Granderson sits, Ramirez plays

As expected, Curtis Granderson is sitting against another left-handed starter, this one Lenny DiNardo. Wilkin Ramirez gets the start in left field. Raburn moves to center and leadoff, which worked well on Tuesday.


  1. Raburn, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Thames, DH
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Ramirez, LF
  8. Laird, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Jarrod Washburn


Well there is some capacity for horrible at bas in that lineup.
I do agree that Granderson should sit.
The Tigers have to come out and absolutely punish this mediocre LHP. It has been awhile since they have been able to do that though. A lot of the problem has been the inability of Laird and Inge to inflict much pressure on southpaws as you would expect they would. I do agree that Laird is who should play today as his defense is very important right now. I think it could have been an option to start Dlugach though. Everett is much the safer bet but they might have got away with it and perhaps some unexpected offense could have helped.
Ironically enough, Raburn seems to be a better center fielder than left fielder. I think his problem reading the ball off the bat is exacerbated when playing one of the corner OF positions. At least he is capable of producing offensively.
A big game from Marcus would be really helpful and it will be interesting to see Ramirez in the lineup again. I like his enthusiasm. That seems to be something that the veterans work on subduing. I think we need more of it and it is infectious IMO.
Of course, the gamble and money spent on Washburn has never been more evident than it is today. He needs to throw the kinds of games he threw for Seattle against these Royals this year.

Nice to see Granderson, the worst hitter in the league vs LHP’s, sitting out today. But Raburn in CF? I guess it’s getting close to Halloween- scaaaaaary!

I like that lineup.. a good mixture and besides.. the Tigers have a little breathing room. The Skipper is smart enough to know guys need rest at this time of the year so that they can be fresh horses when the run gets ramped up.

Buz –

1st inning, have a chance to get a run in, if only Cabrera doesn’t ground into a double play. TERRIFIC.

Ya know you have got to wonder if this nagging injury to Washburn is really affecting him that much, why the heck did they trade for him?? I would assume there are physicals and such why the heck did they trade for him??? And here we are in the first we blew an opportunity to score and they have two on and nobody out with stinking Billy Butler up.!!!

So how many runs will Washburn give up today before recording an out?

See Cabrera that is what a sac fly looks like. Washburn looks as bad as ever and our hitters refuse to play the game the right way.

Our bats are going to need to wake up today with Washburn on the mound.

Another double play. Terrific.
Ya know they keep talking about how they took Grienke out and pushed him back. Well by my calculations we are going to get Tejada on Tuesday and Grienke on Wednesday now. Yikes.

Well, it looks not good, but it’s the second inning only…

Not looking good at all. We they look outmatched by these KC hitters and pitchers. Tigers look horrible.

Washburn seems to be washed up. I would get Miner going in the pen. Since it appears that these pitchers are too much for us to handle this week, it would be wise not to let them get anymore runs on us. God I hate this it is only the second inning and I am already completely frustrated. I hope I look back at this in two hours and feel stupid, I am just feeling that good about this.

It’s time to shut down Washburn. It’s obvious he could care less about what’s going on with this team or whether or not we win the division. I think Bondermann deserves a turn to try starting, and he’s looked sharp since being called back. Basically, I don’t even want to see Washburn pitch ever again… it makes me nauseous.

It’s time to shut down Washburn. It’s obvious he could care less about what’s going on with this team or whether or not we win the division. I think Bondermann deserves a turn to try starting, and he’s looked sharp since being called back. Basically, I don’t even want to see Washburn pitch ever again… it makes me nauseous.

Yes, three double plays frustrate anybody… It looks like the Tigers don’t want to win this game.

I guess all we can do is cross our fingers and hold our breath for this game.

I’m hoping KC keeps fouling off a bunch of pitches to drive Washbum’s pitch count up. Then JL will look in his little guide book and see that he has no choice but to take him out because of his pitch count.

well that strikeout of Polanco was a giant bunch of crap. Should have runners on first and second right now. Get your head on ump.

Thanks Toronto for winning. At the very most we will lose a half game to Chicago.

How many inning ending DP’s is that today?

Ramirez with a triple and 0 outs. Can someone please start driving in some runs?

