Leyland: Guillen won't start against lefties

Tigers left fielder Carlos Guillen took more right-handed swings during pregame batting practice Friday at the Metrodome, but manager Jim Leyland indicated it isn’t going to earn him a place in Detroit’s starting lineup against left-handed pitchers.

Guillen, a switch-hitter whose injured right shoulder limited him to swinging left-handed since coming  off the disabled list July 24, surprised many when he batted right-handed Thursday afternoon against Royals lefty Bruce Chen, who had just relieved right-handed starter Zack Greinke. Guillen fouled out to first, but said he felt comfortable swinging and could do it every day.

Leyland did not start Guillen Friday against Twins left-hander Brian Duensing, and said he won’t start Guillen against any left-hander.

“That sounds good in the newspaper: ‘I can hit left-handers,'” Leyland said. “Does that mean I’m supposed to play him against left-handers? He’s had one [right-handed] at-bat in three months against a left-hander, and now I’m supposed to play him [against lefties] down the stretch? No, that’s not going to happen. … He will not start against left-handed pitching.”

What might happen, Leyland said, is that he stays in the lineup when a left-handed reliever comes in.


so then why does Granderson start against lefties?

The Tigers want Granderson’s defense in center field. They do not feel the same way about Guillen in left.

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