Monday: Tigers vs. Rays

Alex Avila hasn’t started a game since the last time Jarrod Washburn started, but he’s back in there today with Washburn and James Shields on the mound. With Magglio Ordonez just 2-for-10 lifetime off Shields, Clete Thomas gets the start in right field.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, LF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Huff, DH
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Thomas, RF
  8. Avila, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Jarrod Washburn


  1. Jason Bartlett, SS
  2. Gabe Kapler, LF
  3. Ben Zobrist, RF
  4. Pat Burrell, DH
  5. Evan Longoria, 3B
  6. Carlos Pena, 1B
  7. Manny Aybar, 2B
  8. Dioner Navarro, C
  9. B.J. Upton, CF

P: James Shields


My God, how many runs are they going to get before we even get an out. 4-0 top of the first with no outs. Not a good start Wash.

Washburn is useless. What pathetic pitching. 6-0 top of the first inning and still NO OUTS.

That was just batting practice. The real game will start at 1:35. Sure scared you didn’t it?

Does that mean we’re gonna get more runs this inning? I sure hope so!

Washburn is 12-3 with a 2.59 ERA against the Rays. It sure showed in that first inning.

Oops! I meant to say the second inning.

Tomorrow is September 1. They better “settle in” any time now.

Washburn sure has been 180 degrees from the way he was pitching immediately before we got him.
Another bad start but now he is setling down and has 6 straight. Go figure.
Both he and Huff have not been the instant turn-around players that we thought the club needed. Let’s hope they are indeed just settling in.

Now how did my “settle in” response get ahead of your “settle in” comment? The Tigers are hitting the ball rather than taking strikes but they hit them right to someone. Keep trying!

Washburn gets 9 batters in a row! He should have started that a bit sooner.

Obviously they do not want to play ball today because they are making too many mental mistakes.

They have a whoe team of sluggers that have not done anything lately. Granderson, Cabrera, Thames……………

Washburn and Huff have been great pick ups, haven’t they!? What a great job DD is doing! The addition of these two fine players, along with Guillen back from the DL (our trade pickup without even making a trade!), have really sparked this team!

If you had told me Washburn would go 5.2 and give up 2 ER i’d have said great, i’ll take it..
If you had told me that would come after giving up 6ER before getting an out i would have told you to cut the pos.
Cut Washburn
Cut Huff
and for god sakes CUT DONTRELLE..
That will open up 3 spots on the 40 man for callups.. they can’t help this team any less than those 3.

Huff will contribute. I think Washburn might.
The real problem are the inconsistent performances from Granderson, Inge, Orodnez and Polanco. Polanco is cominging around and is always a benenfit on D but the other guys have either not hit to their potential or in Inge, case, have been inconsitent and prone to brutal slumps. Inge has struck out a whole lot this year and often with RISP, often with a man on 3rd and less than 2 out. He has the most ineffective check swing in the game and when he check swings he usually follows it up with a long swing K.
Inge has some nice raw numbers in terms of power this year but he has not been what I would call a ‘force”. Neither has Ordonez or Granderson . This is a big part of the hitting “problem”.

They talk about game changing plays, in the first inning the Tigers got two back had a man on 1st w/1 out and Cabrera got doubled off by a shallow pop fly, that killed the momentum and the team has played like crap the whole game. This is where JL should be showing off his managing skills and obviously he has none.

I doubt Huff will contribute this year. There’s a reason he’s never been on a winning team – maybe it’s him! What has he hit since the trade? According to he’s on a 3-for-30 hitting spree!

Cabrera’s average is 100 pts lower with men in scoring position than with the bases empty, he needs to start hitting when there are men on base, or maybe make him the lead off hitter because Granderson has not been a lead off hitter this year.

Once again when they are trying to get 10 games over .500, they lose. Seven runs in most games would have been a win. Now they have 32 games left. If they can manage to split those games 16-16, the Twins will have to go 21-11 or the WSox 22-9 to pass the Tigers at the end. The WSox would certainly seem to have an edge in this 3-game series with the Twins if you look just at the starting pitching. However, it is in Minnesota where the WSox seem to fall on their faces. The Tigers need the Sox to take 2 out of 3 to keep both teams behind while the Tigers have to take 2 of 3 from the Indians.

Yeah illinoisfan, and all we had to do in “06 was take one from KC to win the division and we know what happened. No lead will be safe going into the last two weeks given how many times we face both Chicago and the Twins.


