Huff back in lineup against Carrasco

When Jim Leyland talked after yesterday’s loss, he was
really thinking about resting the slumping Aubrey Huff for a day or two. On
Tuesday, he thought better of it and put Huff in his starting lineup tonight for
the Major League debut of Carlos Carrasco. Part of Leyland’s thinking was that
Huff will sit Wednesday anyway against lefty Aaron Laffey.

That said, Huff is batting sixth in the lineup instead of
fifth. Leyland moved Magglio Ordonez ahead of him for the evening, with Carlos
Guillen batting third.

“I’m hoping he’s getting hot,” Leyland said of
Guillen. “That’s my hope.”


Curtis Granderson, CF

Placido Polanco, 2B

Carlos Guillen, LF

Miguel Cabrera, 1B

Magglio Ordonez, RF

Aubrey Huff, DH

Brandon Inge, 3B

Gerald Laird, C

Adam Everett, SS

SP: Edwin Jackson


Grady Sizemore, CF

Asdrubal Cabrera, SS

Shin-Soo Choo, DH

Jhonny Peralta, 3B

Luis Valbuena, 2B

Matt LaPorta, RF

Andy Marte, 1B

Kelly Shoppach, C

Michael Brantley, LF (just called up)

SP: Carlos Carrasco (also just called up)


I have been disappointed in Curtis offensivley this year. Defensivley, he has been superb. The ball he missed yesterday was one of the very few times all year he has misplayed a ball. And that ball was one of the weirdest drives I have seen all year. Often in the outfield a ball will dip and dive and shoot away from you enough to not make the play. That ball was one of the most bizarre I have seen on TV–you usueally don’t see that kind of erratic movement on the screen but you know that it can move abruptly in real time on the field. That ball had a life of it’s own.
I have some very real problems with Curtis’ approach at the plate and on the bases but in the field, he has been impeccable. That play was an anomaly if ever I have seen one.
Curtis needs to change his game offensively though. He needs to bunt and he needs to hit to the off field. When he accepts this he will add an element to his game that will be hard to defense.
That is Leyland’s job.

A JL vote of confidence in Huff together with hopefully a little quiet word can go a long way with a new team member.
Shame our bench guys are all slumping with post break figures of:
Thames – .20/.277 and .107/.212 for RISP;
Raburn – .275/.318 & .107/.212;
Thomas – .229/.325 & .20/.333;
Santiago – .235/.312 & .158/.227; compared with
Inge – .177/.248 & .10/.208;
Everett – .20/.213 & .292/.269 (7 of 24)
Laird – .186/.255 & .20/.273.

But Dave, what are the the stats for first Tuesday of the month night games after Monday afternoon losses?

Byrne, couldn’t agree with you more on Grandy taking a better approach at the dish. Last year he was spraying the ball and hitting with power to the gaps. DD needs to look for a leadoff man with speed and slap ability this offseason. TIGS face another newbie in Carrasco. I hope JL got a scouting report on Carrasco from Parrish and Durham down in Toledo so we can try to get more than 3 hits tonight!

C’Mon boys, these are the Indians. Go get a “W”!


Dan, would you believe ………. -:)

Incredible how rare Polly gets to swing the bat with bases empty. Curtis must be feeling real stupid right now.

Gerry gets a double. Wahoo!!!

Mr. Carrasco … welcome to the big leagues.

Alright Edwin. You have your obligatory run support. Tiger bats will now reture for a few innings.

Please proceed to pitch 7 strong innings.

Yes, EJJ needs to throw better than he has recently. Too many large counts and too many pitches. Killer combination. he has really nice stuff and doesn’t walk an excessive amount but he just does not dominate the strike zone. If he could, whew!

Arby’s for everbody tomorrow.

Man the GIDP’s are sure helping!!

Is that the first rookie we knocked out of a game???

Everyone with a hit. So glad Huff is getting results.

EJ has to pitch better and smarter than he did tonight. He has struggled recently.

How is it even possible to pop-up as much as Laird does?

He hasn’t been quite as sharp, but I’m hoping he’ll catch his second wind.

This game was once a 7 run lead and EJ fooled around with it.

