Count out Guillen as a switch-hitter for this year

As late as a couple weeks ago, there was at least some hope on Carlos Guillen's part that he might be able to bat from the right side at some point this year, though it was more his hope than that of the club. That hope now appears to be gone. Guillen said Wednesday he's no longer working on switch-hitting again. It isn't feeling right, and he's worried that if he pushes too hard, he could re-injure the shoulder and leave himself unable to bat left-handed, too. He's tempted to try it eventually for one at-bat if a left-handed pitcher comes in to face him, but I don't think that temptation is going to overrule caution.


Good plan, don’t push it. I would rather have him only against righties than not at all.

Geez–how crappy can Miner throw the ball with 2 strikes? All due respect to the folks that actually like Miner but his value IMO rests in his trade value and not his pitching.
Granderson up with a lefty coming in. That’s about a 5% probability.
Non-clutch hit by MCab—frustrating.

Bye Zach—see you next time we are behind by 7 runs in the 3rd inning.

Critical game and we get to bring in a AAA pitcher. Great pennant-contending strategy.

Bonine did OK but the fact that we don’t have better alternatives in the pen is a bit disconcerting.
I don’t doubt Hillman will hesitate to bring in Soria in the 9th if the tying run gets on.
Better get some PH this inning or I will go ballistic.

Well I may as well give up as JL apparently has.
He lets Laird AND Everett hit here?

I have to take that back–I actually thought there was a RHP on the mound. My bad.

KC might get away with it but this would be the time to bring in a RHP with Polanco, Ordonez and MCab coming up.

Raburn and Ordonez better be careful with their mult-hit games. JL could pul them when they get a could of hits like he did with Thames and Ramirez.
Very poor pitching today. And very poor hitting with runners on.

Oh-Oh—3 lefties are throwing against us for Toronto.

I will say it again here, they beat themselves in two out of three games. I will hand it to Tejada yesterday, but they beat themselves. Can anyone say slip sliding away???

I didn’t like the homeplate umpire, I didn’t like our managing and, since the site crashed on me, I didn’t like posting during the game either.
Leyland may be great with the players on a daily basis, but he’s terrible at game management. He sticks with his guidebook (I like that term), and ends up overmanaging himself into a loss. One of his big problems is a failure to recognize the emotional aspect of young men playing a game. Not too high not too low may be a good way to approach a season, but not a game. He should have never pulled Ramirez when he was having a game like that. We already had the cards stacked against us, but JL pushed it over the top.
I think I”m the only one here that likes Miner, Dan, but only in a starting role. He’s a terrible relief pitcher, and I wish we’d trade him so JL would quit trying to turn him into one. That’s just plain dumb. It’s hard to believe that JL doesn’t see this.
Does anyone think Ordonez should start every game now? Does anyone think Washburn can’t help us with that bad knee? Does anyone think JL should quit managing so darned much? Does anyone think Lyon should be in more games?
Okay, that’s enough ranting from me. We got a 3-3 road trip in a very odd way, and need to get back home. Any momentum gained from the Rays series is gone and we’re back to square one, which is depending on the chasing teams to lose half of their games. That will probably work, but if anyone thought we’d dance into the playoffs, they’ve got another thing coming. They’re going to drive us nuts right down to the last few games. More than likely, the Twin will win a bunch of games this week and so will we.

Besides Butler able to hit us with his eyes closed, this series showed up our bullpen deficiencies against lefties in a huge way. Ni and Seay are not getting it done lately and Rapada needs to be called up. Apart from that horror night against the Yankees with his HR to Swisher following Porcello’s, his figures have been good.
He has given up 4 HR’s in 104 IP the past two seasons at ML and AAA with this years AAA figures of 45.2 IP, 2.76 ERA, 1 HR (to a righty also) and a 2.20 ERA against lefties.
His 2 for 24 (8.3%) for RISP last year for the Tigers from 21.1 IP surely was not a fluke.
Unfortunately our bullpen has started to come apart now the players are realising how close they are to a pennant.

So the Tampa Bay party turned into a 3 day hangover. The dayoff sure hurt us big time.
After being lucky and pulling all the right strings the previous series, JL’s continuous management turned into momentum killers with the revolving door dugout.
There were some positives from the series – the callups have been great, our hitting is more consistent and Raburn has become an alternate leadoff to Curtis who was killing us previously against lefties.