Are you freaking kidding three double plays, you guys grounded into three double plays. SHSHSHSHHHSHSTT. Unbelievable. Really bad. I am getting a headache from watching this. I feel like we are back in the middle of the season when we couldn’t score runs.

Three inning ending double plays in one game is bad, but three in four innings is horrible! They keep talking about not losing the division on the last day like ’06, but if they keep this up they will lose it much sooner.

Why are these comments so out of order? It drives me nuts.

Looks like the boys are pickin up a little steam.

It’s 3:46 on my computer. Let’s see where this comment ends up.

Washburn has not, nor does he look capable of, throwing well this year. This is a very important game and the Royals seem to be able to hit him hard–even their LHB are teeing off. If he can’t button down his game, management has to make a decision. There are too many compromises in the Tiger lineup to compound with another in the rotation.

Good bat by Magglio.

Oh, Miggy, come on.

Well I’ve seen enough. Maybe it might be an idea to get the bullpen warmed up?
JL is one stubborn old coot.

The resignation in Washburn’s face is one that I am sure we all are pretty sick of seeing. He is one of the most boring pitchers to watch I have ever seen.
But, the pitching and umping aside. Our Tigers are playing poorly again. They have automatic outs in their lineup and whether JL believes it or not, they have lost momentum.

To me the pitching is only a small part of it here. (Although I am not thrilled AT ALL) THEY HAVE GROUNDED INTO THREE DOUBLE PLAYS THREE. THE APPROACH AT THE PLATE IS HORRIBLE. And like I have said over and over again this series as good as they looked in all aspects over the last three series – it has all gone by the wayside this series. I honestly think that they dumb down to the competition and don’t concentrate.

Come on Cabrera do what you are paid to do. Get Polanco and hopefully all of you in.

DON’T send Washburn back out there! Is JL nuts? We finally got back in the game.

MCab has had a good season but he has not realy had what I would cal a great one. There have been many times where a clutch hit would have turned the tide in a game where he has had a poor AB instead. This was certainly one of them. IMO, as good as he is, he is not an elite hitter just yet. A Pujols would have relished that opportunity.
Let’s see if Washburn can pitch at all. This inning he should be able to show something if he has anything at all to show.

Well, my first comment is hanging out there somewhere in space. But you have all said what I am thinking anyway. Today’s first run is a credit to another rookie Ramirez just like yesterday’s only run was due to the rookie Avila. So much for paying millions of dollars. At least this should be Washout’s last inning.

You are not paid to strike out and ground into double plays. Come on a guy that has that high of a batting average and so few RBI’s by comparison. Is it me or does he not come through in the clutch often enough.

Boy an actual ball to Polanco was a strike and yet this one to Pena which was an actual strike was called a ball. Amazing.

I may have to quit commenting here. I keep getting error messages or my comments just disappear. What is the problem. Has the net fallen asleep watching this game?

Okay, time to kick Yabuta.

Oh, Miner.

I wonder if the time zone we live in has anything to do with where the comments show up.

Consider Yabuta kicked.
Nice AB by Ramirez. Good job, young man.

It is time for Laird to contribute offensively.

I am having a hard time posting as well (I know it doesn’t look like it, but I have). Come on Tigers you need this one really bad, I know I do.

I know Raburn popped out there, but he actually showed a better approach for a sac fly that time.

Ramirez, after high stepping over the linebacker, headed back to his seat on the end of the bench. Santiago said “hey” and went to sit next to him, then a bunch of guys came over. Nice moment.

Bummer they couldn’t get a few more runs there. The way our pen has performed the last few days here in KC. (KC seems to have handled a good pen very well) I would of like to have seen at least one more. Although I am very happy we got the two to go ahead. COME ON PEN.

So if the bullpen can shut down KC the rest of the way, Washbum gets the win. If it happens, he owes every one of the starting 9 a steak dinner or something, because he definately does not deserve the win today.

So he took Ramirez out of the game?

Raburn to left, I know Rich you are thrilled with that.

Another poor AB with a man on 3rd. Raburn, should not be trying to lift one with first base open and the infield in. A hard hit ground ball has a pretty good chance of getting through. Polanco got a bad break on his hit to the right side–Butler made a nice play and so did Colon.
Even though Everett came through I would have PH for him with Huff or Avila–or even Santiago. Paid off though.
Miner in now and I always worry when he is brought in.

crap Miner.

