Kelly recalled from Triple-A; other moves

ST. PETERSBURG — The Tigers made Armando Galarraga’s addition to the active roster official on Saturday, recalling him from Triple-A Toledo so he can start later tonight. Along with Galarraga, the club called up Don Kelly from the Mud Hens.

In 19 games for the Tigers this year, Kelly hit .250 (12-for-48) with three RBIs. In Triple-A, the 29-year-old raked, hitting .331 with a .404 on-base percentage and .869 OPS in 105 games. Kelly also added six home runs, 40 RBIs and 27 stolen bases.
Kelly played everywhere but pitcher and catcher in Triple-A and gives the Tigers another lefty bat off the bench. 
Detroit also recalled first baseman Jeff Larish and transferred him to the 60-day disabled list. Larish, 26, is out for the year after right wrist surgery last week.
— Alden Gonzalez


I’ve been reading some comments on various sites, which I probably shouldn’t do. In the hope that people actually read what we write here, I’d like to make an announcement:
Rodney did NOT pitch in his 4th consecutive game last night. He did NOT pitch on Thursday. I believe Rod or Mario mis-spoke last night. Leyland would have been crazy to bring him in a 4th consecutive day and, while JL may be stubborn, he’s not crazy. I did think JL might have pulled him because he was so wild and Lyon was fresh, but I can understand letting the closer finish the game. It’s how they do it these days.
The reason Rodney won’t be used tonight is because he threw 35 pitches last night. We may not need a closer at all tonight but, if we do, I hope it can be Lyon.

Rich you are right of course. I did notice it last night when Rod and Mario were talking about him pitching on Thursday and of course he didn’t. I stick by what I said yesterday, I thought when the game was going on there maybe were some pitches that should of been called strikes and I still believe last night he was screwed. Although I do realize that Rodney can be a bit wild, last night he wasn’t, that is my opinion and I am sticking to it.
We got a win and that is all that matters.
6 up go Tigers.

I would like to see Kelly, Dlugach, or someone (not Raburn) play a few games at third base and sit Brandon Inge down for a few. His .166 avg since the all star break isn’t doing him or the Tigers any good at all. Brandon needs to sit down for a while. He’s killing the team at the plate.

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