September 3rd, 2009

Dontrelle to start Saturday for Toledo

Just found out that Dontrelle Willis will make one more rehab start for Triple-A Toledo, this one coming Saturday at Columbus. I don’t think the Mud Hens’ pitching situation had anything to do with it, since they slotted in Josh Rainwater to start Friday in what was going to be Armando Galarraga’s spot.

The Mud Hens season ends next Monday. I don’t know the plan after that.

Washburn to be skipped, Galarraga to start

After Jarrod Washburn and Jim Leyland met to discuss his achy left knee, they agreed to have him skip a start. It isn’t going to be a cure for his knee, they both agreed, but Washburn said it helped him when they skipped him a turn in Seattle back in May.

“I got skipped once earlier in Seattle, and it quieted it down a little bit, so that the pain level was tolerable,” Washburn said. “So we decided to give it another try.”

It didn’t make the problem go away, Washburn said, but it made the pain more tolerable.

“Any doctor that’s seen it told me there’s probably some cartilage damage in there,” Washburn said, “so it’s probably not going to go away.”

So he’s scheduled to skip Saturday and start instead next Thursday, Sept. 10 at Kansas City. Washburn also took an anti-inflammatory shot in the knee Wednesday.

Taking his place Saturday will be Armando Galarraga, who was originally scheduled to make a start Friday for Triple-A Toledo. He’ll instead be recalled Saturday.