Wednesday: Tigers vs. Royals

Same lineup against lefties as before, which is kind of surprising.


  1. Ryan Raburn, LF
  2. Placido Polanco, 2B
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Marcus Thames, DH
  6. Brandon Inge, 3B
  7. Curtis Granderson, CF
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Adam Everett, SS

P: Eddie Bonine


  1. David DeJesus, LF
  2. Mitch Maier, RF
  3. Billy Butler, 1B
  4. Mike Jacobs, DH
  5. Alberto Callaspo, 2B
  6. Miguel Olivo, C
  7. Alex Gordon, 3B
  8. Yuniesky Betancourt, SS
  9. Josh Anderson, CF

P: Lenny DiNardo


Today is a must win – Minnesota has won 4 games in a row.

Looks like another “Einstein” moment for Leyland.

This basically all one side of plate lineups have rarely worked. The Tigs often get the pitcher into early trouble but fail to convert into runs. Having been let off the hook, the pitchers then gets into a groove facing one type of batter.
I definitely don’t support Curtis in the lineup – Huff and Clete are reasonable against all pitching.

Leyland is going to do his part in blowing this season wide apart.
He refuses to think there is an alternative to Granderson who is hitting .087 in his last 7 games—and some of those have been against RHP.
Clete and Guillen ar both hitting .22 over their last 7 and Clete has struck out in over half of his aBs in that time.
If Leyland doesn’t start thinking out of the box then he is going to get boxed in. His rationale is reckless and pathological.
We have to hope for a big day from Raburn and MCab. Perhaps Thames, I’m not sure anyone else in this lineup is capable of that.
It is scary to think of what the standings might look like come Sunday Evening.

Granderson better be bunting tonight.

OK 2 on no outs in the first. Deja vu time.

Based on what I saw in that 1st inning I don’t see us hitting enough to win this game. Brutal ABs by our 3-4-5 hitters.
They totally let DiNardo get his way with them.

Deja vu = 2 runners left on by the 3-4-5 hitters again.

And that’s that. 2 on nobody out, “heart” of the lineup and we get some pathetic at bats. Minnesota has won and were on borrowed time with Eddie. Buckle your seat belts Tiger fans, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Man, our lineup is just too easy to predict.
Further to GK’s list, the strange thing about Magglio is he had a higher RISP before the break when he wasn’t hitting. Pre break he had a .260/.330 avge and .310/.351 RISP and post break .357/.429 avge and only .226/.390 for RISP.

At least Eddie looks like he’s not going to give in.

Let’s see what the next group of Tiger hitters do this inning. Curtis.

Mag’s is an enigma wrapped in a riddle this season. Boras has no business popping off given Mags RISP. He’s not paid to be a Punch and Judy hitter. He’s paid the big dollars to clean the table not set the table.

.086 now for Curtis.

Nice bunt.
Our 5-9 is fantastic for a pitcher’s confidence. One heroic act every fortnight or so between them doesn’t win you many ballgames.

Just to save some time, I’m going to post this post 2 1/2 hours ahead of time and see how close I come: Here goes.

Geez. Tigers score only 3 runs against a pretty weak pitching staff and then get burned in the 8th by a bad defensive play. Wouldn’t have guessed that Everett would have been the leading hitter tonight either. Bonine gutted it out but our relief pitching has now disappeared. Curtis took some bad swings out there tonight and JL really needs to look at that. But enough said on that I guess.

So, we’re now up only 3+ on the Twinkies.

Brandon is not on top of his game. Even defensively.
I would rule Betancourt’s hit an error not a double.

Nice throw by Raburn but why are they pitching this kind of hitter away? You know he is not going to air one out and would likely line one that way or ground it between 3b and short. They need to jamb him. Very clear that he has a nice bat angle on the fastball away. Not sure why Laird didn’t pick up on that.
Chalk that run up to Inge

2 misplays by Inge really put Bonine in a hole. Lucky to escape with only one run given up.

Thats being a bit positive – 3 runs and being in it till the end!!🙂
Lucky to escape with only one run given up. Remind me which team is still in first and which team is dead last with the worst AL record??

And then there is Ernie. The voice I most associate with my long gone childhood. The voice that said put aside your troubles, your petty complaints, your stress, your preoccupations and made one of life’s treasures to listen and appreciate the game of baseball.
As graciously as Ernie expressed his love for Detroit he can rest assured that Detroit feels priveleged to have known him.

Man..Close but no cigar to Raburn.

Well said Dan.

Ordonez has has ONE RBI this month–that was on Sept 2nd.
He has upped his average in Aug and Sept but he has not provided any sort of production for his club. he drove in only 7 in August. That is 8 RBIs in a month and a half. Apparently this is OK for a middle of the lineup hitter in Jim Leyland’s world.

Didn’t anybody tell Bonine that he can’t give up any runs today?

Lucky it was only a sac fly. Game has an 8-1 feel about it.

I know I have said this before but the way our guys play is simply discouraging.
Bottom of 4 and nobody on–CAB up. This is where he tends to hit.

Holy cow–how does a rube like this dominate a MLB team?

Too slow but you just knew Miggs would leadoff next time with a hit.

We may have stumbled back into this game but geez–why is Raburn hacking at the 1st pitch with the guys beginning to stuggle?
Let’s hope we can fashion a 1-2-3 inning here.

Why is it I see Superman when KC bats but when the Tigers bat all I see is the Pillsbury doughboy. Maggs’ production was just mentioned. Cabrera has no power. Thames hasn’t hit a homerun since I can’t remember.

Pheww!! Thank goodness some groundball RBI’s got thru. Even Curtis got lucky.
Everett doesn’t hit often but choses his moments – .324 against lefties for RISP and .294 overall for RISP post break.