Good points, Dave. I forget who said it, but Raburn actually does seem to track the ball better in centerfield. I played all three outfield spots and I always thought it was easier to play center. Anyway, since Granderson is an automatic out against lefties, we may as well go with Raburn in those spots. But skipper, when you finally do insert Grandy, don’t automatically put Raburn in a corner outfield position. Let’s think a little here. And Granderson……..instead of being an ambassador for MLB this winter, he needs to assign himself the task of learning to hit lefthand pitching. His personal appearances will dry up if he becomes a part time outfielder for the Detroit Tigers. That’s harsh, but I’ve got to call it as I see it.
Again, Leyland needs to take a step back and just breathe. He can verbally tell players to remain on an even keel, but it won’t take if he’s seen to be managing like it’s the 7th game of the World Series. Actions truly do speak louder than words. If you decide to start a Wilkin Ramirez, great, but let him play the entire game. If Thames is your DH, let him remain DH for the day. I just believe that the more moves a manager makes, the more opportunities there are for them to backfire. Especially in a series with a team like KC, you don’t have to counter every move their manager makes. You supposedly have the superior talent, so run with it.
And yes, I still think we’re going to win this.

Yes, I think Ordonez should be starting every game and Clete used off the bench. Clete gets into ruts and needs to sit now and then.

I was shocked with Jasons recent article that despite his .257 avge against lefties, Everett has the most RBI’s with 22. Maggs, Cabbs, Polly are our three players that justify being everyday starters (I will leave Inge’e clutch stats and overall hitting figures to another day) – Maggs is 26 of 66 (.393) against righties since July.
I would be interested to know if Rodney was aware JL was thinking of using him early to get some use. My feeling is he didn’t know and it was a classic JL whim of the moment decision. Hard to fathom having just given him a day off, at the beginning of a 13 game stretch and every win seemingly needing the closer.
The bullpen usage levels the past month, excluding todays game are Miner 16 IP – 3.94 ERA; Perry 14.1 IP – 4.40 ERA; Rodney 12.1 & 3.65; Seay 11.1 & 3.97 and Lyon 11 IP & 2.45 ERA.
I can hear Rich scream now about Lyon.

I know Dan, Inge looked like a garbage dump in his AB’s today. But I say this, not in a spiteful tone at all. When’s it’s all said and done, Inge probably has more clutch RBI’s and game winning hits than Miggy. Cabrera has one more HR, 10 more RBI’s ,and two much better knees. I am truly in awe of Cabrera’s raw hitting talent, but he has not come through in those pennant race truly, clutch moments. So in spite of Brandon’s garbage moments, he’s probably come closer to earning his 6M than Miggy has to earning his 20M. This beloved team of mine has decided to torment me all the way to the very end. Oh, to once again see “Taters” Lary beat the Yankees on a doubleheader Saturday, with Dizzy saying, “Kaline slud into third base. Some really good baseball; some fantastic memories.


Greg ol’ buddy, I share your memories, but stick with us here. Today’s game is pretty darned good too, and the style of play is improving, IMO.
Does anyone watch much of the MLB Network? It’s hard to get to it when we’re busy watching the Tigers, but that is a really high quality sports show. I was just watching Dan Plezac discuss Brad Lidge’s troubles, and they cut away to live action of Lidge pitching in an 8-2 game in Washington. Plezac analyzed everything from pitch location to Lidge’s mind set. Really good stuff. I’ve seen umpteen thousand baseball games but there’s always something new to learn. The MLB Network has to be the best sports channel going, of all the sports.
Okay Dave, I’m screaming. Well not really, those numbers don’t surprise me. Somehow, Lyon has fallen into a closer’s type role as a setup man. JL doesn’t seem to use him unless we have a lead. One way or another, JL more often than not ends up playing L-R matchups and fails to use his most reliable pitcher from the pen. Lyon’s new cutter neutralizes the lefthand hitters so matchups aren’t necessary with him. Plus he can pitch multiple innings when needed. Between the L-R matchups and always managing tomorrow’s game today, JL is just missing the boat in his sparse use of Lyon. There’s 3.5 weeks to go, skipper, let’s bust out our big weapons. Please?

