Granderson sits, Ramirez starts

With a left-hander on the mound and extra right-handed bats here thanks to the September call-ups, manager Jim Leyland took the opportunity to give Curtis Granderson the night off. Ryan Raburn started in center field, with Wilkin Ramirez getting the start in left. It sounds a lot like Aug. 4, when the Tigers called up Ramirez for a day and rested Granderson that night.


  1. Ryan Raburn, CF
  2. Placido Polanco, 2B
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Marcus Thames, DH
  6. Brandon Inge, 3B
  7. Wilkin Ramirez, LF
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Adam Everett, SS

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Grady Sizemore, CF
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  3. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  4. Jhonny Peralta, 3B
  5. Travis Hafner, DH
  6. Luis Valuena, 2B
  7. Andy Marte, 1B
  8. Michael Brantley, LF
  9. Wyatt Toregas, C

P: Aaron Laffey


Leaving for the game soon. I just got to say of first glance I am not really thrilled with the lineup. There is a whole lot of swingers and missers on that lineup.

Just looked at the numbers and while normally I would not disagree too much about resting Curtis. In two at bats that Curtis has against Laffey (and I know it is a small sampling) he has a walk and a hit????? I hope I am wrong.

The Tigers need to work on getting some runs on the board.

5 GIDP’s, 4 errors, a pick off and a base run out. Thank goodness the Indians have been more sloppy and the 2 sac flies the differnece.
Marcus – this is your moment!!

With bases loaded and 2 outs, I guess not…. Again!!

He’s just been awful at the plate.

Marcus is in real danger of being sequestered firmly on the very end of the bench.
Interesting outing for Porcello.

JL takes him out (and that absolutely is the right move).
That insurance run driven in by Ordonez might just be worht $18 M

This game is still too close for my liking.

I don’t want Maggs going anywhere. He’s getting back into the groove and we’ll need him down the line.

It’s a darn shame we left so many guys stranded or this could have been a blowout.

Ooooh—I hate to be pessimistic but the top of the order against Rodney does frighten me more than a bit.

Yep – 1 for 6 in RISP will always be a close game. We even turn blowouts into close games though.
I would keep going with Lyon given Rodney pitched over 30 again.

And it’s not even 9:30 pm. Fast game. Good game.

Yikes and Yeah.

Rodney is worthless. We should have traded him when we had the chance.

This is a very bad Indians team. Let’s see if we can sweep tomorrow with Nate hopefully going 6-7 innings with his pitch count increased. Otherwise it’s Miner, Ni, Perry and Lyon. If they have a decent lead, an appearance by Bondo may be in the making? Finally, 10 games above .500!


31 saves out of 32 attempts is worthless? When was the chance to trade Rodney? When they thought Zumaya was coming back strong, right? Everybody was booing Lyon for the first 2 months too. Baseball is a funny game and anything can happen on any given pitch.

With 9 hits, 4 walks, and 5 errors by the opposition, you’d like to get more than 4 runs but at this point I’ll take any win. We also hit into 3 DPs, so those grounders worked both for and against Laffey.
Porcello was incredibly effective tonight. I’m glad that we’ve gone back to Laird as the regular catcher, although Avila will get the start tomorrow. Normal day off for Gerald, I like it.
It seems to me that it’s taken most of the season for Ordonez to adjust to his power loss, but he’s become a good hitter again. Different, but still good. I think allowing him to vest falls under the category of Mr. Ilitch saying he’ll do whatever it takes to win. I’m sure he’d love to save the $18 mil but Maggs is helping the club win.
For tomorrow, I think Lyon and probably Seay are available. I’m still waiting to see Bonderman and that’s coming up soon. Hey skipper, how about giving Huff a start at firstbase and DHing Miggy? Let’s let the new guy get into some game flow a little. Nobody wants to be a fulltime DH.
The report on Washburn, which I passed on to this site, seems to be much ado about nothing much. Maybe he’ll have a good start away from Comerica this weekend.
Finally, I sure wish the FSN guys would ask intelligent questions. I’m tired of “how did it feel” and “how big/important was it”. We get our one shot per night of hearing with our own ears what JL has to say and Trevor York and Ryan Thompson and Mickey Field blow it everytime. A guy like Laird will give you good quotes regardless of the question, but JL will answer literally. “All the guys on the team are important.” Wow, what an insight. Dumb question, dumb answer. How would Bob Knight handle it? Can you imagine?

Rich, you weren’t at Comerica tonight were you?
Magglio with a 3 for 4 night at .281 now. The averages at least at the top and middle of the order are creeping up.
Would be great if Nate could get the win tomorrow. If Jarrod is going to stumble a bit here, plugging Nate into the rotation would be a possible solution.
There were some negative comments about Huff and Washburn a few days ago suggesting that they didn’t feel comfortable here or even that Washburn did not like it here. I can’t imagine that they both wouldn’t be grateful having a chance to play in the post season.
That’s a very good idea Rich to let Huff play some first base. Get him more involved and into the game. Give him a chance to contribute defensively.
Hope Jarrod can get his pitching form back.
I think the magic number is 26. Or to put it another way, if we go 15-15 the Twins would need to go 20-9 to win the Central, or 19-10 to tie.

About Thames. Before Laffey threw a pitch to Marcus, their coach came out to talk with Laffey. Then, if you were watching Gameday, Laffey threw 3 pitches to exactly the same spot. The upper outside corner. Thames took the first two for called strikes. He swung and missed at the third. What better evidence that they knew exactly where his weakness is at.
Meanwhile, the Tigers finally won a game when trying to reach 10 games over .500. With the WSox beating the Twins, the Tigers gained a game on the Twins. As Marty pointed out, just splitting the remaining 30 games will force the Twins to play ball at a .667 pace. Not impossible but very difficult.

