Saturday: Tigers vs. Blue Jays

While Scott Richmond has held right-handed hitters to a .226 average this year, he’s giving up a .279 average and .880 OPS from the left side. Between that and the fact that Toronto’s next two pitchers are lefties, manager Jim Leyland had his reasons to start Clete Thomas and Alex Avila, giving Detroit six left-handed bats in the lineup.

No Adam Lind today for Toronto. He left Friday’s game with a bruised left shin and is considered day-to-day.


  1. Curtis Granderson, CF
  2. Placido Polanco, 2B
  3. Carlos Guillen, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Aubrey Huff, DH
  6. Clete Thomas, RF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Brandon Inge, 3B
  9. Ramon Santiago, SS

P: Edwin Jackson


  1. Marco Scutaro, SS
  2. Aaron Hill, 2B
  3. Vernon Wells, CF
  4. Lyle Overbay, 1B
  5. Rod Barajas, C
  6. Juan Encarnacion, 3B
  7. Randy Ruiz, DH
  8. Travis Snider, LF
  9. Joe Inglett, RF

P: Scott Richmond


Richmond’s record doesn’t negate the fact that Granderson has the lowest OPS of any hitter in the league against LHP’s. The pitcher’s splits are only half of the equation. Thomas, Huff, Granderson, Guillen, and Santiago are all weaker against LHP’s. Raburn hits both lefties and righties well. Ordonez and Thames KILL lefties.
Sorry Jimbo, but this is a ridiculous lineup.

Sorry Tigerdog, but Richmond is RHP, not LHP.

Good luck to Edwin and all Tigers. Let’s win today!

A nice start tonight for Curtis.

Richmond is a RHP, but the article on the website says “Granderson is too valuable to sit”. He’s not. Not against LHP’s.
Ordonez should be in the lineup tonight, if they’re going to let his option vest. He’s hitting .350 since the break, and .483 for September. 13 more plate appearances, and he’ll be wearing an $ 18 million vest.

I do wish they’d stop messing around and let Maggs vest and stop all this “drawing it out”. Clete has not been hitting well, of late, and Maggs’ is. Let the big guy play. I’m sick and tired of wondering whether his option will vest. They might win a few more if Magglio was playing regularly or at least starting. I feel like we are being twisted around by management with a carrot.

Sure nice to get some homers, particularly with guys on – 5 hits for 6 runs against last nights 13 hits for 4 runs.

Well someone needs to tell EJ that he should not be throwing Barajas anything below the belt. The guy is a consumate uppercut power hitter nad has 3 hits on balls around his knees today.
BTW, those 2 2-run dingers hit by the caters today point out something we have been missing all year.
Barajas has 18 now and probably twice as many RBIs than our guy. Avila has passed laird in HRs .
Yes I like GMoney ,,but……………..
Finally, we have been waiting a while, MCab comes through big in the clutch.

One walk for the past 11 outs. Momentum is all with the Jays into the 9th.

This team needs to win.

I knew bringing Rodney into a tied game was a bad idea. I was hoping I was going to be a wrong. One strike away from a 1-2-3 inning…

I just can’t accept 5 losses in a row.

We need 3 tuns to win this game. Is Jim going to try and manufacture something, or are we going to swing for the fences. This team needs a swift kick in the butt.

JL classic quotes for the past 24 hours: “I’m going to pretty much go with the guys who have been here all year, if it isn’t good enough, it isn’t good enough.” followed by “We have to start doing more against left-handed pitching, or they’ll be taking them off the ferris wheel to pitch against us.”
The simple facts are Detroit has the 4th highest MLB payroll and 2nd highest AL payroll. The 2009 Tiger payroll is $31m more than Chisox; $48m over Indians; $53.6m over KC and $61m over the Twins. When is the JL light going to come on that apart from three short runs, the Tigs haven’t been good enough all year??

If we weren’t in the pathetic Central division, 75 wins to date would only be good enough for 3rd in the other two AL divisions.
Missed somehow off the previous entry.

Rodney is a disaster. It was just a matter of time and the time has come. He has been miserable lately, not to say that he was good in the past. Of all the saves he had, how many were 1-2-3 innings? Lyon giving up the run in the 8th didn’t help matters. JL pinch hitting Maggs for Santiago was a mistake, if he were to pinch hit it should have been for Grandersn. I hate to say it but after the 1st loss to K.C. I knew a losing streak was coming. I’m afraid it is not over after today. I hope I am wrong.

