Robertson leaves with groin strain

Word from the Tigers is that Nate Robertson left Friday’s game with a
left adductor strain, essentially a groin strain. The replay on his
final hit allowed, Vernon Wells’ double to right, shows Robertson
possibly tweaking something in that area when he rushed to cover home
plate as Adam Lind rounded third.

UPDATE: Robertson underwent an MRI late Friday night to determine the severity. At the very least, manager Jim Leyland said, he is expected to miss his next turn in the Tigers rotation. Catcher Gerald Laird indicated that the injury seemed to be bothering him well before that play.


I am surprised that the Jays didn’t absolutely destroy Rodney. I predicted every pitch he threw correctly. I am not Kreskin. He is tipping off one of his pitches and since he throws but two it is pretty obvious what he is going to throw. I swear the tipoff is infallible. At least tonight.
I’d give my number for Leyland to call but aside from the crank calls I would get if he did call I’m afraid I would tear a strip off him for his continued misuse of the bullpen.
Pretty anemic batting order from Inge on down.
I love Polanco but man as rarely as he strikes out he just as rarely walks. I have seen him take many close pitches on a 2 strike count but he refuses to take a ball when he has 3 of them. You get 3-2 on him and he will swing even if he laid off the same pitch before.
We need our 3 mainstays in the starting rotation to pull the rest of the team’s collective heads out of their collective rectums. They just do not play good team baseball and it is going to bite us when the other losers, known as the Twins, play us.
Watching the games on Rogers Sportsnet here. I think 3 of them are going to be televised up here. I hope it gets better than this soon.

Thames nearly gave us an unlikely win with that bomb in the 7th, but it wasn’t to be. There were some clutch hits in that inning and the scale was almost tipped. Unfortunately, our middle relief has cost us games this week. I won’t suggest it for now, but if this races tightens up JL will need to consider tightening up his pen by using his horses more often. You get down to the final two weeks and there’s no point in resting people. Lyon had a 9-pitch inning tonight but I figured if we’d tied it after Rodney came in, I’d go with Fernando for the 10th too, leaving Lyon as the closer tomorrow. Of course, JL rarely does things I’d do, but Lyon is ready to go tomorrow.
I’m not going to bash our hitters tonight. I think what happens is that we are getting these pitchers we haven’t seen much of and they are actually pitching pretty good games. Don’t let their records fool you, because they’re pitching in different divisions, not the weak Central. We did much better against Toronto’s pen. Where we were once strong against lefties, we are now weak for some reason. I was glad to see the RHers come into the game.
I have a suspicion that Robertson had this injury going into the game. If that’s the case, I’m not happy with yet another guy going out there hurt and costing the team. I guess there’s no way to stop that. You can preach the team the team the team but these guys are trying to earn their individual paychecks for their families.
In the end, a nice 6-game win streak has been neutralized by a 4-game losing streak, but the other teams in this “race” are worse. I have a feeling we’ll win 3 in a row now.

Well Rich I agree, Robertson didn’t look right from the start – was at the game tonight and it seemed that everything he was throwing was a ball, and not just missing by a little bit, but by a whole bunch.
Thames did just miss that in the 7th – the miracle was not to be tonight. CRAP.
I am not going to put it on the hitters tonight either, although Granderson again cannot hit a thing. A clutch hit out of him well, we are probably talking at least a tie game. As far as I am concerned he should only be playing right now at the end for defensive replacement. Laird has been hitting better than him. In fact has anyone noticed how Everett has been picking it up a little??
Anyway, both the Twins and the Soxs lost tonight so at least we lost nothing. But boy are we ever going to win another game?? It sure doesn’t feel like it.
Oh by the way, that out that Laird made in the 8th(???) was he safe at first or was he out. I have never really seen VanSlyke get that worked up??

The replays looked like it was very close. The throw forced Millar to take his foot off the bag, but it looked like he might’ve gotten it back down just as Laird’s lead foot was about to touch.

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