Boy grabs ball off mound between innings

A small child at Friday’s Tigers-Blue Jays game wanted to get a ball. He ended up getting quite a fright.

While the Tigers began to take the field to warm up for the top of the eighth inning, there stood a little kid on the mound, much to everyone’s surprise — players, security personnel, everyone. Apparently he had run out onto the field as soon as the inning ended.

It seemed to be an innocent mistake. According to a local photographer, the child had gone to the gate just to the outfield side of the first-base dugout, where fans often gather between innings in hopes that a visiting player — often the first baseman — will throw them a ball. The kid was looking for a ball, and when he saw one sitting on the mound for the next pitcher — in this case, Brandon Lyon — to pick up, the child climbed over the gate and went after it.

Sure enough, once he got to the mound, he picked up the ball and ran back towards the gate from which he came, losing his cap along the way. Those few who saw it looked on, not really knowing how to react. By the time he reached the first-base line,  however, he had caught the attention of security and the grounds crew.

The boy was clearly scared once security stood over him, realizing what he had done. However, according to the photographer, a man in the crowd, supposed a family member, identified him and explained the situation, that he took his suggestion too literally to go get a ball. Eventually, the boy has hoisted up over the gate and handed back to the man in the stands without further incident.

And yes, he did get to keep the ball. But as the saying goes, kids, don’t try this at home.


I too saw this and wondered what was going on and how this kid got so far out there and back for that matter without someone seeing him. (Including his parents)

No wonder you didn’t post last night. You were at the game. So, I’d be interested on your take of what happened last night. Probably not good, though. Right?

I’m feelin it for Grandy. Man o man, he sure is struggling.

This team has got to pull out of this slide.

I am wondering where the line is for fans going onto the field.

Is it ok for “children” to go to the mound and grab balls and do as they please…….but not ok for “adults” to enter the field?

I’m not trying to put the kid in jail, but i’m just pointing out that there is no “line” of what is “ok” and “not ok”.

cuz after all, aren’t we all kids after a few sodas?

I assume the child was ten years old or younger.

Surprised nobody has picked up on the Rodney tip-off. If the oppostion picks up on it there will some even steeper roller coaster rides ahead of us.
Granderson does not look like he is capable of fixing his predicament. Still say he should bunt as he ain’t hitting much in the gaps anyways.
Anyone else getting a little concerned about how JL is handling the pressure of a pennant race? He seems to be seeking his comfort zone of stubborness and arrogance instead of progressive thinking at a time when it is needed most.
A couple of quotes recently alluded to playing his guys and if they don’t produce they don’t produce. Same kind of attitude about Granderson.
I think a manager has to constantly adjust. JL can be a victim of prescriptive thinking if he is not just a little more flexible with “his favorites”.

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