Tigers and negative run differential

With Friday’s 3-0 loss, the Tigers entered Saturday on top of the AL Central despite allowing more runs (673) than they’ve scored (670). Just two teams since 2000 have won a division with a negative run differential, and both came out of the NL West: the 2007 Diamondbacks and 2005 Padres.

The last American League team to do it? The 1987 Twins (786 runs scored, 806 runs allowed). You may remember them as the World Series champions, because they were so strong at home. They were +63 at the Metrodome, but minus-83 everywhere else. Not surprisingly, the Tigers have a similar split: +63 at Comerica Park, minus-66 on the road.



I hate watching Justin throw fastball after fastball. I feel like he’s asking for that big inning.

Looky that- JV throws some curve balls and change-ups and strikes out two, including Mauer. He must be reading the blog.🙂
At least we are getting hits off Pavano, even if we can’t get them all in. We really need this win.

Although I think that Guillen was jipped on that last strikeout – does anyone still think that he should be in this game???

Thats our Tigers bases loaded and one out – and you ground into a double play. Right on que. 5th inning and 9 runners left on base.

Are they really going to win this game on a freaking ball that Kelly didn’t see???

all of those stranded runners are coming back to haunt us right now.

Our first extra base hit, just a tad too late.

DUMB MOVE TO PUT KELLY IN THERE. Even DUMBER MOVE TO PUT VERLANDER BACK OUT THERE IN THE EIGHTH. Guess what those two simple obvious things done guess what we are probably shaking hands right now.
Way to go guys – all of you 11 freaking singles and stranding 9 runners guess what this is what you deserve. Right down from the inept managing at the end to the freaking lack of clutch hitting. Guess what the division may come right down to this I HOPE YOUR FREAKING HAPPY BECAUSE I AM ALMOST DONE. If you can’t get up for this games guess what you never will. GOOD JOB

About keeping JL going, 111 pitches so he should be able to go close to completing the 8th. At the beginning of a long season, yes I would replace him but not now when the season is on the line.
I was also watching the Cubs and Cardinals 1-0 game with Dempster and Carpenter both around 100 pitches after 8, both get replaced and each bullpen gives up runs for another walk off Card win.
So onto tomorrow with our fate in Nate’s hands.

Another masterpiece of managing by JL. Why was Verlander left in the game and in addition why was he left to pitch to Kubel a lefty. I think Verlander’s head is as hard as JL’s. He thinks that by just throwing fastballs he can get these hitters out. He threw nothing but to Cabrerra and even harder to Kubel. Then to top it off in the 9th JL pinch hits Raburn for Kelly a left handed batter to face a righty. There is just no logic in what he does. The team gets 12 hits, 4 by Polanco and 3 by Cabrerra the rest of the team only 5 hits and only 1 hit after the 5th. This team should just hand the pennant to Minnesota right now and go home and wait for DD to reward everyone with a raise or extended contract for their superb play and great managing.

Justin Verlander is our best pitcher, that’s why he’s in there in the 8th as long as he was. Kelly has far more range than Guillen, which is why he is in on defense there. Kelly isn’t a major league quality hitter and Raburn is. He has come up with several big late hits. That’s why he was in there.
If Verlander comes out and Seay or Lyon gives up a big hit (as Lyon actually did, despite being our best reliever), people would be ripping JL for not leaving him in. If Guillen stays in and can’t get a gapper, people would be ripping JL for not putting in someone with more range. If Kelly stays in and strikes out, people would be complaining that he should have been hit for.

Frustration with the Tigers poor play lately is one thing. Turning on the team and the manager because of it is disgusting. I guarantee every Tiger fan would have been thrilled before the season to find out we’d be in first place by 2 games with 14 to play. I’d rather be here than 2 games back. How about some support for the guys? They have provided you with a first place record for over 4 months…and they are still there.

I hope, but doubt the Tigs make it through.
To be perfectly frank though, the Twinkies, even with their warehouse deserve it more having a payroll roughly half ours.
I don’t know who wears their Tiger heart more on their sleeve (keyboard??), GK or Dan. I know you guys will never stop being fans so keep posting regardless of the pain. 🙂

Regarding Kelly losing the ball against the rook backdrop, ask a silly question but have they ever considered using a different coloured ball?
Cricket uses a red ball for day games and white ones for night games. It is just absurd to use a white ball in a white domed stadium.
Better still, just ban closed roof stadiums and any artificial turf arenas while your at it.

Bud Selig would never approve using a different colored ball at this point.

And, drummer points out something we should all remember. We still can win. We are all nothing but back-seat drivers.

Actually I wouldn’t have complained if Verlander came out, I infact said WHY THE HECK (??) is he leaving him in there. He was maxed out in my opinion. And I am not mad at Kelly, (its not his fault that is the stupidest place on earth to play a ball game) My only question was yesterday I heard oh you have to have Curtis in there because the Dome is such a difficult place to play so we will leave him in there regardless of his ability to hit a lefty. Well today an even less inexperienced guy was brought in there as a defensive replacement?? Just doesnt make sense. I rarely rip on JL but come on.
But in reality the biggest fault here should be laid on the the door knobs (I am trying to be polite) who couldn’t get a clutch hit to save their lives. They hit a bunch of freaking singles all day long. This would of been a completely different inning if those boneheads could of gotten a few more runs, and there is no reason they shouldn’t have. I really think that they are choking (AGAIN) A few more runs, JV doesn’t stay out there, Lyon and or Seay get clean innings or split the inning up between righties and lefties . Boom shaking hands at the end. Instead we lose another game in the standings. GOD I HATE THAT FREAKING DOME

I guess that I’m too stupid to be a manager. What was it – the 6th. inning – bases loaded (AGAIN), one out & (no hit)Laird up to bat- right handed pitcher. Stupid me would have had Avila (or anybody) pinch hit. NO – let Laird hit into a DP. Let’s give JL ANOTHER contract extension – NOT. Shhhhh – what’s that I hear? Oh yeah – the “fat lady” is singing. PPPPPPPFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT!!!

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