Well Bonine has thrown a pretty decent ball game. The fact that he stays away from the bases on balls is a big plus.
We have to start teeing off on this DiNardo character though.

Why is Granderson not going home on that rare double by Laird? Everett up next and you hold him at 3. C’mon Lamont.

My feelings about Granderson scoring the same. Just as Inge should have tried to score when the ball was dropped at first in an earlier inning.

Nice call Gene!
Also nice to see visible determination out of one of our guys (Everett). Many guys look far too casual but he is battling hard.

Another great at bat for Maggs with RISP.

Marcus. That was ugly.
I know Huff had a bad at bat today but I can’t help but think he may need to be in there every day.

Don’t know a contender that doesn’t hit much can support a catcher who has 4 HRs and 30 RBIs in over 400 plate appearnaces. You have to provide some production and even if he has thrown out so many runners this year we need some production from that position.
We also need a corner OF to give us 3 + and 100 RBIs.
Oh yeah—we need Bobby Seay to get LHB out too!

Man–I can’t believe Seay when he gets 2 strikes on a hitter. He has given up so many 2 strike hits its sickening.
Here we go again.

I used to love this blog, but it’s gotten so negative that it makes me sick. Come on Dan, criticism is fine, but “pathological”? I hate seeing everyone always scream to bench players when they are cold. What do you think they will do when you have to bring them back? Granderson has had a hard year, but he’s a great player and you gotta stick with him. And quit bashing Maggs. The guy has a sick wife, and started awful, but has brought his average up close to .300.
Are you guys fans, or just perpetual second-guessers?

Those two hits by DeJesus and Maier looked so easy. Just put the bat on the ball and get one through.

Pheewww!! Never in doubt!!!🙂
Can anyone remember the last lefty Seay got out??

Great pitching by Lyon. Oh, noooo. Does Rodney have to come in the 9th? Lyon was very sharp. Throw that old book out, JL!

This is a defining moment for Rodney and the Tigers in their quest this year.

Can’t believe it. A 1-2-3 inning. That sure helps this old heart. Savor the moment.

What a terrific game! Ernie looked so good, too.

Hardly a second guesser and certainly a fan.
Critical yes–guilty as charged.

Hey, ericdickelman, you got part of it right! KC had 3 runs and Everett drove in 2 of the Tigers 4 runs. Sorry about the rest. The bullpen was very good. Only Seay’s inability to get out 2 LH bats. The goofy plays came early in the game- 2 by Inge and 1 by Cabrera. As it turned out that questionable play by Lyon saved the tying run from scoring.

Hey people, we’ve won 3 out of our last 4. Might not seem like it but that’s the fact. I kind of agree with Todd that the negativity tonight was a little over the top, but no one’s being forced to read the in-game comments. I don’t read ’em till the game’s over. Fire away if it helps you get through these tough games. I know it ain’t easy.
Granderson is looking better again tonight and we might have something here. Throw out the previous stats and let’s see what he can do.
We played excellent defense and have been for some time now, once we got over that error-filled spate of games. Bonine pitched okay. I wouldn’t want him to start in the 7th game of the WS but that’s not his job. I agree that not walking guys is important, especially if our D is on it’s game. We could use more runs for sure and what’s missing here is the long ball. We got lots of hits but just don’t hit many homers lately, Huff’s 3-run bomb and Miggy’s 3-run shot notwithstanding. That makes it tough to put together easy wins. What we’re seeing is what we’re going to get.
Not that it’s all wine and roses by any stretch. I was very surprised to see Seay on the mound to start the 8th. I don’t care about the lefty-lefty matchups when my best pitcher is my 8th inning guy and it’s the 8th inning. I bring in Lyon to start the inning. Fortunately, that worked out thanks to some outstanding pitching by Brandon. He carved up Jacobs (lefty) with cutters in and fastballs away. I was somewhat less surprised to see Miner in the 6th. I suppose if Nate has a bad side session tomorrow, Zach could still start on Sunday. I suppose it could also rain in the Metrodome too. Anyway, Zach looked good again. The other thing was Lamont stopping Granderson at 3rd on Laird’s double. Come on, Gene, not you too. Again, that eventually worked out. A win is a win. There are no style points awarded in baseball.
It was a huge game since we kept our 5-game lead in the loss column. Now we’ll go into Minnesota up by either 5 or 4 games. If it’s 5 games, we can survive winning one of three. If it’s 4, it becomes a little more dicey. Tomorrow is big. Hopefully the Royals will continue to struggle to score runs with Greinke out there and we can scratch one out. Jackson needs to re-discover his slider. And I’d sit Ordonez since he’s never been able to hit Greinke. Play one of the speed guys instead.

I greatly enjoyed seeing Ernie tonight as I’m sure all of you did too. For a 91-year old man with his condition, he looked great. Something to be said for living a good life. I got a kick out of seeing Rusty Kuntz in the Royals dugout with his video cam going. I’m sorry to hear that Ernie “isn’t feeling too good.” He’s got a rough road to travel and deserves better. Let’s pray he catches a break.

Lat I looked this was Beck’s Blog. Not the eternal optimist’s blog or the don’t worry, be happy blog.
It’s all yours.

Eric – glad you were wrong!!

Nice to see the guys grind out the game – and great relief pitching by Lyon and Rodney – Rodney had that 83 mph changeout working like gold last night – he was efficient and effective – hats off to both you guys, and to Bonine for doing well in what would be a nerve wracking game for him.

Was anyone at the game on Tuesday night – was wondering it is was a streaker on the field? Of course on tv they won’t show anything, but the way people were grabbing binoculars and even the players seemed amused, I was thinking it might be a naked fan?

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