Washburn downplays sore knee

Jarrod Washburn wasn’t saying much about the situation with his knee Wednesday after an online report Tuesday night said he was pitching through knee soreness.

Washburn acknowledged the issue, but said it’s in his left knee, not his right.

“I don’t think that’s new news,” said Washburn, who added that it’s the same thing he’s been dealing with for four months since early in the season with Seattle.

Indeed, Washburn had a start pushed back in late May after feeling tightness above his left knee in his previous outing. He has been wearing a brace every time he pitches since then. Teammate Mike Sweeney told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer back in June that the knee “is killing him,” that he could barely walk between starts, but he hasn’t shown any trouble like that since he’s been here. He has been walking like a normal 35-year-old. And he has no tests or anything else scheduled.

“It’s the same knee [as before],” Washburn said at his locker. “Other than that, I’m not talking about it.”

Washburn and manager Jim Leyland talked Wednesday before the game.

It probably wouldn’t have popped up an issue had Washburn not struggled for most of his starts since the July 31 trade.


What a shame (MCab’s shot to RF). Got the run in but could have significantly more damaging.
Big break today in the 3 run rally in the 9th that ChiSox pulled ooff against Minny.

If you are the opposing pitcher how do feel when you get to our number 8 & 9 hitters?
Is there a word that means elated and thankful at the same time?

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