of late, but I have been keeping up with everyone’s posts. I think I was afraid that if I shared my fears of blowing the division, they might come true.


Nate has looked good since he came off the disabled list. The growth in he elbow must of been a bigger issue than he thought. The bite in his slider and his velocity is back. I think he put himself in the 4th starter spot the rest of the year and next. It looks like one contract the team will not have to eat now and means that signing Washburn is not going to happen.

Здравствуйте mxrussian tiger.

Добро пожаловать!

Меня зoвут Owen.

Извините, я не говорю по-русски.

I wanted to make you feel at home so I went to the BBC foreign language website ( for some Russian phrases.

We are very glad you are posting here.

I will have to check and see if YouTube has some good videos for learning a little Russian.

Welcome MX! I think it is great that you have become a Tiger fan just from watching from afar! We take fans from all walks of life, but how fun to have someone from so far away. If you ever get a chance to read up on the history of the team, they have had some outstanding teams (along with some really really bad ones!). The good and the bad are what makes this such a great franchise to root for though!

OK tribe – here we come.


I was thinking about the Tigers’ road trip off-day and wondered what the team does in this situation?

Do/did they stay in Minneapolis on the off-day, head back to Detroit or just straight on to Cleveland?

Thanks! Always enjoy your blog!


Wow🙂 Thank you for this warm welcome🙂
The last two weeks was a disappointment with loss to Kansas, but your comments increased my spirit. GO TIGERS!

Owen, that’s cool to read russian words here.

I would like to share with you a short video in russian about baseball playoff, which I found on YouTube:

This video recorded at Lomonosov Moscow State University’s stadium. You can see University’s major building on background.

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