This game was once a 7 run lead and EJ fooled around with it.

We gotta 70, can I hear a 80?

Well, that win for Jackson was one to make up for the games he pitched like an ace and didn’t get the run support or a win. We won, that’s the most important thing.

Well I didn’t any but the last 2 innings or so. So I guess that the “CURSE OF THE AAA CALL UP” is only in effect when I watch the game. I did DVR the game and plan to watch the first few innings here in a minute. Looks like it was a good thing that Edwin had a lot of run support since it looks as though he was not on his game today. Good for him, he deserves not to be perfect and win a game. Lord knows there has been plenty of games this year when his team either pen or lack of hitting has let him down this year.

Twins win on a walkoff single. I hope the Sox lay down for us like they do at the Dome. That is a team that can’t hit.
That first inning tonight, we could have had seven runs. If Granderson doesn’t make the first out of the inning at thirdbase (which is one of those cardinal sins) and Laird’s drive bounces forward instead of back onto the field, we’ve got a 7-spot. Granderson for some reason is stumbling while rounding bases lately. At least he got rid of that weird blue mouthpiece.
Huff finally got some balls to drop for him and had a good night. Leyland already said he won’t start tomorrow against the lefty. Here is where I have a problem. Huff has always hit lefties just fine, but now he’s automatically put into JL’s L-R platoon. That means a slumping Thames will DH tomorrow. This is one of the reasons we haven’t been hitting the LHers, and we have one tomorrow who appears to be having a good year. If Marcus was ever going to hit those 40 homers, it would have been in 2006 or 2007, but those days are long gone. I’d rather start Huff. Furthermore, I don’t see why Huff can’t get in there to play some firstbase and DH Cabrera sometimes. What would that hurt? Fulltime DH is a tough job.
Tomorrow doesn’t look too promising on paper.

Dang those Twins – we are supposed to be the only ones that win in walkoffs -(and I am being serious about that).
I agree that today doesn’t look good on paper this is Clevelands best pitcher. Actually tomorrow doesn’t thrill me either. ALthough Carmona has been very hittable this year, like Pavano we are one of the only teams that have seem to have a hard time with hitting him..

It appears that Jarrod Washburn has been pitching on a bum knee. Damaged goods. It always amazes me how these guys go out there with a secret (from us anyway) injury and cost us games.

I wish Leyland would forget about the L-R platoon crap and just go with the hot hand(s) in Huff and Guillen. That’s what the TIGS are paying Huff $2MM for the remainder of this season is to produce. Unfortunately, Thames value is minimal for the remainder of the season as he never got in
the steady AB’s (after the A/S break) he requires to be an effective power stroke. Go with Huff over Thames at DH!


If you are a really good hitter, I don’t care if there is a LHP or RHP. News flash…….White Sox score 4 in the ninth off of Nathan. I will enjoy watching the ballgame tonight. Go Tigers!

I tuned into Twins-Sox in the 9th. 2-0 Twins, two out none on, Nathan has two strikes on Beckham. Beckham homers. Konerko homers to tie. Dye and Quentin walk and Ramirez singles in one and a wild pitch adds another. Baseball man, you just never know. Good thing, because if Minnesota had won, we’d have to sweep Cleveland to avoid losing ground before Friday.
I think the Sox have had more trouble in the dome than we have, if that’s possible, so they deserved this one in the Final Game. Thank you Sox, and here are some nice parting gifts for playing our game.

That’s from a story by John Paul Morosi of, formerly of the Free Press.

That’s answering GK’s question re Washburn. Hello from the fuuuuture, GK…………….

Rich did you read somewhere that Washburn’s knee is hurt or is it something that you noticed?
White Soxs came back in the 9th to beat the Twins – two, two out back to back homers in the ninth, then two walks, a single and a wile pitch later and the White Soxs get four runs in the top of the ninth. As I throw up in my mouth saying this Way to Go Soxs.

Thank Rich – Freaky – isn’t it amazing how your answer not only goes before my question but the time codes are all wrong. Craziness

Thanks Rich – Freaky how your answers are not only before my question but the time codes are all off. Craziness man

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