Forget what I said about Galarraga starting

Do you know about the plan? Good, because the plan has changed.

Eddie Bonine will now start on Wednesday in place of Armando Galarraga, who was going to start in place of Nate Robertson. That rotation spot is now Bonine’s for the next three weeks. Barring more injuries — and that’s certainly possible — Galarraga and Robertson will pitch out of the bullpen.

Washburn is still starting.


Bonine throws a knuckleball……….what a badass

It’s not worrisome enough that the hitting and the bullpen are unreliable but now the starting pitching is very shaky.

I hope JL is not stubborn enough to bat Granderson tomorrow.
Grandy proved why he should not be in against southpaws.
Time to give Ramirez a go (forget about the horrible base-running blunder he perpetrated today). If you must play Raburn in CF and Ramirez in LF.
Lost in today’s victory was a very important PH double by Aubrey Huff.
Miner got the djob done today but it always scares me that it makes JL go back to him too easily the next time. Consistent he’s not.
Bonine better have his knucler working if he is to have a chance.
A little credit to Marcus who is hanging in there. I still think the big bat is gonna bop and this club could really use that.
Laird is hitting well enough again to ease some troubled waters–Everett is playing well and has been very good defensively.
My lineup for tomorrow:
Ramirez LF
Polanco 2B
Ordonez RF
MCab 1B
Thames DH
Raburn CF
Inge 3B
Laird C
Everett SS

That should put a little pressure on Purcey.

Don’t tell me you all were watching the Lions instead of the Tigers today. 🙂 I have an excuse, I was at a show in DC, but I just finished watching today’s game this evening.
I’m not so sure that was a baserunning blunder by Ramirez. The runners had to freeze in case that weird liner/one hopper was caught in the air, and Wilkin’s choices were to stand there and risk watching them turn a DP, or break for home and make them throw him out. I also think I saw Lamont tell him to go when it hit the ground.
Huff’s hit wasn’t lost on me, that was huge. We got several big hits and good ABs today. It’s looking like Thames is a better hitter against RHers now. More singles and doubles anyway.
Toronto could have very easily been shut out. Their first run came after Laird very uncharacteristically threw high on Wells’ steal attempt, and Porcello had Scutaro struck out if the umpire hadn’t gone blind on that pitch, after which he singled, setting up their second run. Good pitching today by everybody.
So we won and the Twins won and that makes it look more like a pennant race instead of a pennant crawl. I heard that Justin Morneau is hitting below .100 in September. You know that won’t continue so I look for the Twins to heat up soon.
I expected a split with Toronto, so maybe we can get that tomorrow. I expected a 4-3 homestand overall, then it’s on to our Farewell Appearance at the Dome. It would be great to get a sweep in the last series there, but I’ll settle for not being swept. Porcello and Verlander get two of the starts, then Captain Ahab Washburn in game three.
With Jackson becoming so fastball happy, I’d like to see Laird catch him on Thursday. Someone needs to take charge there.

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