Gaston used his bullpen to perfection. JL did not. Granted, in terms of arms, I think the Jays have a better bullpen and ours is slightly overrated.
Anyway the team coasted after the Cab homerun. EJ deserved to lose as he insisted on throwing gopher balls and you just knew after Wells’ HR that we would not win unless we could score some more.
Got a man on in the 9th but the 3 innings AB before that were ridiculous.
Not bringing in Thames to hit for Granderson was also ridiculous—even if Gaston were to countered with a a RHP.
Avila not being able to smother that wild pitch by Lyon was damaging too–but we would have lost anyway. I like the way he hacks at the ball–effortless type swing with high impact results sometimes. If he can learn to catch he will push Laird into a backup role.
Lyon hurt us with that walk to Overbay. And Wells played a helluva game–tag-up, hitting and fielding.
We have seen the misgivings of some of us fans come true. Many of us were criticized for being “critical” even as the Tigers were in 1st place but we also know that we don’t have the makings of a clutch “team” here and one that can go into a funk at the drop of a hat and then spiral out of control when the going gets tough.
The going is getting tough.
Bit like Russian Roulette as we keep thinking the next game or the next starting pitcher will reverse the tide. How demoralized do the guys get if Justin can’t stop this slide?
Meanwhile the skipper at the helm seems satisfied that if he just keeps doing the same things it will all get better.
October baseball in Motown is in trouble.

Maybe my working tomorrow will bring the team good luck. I can’t watch anymore, anyway.

Did Hill look like he knew what was coming on that 3-1 pitch?
Scutaro killed us today–the HR was deflating and the 2 out 2 strike hit (kinda hoped Clete would go for that ball as I don’t like the odds when Rodney lets a guy get on base), was crucial.
Is there anyway to stop these HRs that EJ gives up? He’s gotta be a league leader in dingers allowed.

Well that is a major major major bummer. Our pitching has been horrible. I was so excited when Cabrera got that homer. What a buzz kill. Cannot believe that they didn’t pinch hit for Granderson in the ninth – couldn’t freaking believe it. Dumbest move (or non-move) in a long time. Pinch hit Thames, or Ramirez, heck I would rather see Everett come up there. There wasn’t a worse person to have up in that situation that Granderson.

So we’re supposed to enjoy being here in the pennant race but there’s no way any sane person can enjoy this. This is the most sorry excuse for a “race” I can think of. How much satisfaction can anyone take from having a team that’s only slightly less bad than the others? This is not fun. Not even close. We may win it, we may not, but I’m beginning to not care. I can think of one analogy in my own experience. Back in the 60s, I had a sharp little ’65 Mustang that I’d take to Milan Dragway. One Sunday, I was the only car in my class to enter, so I took home a trophy because of it. I didn’t enjoy that trophy. See what I mean?
We pitched to their best hitter in the 9th with firstbase open, a hitter who’d gone 0-4 and was due. He homered.
We let Granderson hit against a lefty with the game on the line. He popped out.
We failed to play our hottest two hitters until late in the game.
We don’t seem to think of using Avila as a DH.
Our manager made too many moves the past few days, then tonight made too few.
We have a manager who is clueless.
JL says the guys are taking it all too casually. Well, who has pounded that into them for four years now? Not too high, not too low, there’s no such thing as momentum, etc and etc.
Maybe there’s nothing that can be done at this point, since this team is what it is. They can’t hit, the bullpen has collapsed, and there’s no fire. Jackson’s slider seemingly is gone and he tries to get by with fastballs. Robertson has pelvic inflammation, which is something usually found in women. Washburn is a mediocre pitcher with one leg. Miner is a relief pitcher, dammit, in JL’s eyes.. That leaves Verlander and Porcello to carry the load. We don’t have a closer.
Play Ordonez everyday. Forget about Huff, he’s worthless to us at this point in the season. Play Raburn everyday because he at least doesn’t outthink himself at the plate. Never let Granderson hit against a lefty in an important spot. If Thames appears to be having good ABs, play him regardless of L-R matchups. We need to score runs because the pitching staff has done about all it can.
And I doubt any of the above would work either. So let’s just stagger on to the finish line and gather up our trophy. The trophy I took home from Milan that day? I have no idea where it is.

Now Leyland has his guys saying “duh” statements:
“They were ready for the fastball all night,” Jackson said.

Leland gets in ruts that reminds me of Clete. Lefty, righty, lefty, righty. For chrissakes just let the guys who are hitting play the game regardless of whether it’s a l/r match. He’s too mechanical in his thinking, sometimes.

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