Tigers won't face Halladay on Monday

Not only will the Tigers miss out on Zack Greinke Thursday, now they won’t face Roy Halladay during their upcoming four-game wraparound series against the Blue Jays, who are pushing back Halladay a day to give him extra rest. So instead of a Verlander-Halladay showdown Monday, David Purcey will start for Toronto instead.

It could still backfire for the Tigers, who have certainly had mixed results against left-handed pitchers and have to then put out a lineup without Carlos Guillen and maybe without Curtis Granderson as well. Still, twice in a week, against a team in a playoff chase? What must the Twins be feeling right now?


No kidding, the Twins must not like this one bit. Wow.
Well, maybe this is our payback for September of 2007. We were chasing Cleveland and had a one game makeup with Toronto…………..and drew Halladay. Talk about bad luck. But, we scored 4 in the 9th for the most exciting walkoff of that season.
Too bad, though, I was looking forward to that matchup.
GK, Avila hasn’t caught Verlander yet. JL didn’t want to do it earlier and that’s obviously still the case. I’m always okay with Laird getting the start, but I’m a defense nut.

At least JV wont now have it in the back of his mind – he would have been pumped!!
Tonight is not going to be easy and definitely one you need to stay focused for.

Wow thats good. We are going to the game on Monday and although I was looking forward to seeing him pitch, I am even more glad I won’t have to see him. Does that make sense??

I have mixed feelings about the above. Frankly, I’d just as soon see the Tigers play with and against the best. They will have to eventually and it would be a playoff atmosphere. They seem to play their best against the best…at least in the past month or so and that is a good thing.

Frankly, I’m starting to hate the Royals. The Tigers ought to be ashamed of themselves for letting last night’s game slip away and barely able to keep alive so far. I was so hoping to see them go on an 8 or 9 game run.

Well, we’re still in the game, but the Tiger sure need to start putting some runs on the board.

I suppose they could if they can’t score any runs.

Look where my comment ended up. Weird.

Geez, if I am a major leage pitcher with a plus fastball I simply throw one above the letters to Clete. he seems to co-operate.
Offense can’t do this to their starters. i’m not sure what the mindset is but they seem to not go out and rip the ball when Verlander and Jackson are on the mound.
I guess it is hindsight but maybe Cabrera should have been less unselfish in hitting the ball to the right side. Great job of hitting but what’s the point if the rest of the club can’t be counted on to bring the run home?
Huff hit the ball well but he needed to get some lift and it never looked like he was going to be able to do that.
Actually, yes it was hindsight!

Tigers look like a bunch of losers tonight. Could they look any more pathetic.

This is a very important game. In terms of confidence building it is huge. if they get beat twice by the lowly Royals they will lose a game in the standings to both the Twins and the Chisox and they will start to doubt themselves. Rightfully so.
Everyone loves defense but how long can Inge, Laird and Everett be compensated for? Inge hits a big one every now and then but let’s face it–how much is clutch and how much is luck?
Laird is lost and Everett is hitting to his capabilities. Throw in an impotent Granderson and you have 45% of your lineup not delivering pretty consistently.
This, I repeat, is a big game for the Tigers.

Butler kills us and Seay is ineffective again. So long Justin. Nice effort but your offense let you down again.

Last night’s game bothers me more than tonight’s simply because Kansas City pitching has been good tonight. We made mistakes last night and should have won. Tonight, we just aren’t hitting and getting runners in. At least, so far.

I swear to god if Rod doesn’t stop this gushing love of Billy Butler I think I am going to blow a gasket. He is so freaking annoying. My god try routing for your own team for a second, and shut about about billy butler.

GRANDERSON needs to get a different approach. Every single at bat of his is exactly the same. He looks at a pitch right down the middle, has a weak swing against a breaking ball, fouls off a pitch maybe and then strikes out. It is the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It gives me a headache. TAKE SOME BATTING PRACTICE AND LOTS OF IT, LEARN HOW TO HIT, AND STOP KILLING THE TEAM. HELL STOP KILLING ME.

I can’t believe the lackluster bats, unless its a tip of the hat for not facing Greinke in KC, but come on, baseball is baseball, this isn’t little leage.
only thing that has gotten my goat this whole season, and on the “ya gotta be kidding me!”, walk that darn Butler kid!!!
He’s got to be our kryptonite, like PUJOLS is to the NL!
I’d be throwing my cleats in the locker room tonight, yelling at them guys… wake up!.. this is a pennant race, we got to win these games… NY and Boston aren’t going to ***** foot around for us!… ugg! I am tired of all these weak at bats.

Bouncing ball back up the middle. How many times have we heard that tonight.

The thing that bothers me most is the turnaround of momentum. This loss (if it end up that way—and it looks pretty probable), is going to be a psyhcological hurdle for the club to get around.
We are alsmot certain to deal with a Twin reviaval and possibly one from the Chisox—if we lose these games to KC and then maybe Toronto we are in in big trouble when we need to deal with the contenders.
Should have let Rodney just relinquish the role to Lyon when he is pitching so well and take his medicine and take his 3 game suspension right now. The decision to appeal may turn out to be a mistake.

