Division Series tickets go on sale Tuesday

The Tigers will put single-game tickets for potential American League Division Series contests on sale Tuesday by phone and online beginning at 10 a.m. ET.

Those tickets will only be available online at tigers.com or by phone at 866-66-TIGER. No tickets willl be sold at the Comerica Park box office. Ticket orders are limited to four tickets per customer, per game.

If the Tigers make the postseason, they’ll likely host Games 3 and 4 (if necessary) of a Division Series, probably against the Yankees. Those games would take place Sunday and Monday, Oct. 11-12.

The Tigers are still offering the opportunity to purchase tickets for all 2009 postseason games for fans who place a deposit on 2010 full-season tickets.


The way this Friday night game is going so far, and the fact that the Twins have Pavano pitching Saturday and Baker against Robertson Sunday, selling division series tickets is very very premature.

Well, I guess I am a fool because I already bought mine.??? The way that they are playing is absolutely disappointing. If they can’t get up for these games, than what can’t they get up for???? Is Duensing that good??? No I think not, Cabrera, certianly should be a better hitter than he is a pitcher and I don’t think that he even got anything out of the infield. How despressing. I am getting closer to the edge of the cliff.

I agree. The Tigers are certainly doing their best to give the division away.

The question is whether the bats will wake up before the season ends. Even Rod Allen wasn’t tipping his cap to Duensing tonight. It’s become very simple. Hit or die. There are two more weeks after this weekend and sometimes it takes losing your entire lead to get it going. We’ll see. The Twins played a perfect game tonight. Porcello, Ni, and Perry were all good.
There’s nothing wrong with having a three game lead at this point, but the problem is that the two clubs are going in different directions. The Detroit side is suffering a pervasive feeling of blowing it, and having held first place for so long is now working against us. In reality, both clubs have played .500 ball for the second half of the season and nothing has changed overall. We don’t necessarily have to keep losing but those bats need to get going, and soon. There are four big games with the Twins at Comerica too.
Pavano tomorrow. We have good batting averages against him this year, but have failed to get the run scoring hit on every occasion. That will have to stop.
Whatever happens, I won’t see it. Fox has hijacked yet another game and is showing it only to the Tigers’ and Twins’ regions. I’m stuck with a meaningless game between the Cardinals and Cubs. It’s incredible that I’ve bought every game package MLB offers and still get blacked out. That is just wrong.

The way they are playing the Tigers should just hand the pennant to the Twins and call it a year. The team is in a free fall and all they are doing is giving the fans disappointment and frustration. If there is blame or fingers to point it can be shared by many. Start with JL and McClendon and work your way down to many of the players. When the season is over DD needs to clean house beginning with the two I named.

Per my post last night, a team with no heart and soul; no one in the lineup with a passion for the game. This is the second time this year that I’m throwing in the towel. One can sense a sweep. I am loyal till the end of my life, but I’m finally coming to the realization that the Tigers don’t want the pennant. The Twins lose two hitting cogs, several pitchers, and they still find the player who comes through.


I’ve made too many comments tonight to say more here. Please check my comments in the blog about tonight’s game. Thank you.

David Tiger – you hit the nail right on the head – we don’t have a player right now that consistently will come through. And no matter what the Twins do they just always seem to have that guy. Cuddyer are you kidding me? Porcello was good but as I said in a previous post, Cabrera should dang well be a better hitter than Duesning is a pitcher and I don’t think that Cabrera got anything out of the infield.
Getting closer to the edge of the ledge.

One thing to note: the Twins are 3 games over .500, they have never been more than 3 games over .500 all season. Its time for them to start losing. So far every time they go 3 games over they slide back down below .500.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Twins have finished in first place in this division 5 of the last 7 seasons (I’m including last year’s tie). I don’t know why the experts never give them a chance.
What’s happening now depends on your viewpoint. I’m not blind, I see the Tigers having huge problems right now, but the facts are these: they started September nine games over .500 and are still nine games over .500. They started September with a 3.5 game lead and now have a 3 game lead. In other words, nothing has changed. They got some lucky wins and built false hopes, but the season is playing out as it was destined to. It’s not over, there are two weeks left. I just hope the team itself realizes this. We haven’t blown anything yet. This is just pennant race baseball. It happens every September somewhere.

Ok…kind of a dumb question I suppose, but I’ve never bought post-season tix before…so here goes…if I buy them on Tuesday and the Tigers (heaven forbid) don’t make it into the playoffs…do I get refunded for the tickets?

Can’t watch the game this afternoon as I’ll be at work, although I might be able to catch the tail end if I get home in time. Seems like when I don’t watch, they win. All I can say is: Put your money where your mouth is, guys!

Go Tigers!!!!

MASSEF194 – I bought my tickets the other day and yes you do get a refund to your credit card for any unused tickets, for the face value – I think the service fees, but not any shipping or printing fees.
PUP here is to hoping your superstition about wins and losses holds true today. Cy Pavano is pitching though.

Can you feel that second hand’s grip tighten around your throats, Tigers? This team has been leading a horrible division for most of this season with an anemic offense and no studs! Pitching and defense carried the load for 1/2 the season, then only pitching, now nothing is working. CY Pavano today and CY Baker tomorrow. Both of those hands must feel real tight today. Choking! Choking!
Disappointment for the millions of Fans in Michigan and the rest of the 49 states. I’m going to be in KC next weekend for the Twins @ Royals games and both look to be playing the best baseball in the division now.


What happened to the team that played Tampa a few weeks ago???

I still think you all are overreacting a little bit, but I’ll go along. Here are two things that might get the Tigers going:
Mr. Ilitch declares that Leyland will be fired if the team doesn’t make the postseason. That seemed to work for the Yankees.
Since the guys so enjoy playing with their remote control airplanes and cars, Leyland should (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) take their toys away.

Rich you crack me up!! Take their toys away.

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