I guess Washburn won’t get the win after all. He and Miner make quite a combination.

They need to take Miner out right now—it will only get worse from here.

Only allowed to be happy for about two seconds a homer and a stinking walk. Terrific.

Ol’ Jim, he thinks if he runs Miner out there enough times, Zach will turn into a relief pitcher. So much for putting a guy into a position to succeed.

Oh no… That’s why our guys must use all opportunities

It’s gettin’ worse all right.
I don’t see a guy like Miner getting out of this mess unscathed.

shut up already about Billy Butler Rod really sick of it. Since when did he become Pujols anyway. Maybe Billy Butler should of been walked anyway and just take your chances against the next guy. DANG. What happened to this pen. IS KC really that good???

Question: at what point do you bring on Miner in relief?
Answer: Never.
Protect Leyland from himself. Trade Miner. Otherwise Jim will keep on running him out there and complaining when it doesn’t work out. That’s just stupid.

NOW Cabrera gets the hit.

Rod just said he has been consistent in calling that strike pitch that Ordonez just struck out on. Lets clarify that just a little. He has been consistent in calling Tigers hitters out on it. To KC hitters it has been a ball.

Should be bases loaded an nobody out right now, maybe even a run scored. Nice Ump – Good job, thanks your terrific.

Oh, for chrissakes.

Nice Curtis, you were right on cue there. Let a pitch go right down the middle, swing at a ball out of the strike zone, and then either strike out or ground out to second. TYPICAL TYPICAL TYPICAL.

So Cabrera strands 4 runners then gets a hit. His BA sure looks nice. Then JL takes Ramirez (2 hits) out of the game and guess who comes to bat against a LH pitcher? Curtis (no hits vs a LH pitcher) Granderson. What a manager!

Looking at this KC team I cannot believe that they have lost a game all stinking year. They hit, they have pitchers that are unhittable and these are their AAA and spot starters doing all of this. Oh wait a minute – we just suck.

And now Miner again. He has faced 9 batters and got 3 out?

I dont understand keeping Miner going after the walk following the HR. two more hits that inning and another run was it. Bringing him out to start another innings asking for further trouble.

Boy bases loaded an nobody out, the Tigers are the only ones that don’t score in this situation. What is going on???

Further trouble? How about bases loaded with no outs? It will be an absolute miracle if they don’t score runs here.

Unfortunately, bullpen is worst in this series. Nobody did his job fine, except Nate, may be…

Although I will say in Ni’s defense some of those pitches were called strikes aginst Tigers hitters. Coincidence?? I think not. Yes I am saying I think that we are getting the shaft.

Again in Bonines defense. Two of those pitches againt Bloomquist were called strikes against Tigers hitters and balls to the KC hitter?????? And I am not even saying both of them were strikes, I am saying they were called differently.

Nice job by Bonine in a very bad situation. Even getting Billy (Pujols) Butler with the bases loaded. You know, the Tigers have about 10 starting pitchers and few good relief pitchers. How do you all feel about a few trades over the winter to build up the bullpen. They don’t need 10 starters especially when they have to use a Miner in relief.

How many times is this pitching coach going to go out there. There thought there were limits on this??


Now 4 double plays. I think that is it fans. One inning to score 3 runs assuming the bullpen can hold KC. Shades of 2006. Swept by KC again. Are we done playing them this year? I wish.

Sadly, but this game is done. Sometimes I hate this team more than anything. I hope we’ll see good baseball at home.

Sorry Illiniofan we see them next week and the pitchers will be Tejada, DiNardo and probably Grienke. GOOD Luck Tigers. And while we are playing Toronto and KC Minnesota will be playing Oakland and Cleveland at home.

Don’t give up, sklant😉 I think all of us thought that Tigers will be swept by Rays. But things went another way. Of course today we saw bad game. So, it is the reason to play better tomorrow😉

Magglio got a big ball don’t lie there, it wasn’t a strike. Ump

Boy 5 double plays

WOW! It is so funny :))) this fifth DP
It is sold

1 game we got beat, two we beat ourselves. Slip sliding away!!!! Hope they decide to play at home.

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