Dombrowski on Magglio: "It all speaks for itself"

Magglio Ordonez now needs 23 more plate appearances this year to trigger his $18 million contract option for next year, and it’s just about certain he’ll get that. Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski hasn’t commented on the matter, and didn’t want to talk about the contract Tuesday, but he essentially acknowledged that what you see is what you get.

“It all speaks for itself, what’s taking place at this point,” Dombrowski said.

This came on the heels of remarks from manager Jim Leyland to various reporters, most recently ESPN’s Peter Gammons, that nobody in the front office has talked to him about Magglio’s contract situation. In other words, he’s free to play Ordonez based on the quality of his play, and his .284 average through Tuesday is 20 points higher than it was a month ago.

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Maggs has worked his way back to being a regular player, although I question taking him out last night. Leyland made some great replacements over the weekend, but not so great last night – I too thought they were a bit early in the game to be making those type of changes. Plus if they were going to do a sub, I figured they would put in someone to pinch run for Miggy in the 9th inning, could have used more speed if we had hit a double at that at bat.

Rough night, but we can’t win them all. Why is it that we struggle against this silly KC team? Lots of hits given up last night and a few misplays in the field – wind must have been swirling or something – they all seemed to be struggling, even KC on a few plays. Anyone else totally surprised with that catch Maggs made?

We didn’t lose any ground though, so a loss when the other teams lose at this point in the season is a bit easier to swallow. I think they’ll have their game back tonight. And good for you Maggs, I fully support you gaining your option if it means you are contributing to the post season!!!

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