Curtis Granderson should never again hold a bat with a left handed pitcher on the mound this season. He’s putrid. He’s literally the worst hitter in the league- in AVG and OPS, against LHP’s. THE WORST.
Adam Everett should never, ever bat against a Right handed pitcher. Never. Only Dioner Navarro is worse vs RHP’s. I get the whole thing with defense, but there is no amount of defense that compensates for how lousy certain hitters are in certain situations.
Brandon Inge needs to rest. He won’t like it, and that’s tough. He’s killing the team. Use Dlugach, call up Hessman, whatever-

All that being said, the Twinkies have 29 games left, 12 at home in that pit, and 17 on the road. It was really sweet watching Nathan give up two homers back to back with two outs in the ninth today, followed by two BB’s and Gardenhose comes out and yanks him, only to see Guerrier give up the winning run. Awesome.

Wilkin Ramirez- Sac Fly game winning RBI, single, and a BB
Magglio, 3 for 4 with an RBI- nice. Cabrera- they’re starting to avoid him. One for one, plus a sac fly rbi, and two BB’s.

Well Rich I think you hit the nail on the head on several points.
I was at the game last night and I can tell you for every error that Peralta made at third (3) he robbed us of a double down the line. He screwed up the routine and and made the spectacular?? Go figure. That to me is why we didn’t get more runs than 4. I did like for the most part how they were swinging the bats. No pathetic ones. Didn’t like that we grounded into 3 double plays. But I suppose if you have to give credit to Porcello for his you have to give it to Laffey for throwing the right pitch to induce it. I am just glad they won. .
Won’t be able to watch the game live today, with have to DVR it and watch it later. We play Tampa this weekend and Minnesota gets the Indians. It is important to get another game today.

Last nights win was apparently our 12th attempt to get back to the 10 win over mark we achieved for one game late June. It increasingly looks to be the benchmark that will get us to home plate.
Thought Dan might appreciate this one.
The odds are with the Tigers for today’s game hitting .275 and pitching 3.81 for day games with .275 / 3.68 at home. This compares with .250 / 4.37 for night games and .243 / 4.67 on the road.
Nate is pitching however so anything is possible.
The following road trip to Tampa will be tough comparing our .240 / 5.88 indoors up against the Ray’s .276 / 3.71.

You’re right Dave, I do!
I didn’t see Nate’s game but it read liked he pitch really well. If so, that backs up his last outing in Toledo where he was very sharp. Let us hope he is the new improved model now.
I think a lot of folks (baseball people too) figurd Porcello to wilt and fade. I’m not sure he is going to. He is so composed out there and seemingly unflappable. I expect further development will see him become more of a strikeout guy when he needs one. Sometimes takes a year or 2 for that to happen–it sure did with Verlander.
Waiting for the big hits to start coming from Huff. I am concerned with Inge myself but the guy keeps gutting it out and every now and then comes through. Makes it tough for JL to justify taking him out of the lineup.
Huff, as Rich has stated, might really benefit from some time at 1st and/or 3rd. We have seen how isolating a player from the game by DHing him exclusively is not a great idea. (Sheffield). I agree that keeping his head in the game and giving him a “feel” would be very beneficial.
Marcus is playing himself into oblivion.

Miggy doesn’t need a break at 1B. Get Huff on the field in LF and 3B. I would start him at 3B today and bring in Inge defensively if needed. Inge, like Laird, needs a day off.

I liked what Wilkin brought to plate yesterday. That kid could be real special. Not this month, but soon. He could swipe a couple bases as a pinch runner.

I think we will see Bonderman today. I hope he pitches well.

You may be right about MCab not needing time off. But, it is a way to give it to him anyway and to get Huff involved. My guess is that JL is too frightened to play anybody but Inge at 3rd. He does need a rest though. He has .250 against Carmona but has been struggling against RHP lately so why not see what Huff can do?

Marty, if you saw someone that looked like me at Comerica, it was an imposter! No, I’m at home. I did sign up for the postseason ticket lottery. If I got tickets, I’d travel up for that. Haven’t been to a postseason game since 1972. Nothing will ever match game 5 of the 1968 WS, though. I lucked into that ticket.
I think Huff hasn’t played third in awhile, but he does need to get in there somewhere. Bad News Bears at the Astrodome: Let him play! Let him play! He could take a turn in left and, although Miggy might not need a day off, he could still DH for a game.
Dan, I think you’re right about Marcus. With Guillen’s return and the Huff trade, his PT is cut to almost nothing. I doubt he’ll be able to perform under these conditions, and he’s not providing any protection for Cabrera. It’s too bad, because we’ll never know if he could have hit those 40 homers during any of the past three seasons. I think that time is past now.

We really should use Huff today at 3rd. Huff has hit Carmona pretty well. Can’t let Carmona, who is having a brutal year, beat us. He has, at times, dominated us in the past. This year he is giving up runs at an alarming rate. I’d like to see MCab, Polly and (can’t believe I am saying this), Ordonez as being the only RHB in there today. DH Guillen. But let’s face it-we all know Brandon will be out there and Huff will be DH. I expect we will see Guillen and Thomas in the OF with Ordonez riding the pine.
We had a Laffer yesterday and I hope we have a laugher today. Be nice to get the new guys in to mop up late in the game for a change.
Remember Timo Perez? He is now playing in Mexico and still hitting well over .300? I think Neifi has hung ’em up.

“Where’s Timo Perez when you really need him.” I’ve written that on other blogs a couple of times. I was really sorry they let him go. He just gave the team a spark. And, yes, I’ve kept up with his career too, and he’s tearing it up down Mexico way.

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