Washburn, Galarraga appear set for starts

It isn't quite written in ink yet, but Jarrod Washburn and Armando Galarraga appear set to go for the Tigers Tuesday and Wednesday against the Royals. Washburn, whose left knee continues to be a concern, said he's going. Galarraga is playing catch today to see how he feels. Bonine is the second option, and he said he hasn't been told anything about holding back in the bullpen or stretching out.


We need both of them to come through in order for us to have a shot at this.
Others too have to contribute. At least today we have our RHB going who have been hitting lately. Except for Inge who is under .200 in his last 6 games.
Our LHB are really struggling with only 6 hits shared by Guillen, Granderson, Avila and Santiago in the last l games.
We really need a guy like Marcus now to start crushing the ball with impunity. He can carry this team for short bursts and he does seem to be having much better at bats lately sans power. If he can find the fences he can energize this team. If not him someone else has to get red hot.
Leyland has Granderson going again today and we are going to have to accept that he is a stubborn old coot that will flail away eternally to prove his point or satisfy his idea of what constitutes a winning baseball team.
I’d rather see Ramirez given a shot to play today.
We need some major input from the middle of the lineup today; Ordonez, MCab and Thames.
We have to cross our fingers and hope that the infield will take away those ground ball hits that Porcello sometimes gives up, and turns some of them into timely DPs.
I believe this to be a very important game. If they lose, obviously the pressure mounts and the lead diminishes but it also puts an enormous burden on Verlander to save the day. IF he is unable to do that, I cringe at the thought of how demoralized the team will be and question whether they will be able to persevere.

I understand why Grandy isn’t leading off against lefties but Raburn is just brutal as a leadoff hitter. 3 strikeouts today and he seems to have no interest in working the count. Just hack away. I’d rather see Polly leadoff any day of the week.

Let’s hope this starts a win streak and we get a little revenge on KC starting Tuesday.

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