This is why last night was so important to hold onto. I knew that coming into this game this Tejada was on a roll, and it would be difficult. I certainly think that they dumb themselves down sometimes. But come on guys they shouldn’t be getting at the minimum two out of three games from you. That is unacceptable. As good as they looked over the last week, it a distant memory.

Why in God’s name Magglio isn’t in the lineup is a real question mark to me. I don’t get it. I guess Clete is supposed to execute and if he doesn’t there isn’t anything the manager can do.

Congratulations – looking good Tigers. Like I said earlier as good as they looked over the last week and a half – they look that bad over the last two days. Great Job. I know you can’t win them all and frakley I think that they come up against a pitcher on a great roll, I am more mad about last night. That is what ticks me off. Tomorrow a triple AAA call up – and Washburn – well lets just say it doesn’t look good for us. GOD I hope I am wrong but that is how it has gone so far.

How ugly was that. Waht are they going to do about Granderson? He is as close to impotent at the plate as laird is and refuses to acknowledge that he needs to hit to the off field or bunt. The time he has hit to the off field (as recently as yesterday) have resulted in a modicum of success. Very disturbed with him and Laird and Inge. If these guys don’t contribute offensively we are going to have a heckuva time winning ghtis thing.

See, the guy from Kansas City just said “spoilers”. That’s what they do. They excel at making good teams look like fools occasionally.

What a PATHETIC,PATHETIC DISPLAY OF HITTING. This has been going on all year long. Add in JL’s poor game management and what do we have you guessed it another loss. Why was Seay allowed to pitch to a right handed batter after he had just walked a lefty? Rodney in the 8th? This guy should not be re-signed at the end of the year. He is a diaster waiting to happen. In the 5th we have the lead off batter on and instead of Santiago bunting him along JL let’s him swing away for an out. I fear this is the beginning of a losing streak, when we can least afford it. In addition any hope of Verlander winning the Cy Young went bye-bye tonight.

Well boys and girls, the fun is over and now it’s back to the grind. We have a 6-2 September and have knocked about a week off the calendar, during which we haven’t lost any of our lead. That’s the good news. If there is bad news, it’s in those “if the Tigers go 13-12, the Twins have to go 19-5 and Chicago 141-2” or whatever it is. That sounds good, but we have to play those guys ourselves and make those numbers crunch in our favor. The grind. There’s no dancing to the division title. I don’t think momentum plays into this, as Leyland has drilled that concept out of this team’s mind.
Tonight, I thought Tejeda was superb. I have to wonder why Trey Hillman hasn’t had him starting sooner. He made us look weak. By the time Farnsworthless came in, our collective heads were spinning. We did force them to use Soria, so that may come into play tomorrow. Verlander wasn’t as sharp as normal and that effected his pitch count, although he was as effective as usual.
I agree that I’d rather see Cabrera pushing the issue instead of trying to move the runner to third. That’s admirable, but Miggy has to realize he’s about 50% of this offense and take the bull by the horns. On the other hand, you have to think Huff will get that run in, as his reputation suggests.
I’m keeping on eye on Clete Thomas to see how he handles the September pressure. So far, not so good. Like I said earlier, it may be time to use the guys with pennant race experience. Clete’s my boy, but it may not be his time yet.
Granderson at lead off, getting all those extra ABs, is killing us. It doesn’t appear that he will turn this around this season.
Bringing in Rodney, obviously just to get some work, was bound to fail as far as winning this game goes. It still amazes me that our best relief pitcher, Brandon Lyon, is used so sparingly. Leyland makes all the standard managerial moves and in so doing, achieves all the standard results. My guess is that some fool club will offer Rodney some gigantic sum of money and we’ll need to get Lyon signed to our side. How about we get him a little more work so he doesn’t end up leaving too?
There’s a very real possibility that we’ll be swept here in KC, so be prepared. It won’t be the end of the world, but just another chapter in this ongoing race.

Wow, what a lackluster game last night. Too bad, once again JV did a great job, albeit he pitched a ton and gave up a lot of hits, he got out of his jams and deserved better than a loss on this one. He sure is funny to watch pitch – so fidgety and ready to go the minute he gets the ball.

We win some, we lose some, it just gets magnified this time of the year. I would like to see a huge cushion before we face the Twins and the Sox.

And why did we continue to pitch to Butler? He was our Tiger killer again – don’t give him the chance by giving him anything near the strike zone if you ask me. Other teams do it to Miggy, we shouldn’t allow Butler to hit at all today.

Going 1-2 at this point is huge. Washburn needs to come out ready today. No first and second inning meltdowns. It is almost imperative that the Tigers score first. At least Brandon Lyon is fresh. I’m OK with FR pitching last night if you get my drift. Went to bed 2-0 with what I considered a pretty boring game, with hopes of waking up to a 3-2 comeback……….oh well.

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