Rodney suspension reduced to two games

Fernando Rodney will serve a two-game suspension starting tonight after his appeal was heard by phone today.

Rodney’s suspension was originally three games for throwing a ball that landed in the press box at Tropicana Field Sept. 4. Though he got a game taken off of that, his fine remains at $3,000.

Rodney can work out with the team before the game and throw on the side, but he can’t be in the dugout or the clubhouse once the game starts. Most likely, he’ll be watching the games from one of the suites that his teammates have.


Fair enough, I guess. He can’t pitch tonight anyway and Lyon can close tomorrow if necessary. It still seems that the fine should be steeper and no suspension. A suspension only hurts the team and the fans. Speaking of which, that Notre Dame receiver drew a very damaging taunting penalty for doing that “shhhh” thing in the endzone on Saturday. Not that I had any problem with it. 🙂
Tiger Girl, looks like you have good seats for tonight.

So it turns out that Jim Leyland worked this pretty much perfectly – rodney was going to rest tonight anyways.

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