Galarraga out, Robertson in

ST. PETERSBURG – After Sunday’s come-from-behind 5-3 win,
Jim Leyland’s starting rotation shrunk from six to five.

Coming off a Saturday outing when he gave up six runs in
just 2 1/3 innings of work, the Tigers’ skipper announced that Armando
Galarraga was going to be used out of the bullpen and Nate Robertson would continue
to be a starter.

Sunday starter Edwin Jackson will be given an extra day of
rest and start on Saturday, and Robertson will go in the series opener against
the Blue Jays on Friday.

How long Robertson will go on as the starter is still
unknown, but Leyland isn’t looking at it as a one-shot deal.

“I am thinking Galarraga is out of the rotation and maybe
Nate can go on,” Leyland said. “I’m hoping [Robertson is] pretty fresh, and
that can be big for us. But I’m not going to start Galarraga at this time.”

Galarraga, battling some right elbow inflammation, was
originally slated to start for Triple-A Toledo on Friday but started in the big
leagues on Saturday so Jarrod Washburn could rest his balky left knee.

Leyland said prior to Sunday’s game that he didn’t think
anything was physically wrong with Galarraga, but after he gave up four hits
and three walks and threw 54 pitches before even getting out of the third, he
knew it was time to make a change.

“I just don’t think things are totally right,” Leyland said.
“At this juncture, I’m not planning on starting him – at this juncture. But
saying that, maybe a little more rest, we can tinker around in the bullpen a
little bit there, depending on Washburn. We’ve still got some things up in the
air, so I can’t set anything in stone, but my intention right now is not to
start him.”

— Alden Gonzalez


Hope everyone is having a nice holiday. I’m back home, just in time for……… baseball.
Yesterday’s game must have been one of those where you curse all the way through it, then celebrate at the end. I haven’t looked at it yet, but I’ll probably bring up the archive later tonight and at least look at selected parts.
Regarding the mini-discussion about posting comments during games, the reason I rarely do that is because I’m watching on my TV and I’d miss too much of the action if I was typing on my computer, which is in the other room anyway. My laptop has problems with this blog for some reason. I don’t see anything wrong with making in-game comments if there’s something worthwhile to say. I will agree that it’s kind of funny when a comment on a single event in a particular game somehow translates into doom for the entire season, but I don’t see much of that. The only real downside is that the blog server seems to have problems with a large number of comments, at least on my end it does. I wish that could be fixed.
I’m glad they’re taking the Galarraga issue seriously. Something is wrong and I don’t know what. The fact is, they can’t be experimenting with pitchers in September. I like Armando but I’m hoping that Bonderman can be back in the rotation next season. He looked pretty sharp Saturday night.
We’re in a good position right now, but one of those clubs is going to make a run. It can’t be both of them because they play each other too much, but one of them can and probably will. There are still going to be some humongous games to be played down the stretch. You need look no further back than 2007, when Cleveland had a good week in late August/early September and it was the Tigers who spent the next two weeks trying to catch them. They got within 4.5 going into Cleveland for three games, but got swept. I’ll never forget it because I drove up to Cleveland and attended all three games. I’m still mad at Cameron Maybin for trying to go from 2nd to 3rd on a grounder to shortstop in the 10th inning of the opener. Anyway, I expect either Minnesota or Chicago to make it warm for us before it’s over.

I just finished watching the 8th and 9th innings from Sunday’s game. It’s all I had time for, as it seemed to last forever. The Tigers have had excellent ABs late in games this series, but I was particularly impressed with Thames. On that 2-2 pitch down and in, I’ll bet he swings and misses that 90% of the time, but he took it for ball three. He’s done a heck of a job pinch hitting. I’d hate to see him go, but it’s hard for me to believe there’s not an NL team that couldn’t use him as a pinch hitter and spare outfielder. Ordonez came up big again too. Looks like Maddon was trying to squeeze the last drop out of his bullpen but nothing worked for him this weekend. The Rays appear done.

Missed all the games against the Rays. Been missing quite a few lately but will be starting back tomorrow.
Did watch the condensed vrsion of the 3 victories and some of the things I noticed on warp speed were that Lyon seems ready to close, and Rodney will be watched closely if Jl is smart.
Also Huff is hitting the ball well. As is Polanco who just comes up with big hits.
MCab is really learning how to play 1st base as the season progresses–he naturally left some balls close to him go realizing that it was better for him to get to the bag and let Placido use his Gold Glove, That’s nice to see.
Also Ramirez is really impressing me with his enthusiastic base running- that slide the other day was an absolute thing of beauty.

Well, I took a week off of work, although basically stayed home, but I also took a break from the computer, so I just spent my lunch hour reading all the posts! Did I miss something – where is Jason at?

What an incredible sweep of the Rays – didn’t see that coming – and all of it so dramatic. What is with our guys getting go ahead runs in the top of the 9th! I don’t care when the go ahead runs come, but what fun that was to watch!

Tip of the hat to Leyland, he gets a lot of blame, but he should get a lot of credit for making the substitutions he made, and of course the guys pulled through which is necessary too! Magglio sure is hitting more – albeit much less power, but hits are hits. And I was impressed with the Marcus walks – those can be huge and were. And I couldn’t be happier for Brandon, I am sure he is hating how he is struggling, so to hit a grand slam is just terrific for him. By the way, anyone see the nice piece on ESPN about him?

Well, I have to eat my words – I am now a fan of Lyon and fully admit I was wrong back in April and May when I said I was leary of him – he has been solid for us. And to be corny – I loved seeing the gum time again!!

What fun this next month is going to be – scoreboard watching, every game so darn important! You can see the guys are pumped and are doing their best to support terrific outings by the pitching staff.

One more comment – terrific throwing by Laird against the Rays – he needs to stay in there this next month, with pinch hitting by Avilla – Avilla has the better bat, but at least against running teams, we need GMoney there (isn’t that what Rod calls him?)

Just read about Rodney’s suspension. Ridiculous. Guys have been given less for PED use for crying out loud.
At least Lyon is on his game now and I think I have to give Leyland some credit for easing him into the role as he anticipated this outcome with MLB.
IMO, a suspension of this sort that does not occur during the course of a game and does not have a potential effect on the outcome of the game does not warrant a player suspension. A fine, yes. A steep fine, if you want to pursue the ridiculous, yes. But suspending a player and punishing his whole team for a very minor incident is absurd. Especially in a pennant race. MLB executives should be ashamed of themselves on this one.
I am actually stunned with this decision.

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