Dontrelle to start Saturday for Toledo

Just found out that Dontrelle Willis will make one more rehab start for Triple-A Toledo, this one coming Saturday at Columbus. I don’t think the Mud Hens’ pitching situation had anything to do with it, since they slotted in Josh Rainwater to start Friday in what was going to be Armando Galarraga’s spot.

The Mud Hens season ends next Monday. I don’t know the plan after that.


Just curious, what happened to Aquilino Lopez..? i was wondering what he was doing this year and when i looked, saw that he has not played for a MLB team or a Minor League team this year.

Aquilino was non tendered by the Tigers in December, and landed with the Phillies organization last I heard.

I want absolutely no part of Dontrelle Willis, ever. He needs to go away.

So sorry to hear about Ernie – He is absolutely terrific and I will have him in my prayers.

Ernie has been such an inspiration in so many different ways, even now with his beautiful attitude, wow. It is amazing how a baseball announcer has touched so many people’s lives, isnt’ it?

There’s still time to show Ernie how you feel. A kind providence has left us a chance to say goodbye. Cards and letters can be sent here:
Ernie Harwell

c/o S. Gary Spicer Sr.

Attorney at Law

16845 Kercheval Ave.,

Suite 5

Grosse Pointe 48230

Aquilino Lopez is right now playing in South Korean league. Interestingly, his team is again Tigers though the full name of the team is KIA tigers, not Detroit. He is a starting pitcher now, and he is doing quite well. Now people are guessing that he may get serious offers from Japanese teams next year due to his successful season this year, which frequently happens to the impressive players in South Korea.

By the way, anyone remembers Cruceta? He is also playing in South Korean league. His team is Samsung Lions and he’s also a starting pitcher now. I once read his interview and it seemed that he got satisfied to have more chances there. He is getting a better season as a starting pitcher, but his performance is not as good as Lopez’s.


Would have been a difficult lineup choice against the righty Niemann who has a 3.08 ERA against lefties and a 4.52 against righties. Our righties though are 1 for 28 lifetime against him with 0 for 11 last week.
Clete and Huff have to play with their stats but I hate seeing in form Maggs on the bench with his .368/.457 the past month. Miggs is .217/.321 the past week and is 1 for 7 against Niemann. Seemed a great time to rest Miggs and go Huff at 1st and Maggs DH with Miggs pinch hitting late if needed.

Geez Curtis, way to put up a fight to start the game! 3 pitches and three strikes and a KO.

Too bad the umpire can’t figure out what a strike is. There were at least two pitches in that Longoria sequence that sure looked like strikes that the idiot called balls. Then a double. Thanks ump, Great job.

Once again the umpire gives TB a gift run. Verlander had Longoria struck out twice but each one was called a ball. Gameday clearly shows both pitches in the strike zone.

Another stellar at bat for Curtis.

This umpire is pissing me off. I am already making me so mad I am having a hard time watching this crap. What is he beating on the Rays. The calls that Verlander is getting versus those that Neimann is getting I just don’t get it.

Guess that’s why JL will never sit Miggs unless he is hurt.

Oh, boy! Is this a heck of a game.

I can’t bear the thought of Verlander losing this game.

My God, can Marcus get a hit?

Just a walk. Now we’ve got to watch Everett try and do something.

Run in!

This team!!! The clutch comes from the least expected.


This ump has been pure garbage.

Rodney is not sharp. They should have someone ready to come in if this 3rd straight guy reaches.

I can’t take this. Rodney doesn’t have it.

Usually I expect Rodney to allow a couple baserunners but know it’s going to be alright. Tonight was just plain scary.

Rodney, please throw strikes. Please!

Wouldn’t a double play here be nice?

OK, an X is good, too!

I never doubted Rodney for a minute. Right?!?!?!? Wow that was a little like having a heart attack. Another gutsy performance by JV. And as far as I am concerned he struck out Longoria in that second and there never would of been a run at all. Oh well it is a W on the board and that is all that matters and 1 more game on the Twins. Appearently it is possible to get a few runs on Pavano??? Amazing, I thought that he was Cy Young.
Good night

That was an outstanding hitting performance by nearly everyone that batted in the top of the 9th. Very nicely done. Just shows they do have it in them. I’ll admit I wasn’t happy with Thames hitting for Laird, but he had a good AB.
There were several opportunities to pull Rodney during the 9th, but JL passed on all of them. We’re fortunate to get this one. This is the same park where Rodney had his infamous blowup last August. Obviously Fernando knew it, as he hurled the ball into the stands after the last out. He’ll probably be fined for that.
On the downside, Inge is finding an amazing variety of ways to hit harmless balls into the air. He had a good approach for just under three months, but it’s all gone now. I suppose it could be his knees, but I have to think that swinging for the downs on every pitch has nothing to do with one’s knees. Come on, Brandon, you’re better than that. And I hope this comment isn’t construed as me being unhappy, as it’s not the case. We got the win, bottom line.
Six games up now. Anything can happen, but those aren’t the 2006 Twins chasing us. That was an excellent team, this one not so much. We can do this.

You got to love it with Rodney, never in doubt!?!?1? Man that ump was the worst for a long time.

My heart is still racing. I had to take the dog out just to have a break. What a game!

Thought Leland managed this game just right.

Well, Tiger fans, you have just been to Cedar Point. What a roller coaster ride you had in the bottom of the 9th. Millenium or Magnum anyone? Was that Todd Jones’ shadow behind the mound? Okay. If the Tigers can go 14-14 in their remaining games, the Twins have to go 21-7 and the WSox 21-5 to pass the Tigers. It looks a little better each day. Go Tigers!!!

Verlander was the second pick of the draft and Laird was the third catcher in Texas. Nobody knows about baseball

Ya know I thought that some of the pitch calls were crazy tonight if some of you didn’t hear me say that about 50 times tonight. But I thought even in the ninth some of the pitches that Rodney threw were pretty close to strikes if not strikes and if you go to gameday neither Bartlett of Crawford should of walked. So anyway I went through (in the name of fairness) through all the pitchers. Look at the pitches for Rodney and the ones for their pitchers and tell me that it wasn’t out of wack. In all fairness Rodney – was not that bad, but the umpire was. And I think that maybe that is why he was so frustrated at the end of the game. (at least one of the reasons.) He got jobbed on that.


Verlander could get 5 more starts so 20 wins is a possibility.
Magic #= 23🙂

Mike Reilly, in all fairness, lives in the same town I do. I know his wife. They are all Tiger fans. That’s Mike Reilly the umpire.

Another thing I noticed last night during the 9th inning when Rodney was having a rough time. Jim Leland was clearly upset and was speaking to Gene Lamont. Gene shook his head, like he was saying “don’t pull him.”

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