I have MLB Network and love it. I have to chuckle sometimes the way we complain, well, some of us complain about the Tigers hitting, fielding, errors, miscues, etc. Just watching some of those other teams and seeing some of the most miserable fielding, running of bases and lousy pitching makes me in awe of the Tigers. However, sometimes you see really good teams, smashing the ball all over the field for hits, snazzy fielding and great managing and I think how would the Tigers ever beat a team like that.

Still, it felt demoralizing to get swept by the Royals. Ugh!

Rich – yes – Maggs should be the regular starter again, he is hitting lots of base hits these days and having someone on base is big right now. Us batting them in is another issue after yesterdays fiasco. And I think too we should see more of Lyon.

OK boys – my husband is for some reason a Jays fan – let me get some bragging rights this weekend – I plan on making a bet for some type of household chore and want to win the bet!

Yes, I too think at the end we’ll be on top of our division.

The guys on MLB Network seem to be enjoying themselves as much as we fans. Between the MLB Network and XM Radio and DirecTV, no wonder my husband thinks I watch/listen to baseball too much. He’s not a fan but he’s starting to watch with me now and then, so that means fewer honey-do’s get done. I should be careful what I wish for..Sometimes I still can’t believe my ears when the sports talk shows mention Detroit is probably going to the post season. Not used to hearing that in my lifetime. Enjoy!!! – JP

I just hope the situation with Brandon doesn’t deteriorate further. His hitting is largely unproductive and his physical condition is limited. Perhaps he comes around and really contributes but if worse comes to worse what is Leylands back-up plan? I don’t actually think he has one. Santiago? Raburn?
This is why I continually harp on getting Huff some reps at 3rd. Huff can playa there but if we stumble into the playoffs and Inge can’t answer the bell—then what?

I concur righty lefty I don’t know how you can leave Maggs out of the lineup?? He although not hitting anything more than a single – frankly he is hitting and that is more than I can say about most!! Raburn is hitting can’t leave him out. This is crunch time now guys and you have got to have your best in there. Curtis should never hit against a lefty – and guys I think someone said it yesterday we are facing three lefties this weekend. The dude cannot get on base to save his life.

Stay with what’s working… keep the team going up up up.. they don’t have a tremendous amount of room and need something positive to happen soon.

Buz –

It’s very difficult to draw up a 9-man lineup when you only have about 4 hitters to work with. All you can do is hope one of the other guys is having a good night then LEAVE HIM IN THERE. Thames has been having good ABs for a week now and Ordonez has become a hitting machine. Raburn is hitting too. Of course, with the Toronto lefties going this weekend we’ll see those guys anyway. Here’s another thought: Huff can hit southpaws. He always has. I doubt he’s ever been in a strict platoon.

PS I love the MLB Network – at least it isn’t a network geared toward the east coast, and all they talk about are the Stinking Yankees and the even stinkier Red Soxs.

I remember when MLB Network launched, they said their goal was to cover all teams equally. You don’t get that anywhere else.
So Leyland calls Washburn’s outing the silver lining of the day? What does that mean? They’re not trying to spin that as a good start, are they? 5 innings, 7 hits, 3 walks, 3 ER, and 105 pitches. Was it good because he didn’t give up six runs and several homers? The dude is damaged goods and has hurt us more than helped. He’s on track to make his name legendary in Tiger lore. Any trade for a pitcher will be met with “I hope this isn’t another Washburn.” Move over, Nate Colbert. We don’t have the offense to overcome this kind of pitching. He’s only here for two months so either get your act in gear or take a seat, bud. Just what we need, another starter that can’t be relied upon. He can fly back to Seattle now as far as I’m concerned. He’s in line for one of the Metrodome games, isn’t he?

You got it Rich, on track to pitch next Sunday. Yikes. Boy when I first heard about the trade, I was thrilled. Well that came to a crashing halt real quick. Although yesterday wasn’t super fantastic, it wasn’t a complete disaster. In my opinion the downfall of yesterday was 5 FREAKING DOUBLE PLAYS THAT THEY GOT THEMSELVES INTO. And lets not forget about the pen, Washburn actually left with the lead.

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