Dan is correct in that we need production from the established players that he named. That’s been the offensive problem all year. The spolight right now, fair or not, is glaring down on Huff and Washburn and their failure to contribute to the club’s pennant drive.
With Huff, I didn’t expect all that much to start with. He wasn’t having a good year in Baltimore and he’s been worse here. His .324 average w/RISP looked good, but we don’t know if those were in clutch situations, unless someone wants to look it up. He does give the lineup a LH bat that has to be taken seriously. I think what I’d do at this point is give Avila some DH work since Ryan is arriving tomorrow, and see if that will lift some of the pressure from Huff’s shoulders.
Washburn is an enigma. Granted, he gave up some bloops in the first inning today, but I’m concerned with all the homers allowed and that he’s falling behind in the count so often. A pitcher like him can’t afford to do that. If it was earlier in the season I’d say ride it out, but it’s September in a close race. I’d give him one more start, with Laird catching, and if there’s no improvement, I’ve got to find someone else. I don’t think Bonderman is stretched out but Jeremy could take Miner’s spot in the pen, freeing up Zach for some starts. There’s also Galarraga and Robertson. Any of these guys can, at the very least, match what Washburn has done, and might possibly do better.
I also want Laird catching on a regular basis from here on out, minus his normal days off. We don’t have any leeway in the pitching/defense department with the way the offense is going this season.
Oh, and we’re going to clinch the division at some point during the final seven home games, so get your tickets now.

Even Dontrelle Willis didn’t give up 6 runs in the 1st inning. At this point, I’ve seen enough of Jarrod Washburn. I’d take my chances with Nate and hopefully, Bondo coming back. But Washburn’s head is definitely not in Detroit. Aubrey Huff looks like “dead man walking”. Dombrowski must feels sick.

Alot to digest from your post, GK. I also think Jarrod doesn’t want to be here. And I also noticed the bad play by Grandy. I had no idea he had written a book until a couple weeks ago, and thought then that maybe he has too much on his plate. He is a go-getter, that’s for sure, but I wonder if baseball is now secondary to all his other endeavors ei Foundation, business in Chicago, book and God knows what else. Aubrey, well, he just looks like a fish out of water. Not comfortable. And Washburn makes me want to throw-up.

Well just got back from the game (if you want to call it that Guillen was the only one that showed up in my opinion) Boy do I feel like I got robbed today. Between the money for the tickets, parking, a beer not to mention a day off of work for both of us, well it totals in the hundreds. And here it was over before it even started.
It is obvious that Washburn is not comfortable or happy here in Detroit for some reason. He has only one win and two good starts since he has been here. Got to say I didn’t see this one coming but he is obviously not happy here. Still don’t like the fact that people were booing him today though. Don’t think you boo your own guys.
Granderson is on my every last nerve these days, along with his half ### bat, that play in the field today was less than stellar. He cost us a run. When is the last time you saw Curtis leave his feet to make a catch??? Too busy signing books around town and doing interviews I guess. If he can’t handle his job on the field and his extra struff then he better start just worrying about hitting the freaking ball.
Aubry can’t buy a hit he has hit some balls well, they just aren’t finding any holes. That being said why wasn’t Magglio playing today. I will said it yesterday and I will say it again today, don’t have two of your hottest hitters sitting on the bench for the last three days. (except to pinch hit)
Cabrera was a buzz kill today, and basically our pitchers weren’t missing any bats, and everything was finding a hole. Just one of those days I guess.

Granderson has a book?
You know……….I mentioned earlier this year that perhaps he was too busy being Curtis Granderson. One of those things like:
Name? Curtis Granderson
Occupation? Curtis Granderson
I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a revelation during the offseason and realizes he has to concentrate on his game. Just an observation.

Yes, Ed, I do remember 2006. Awful. I believe without checking that they had an even bigger lead entering August and that was when the collapse began. This August they went 16-13 so I was hoping it wasn’t asking too much to at least split the last 32 games. I know they are not very consistent but I also don’t believe the Twins have the pitching they had in ’06. Either the Twins or the WSox are really going to have to go on a tear to win 2/3 or more of their games. I have criticized this Tiger team so much that I am trying to be a little optimistic now. If they do take the division, I really can’t see them winning a play-off series.

I’m going to give Grandy one of Rod Allen’s mulligans on that liner to center. They showed a wide angle replay and that ball suddenly took a right turn. Weird. Upton had a problem too.

I watch both the A’s and the Tigers (oh and the Giants, geez it’s a good thing I work from home), and it seems that the A’s have been scoring more runs that the Tigers, even though the A’s are 20-1/2 out of first and .438 while the Tigers are in first place with a .531 winning percentage. I’ve felt less frustrated watching the A’s than the Tigers, but it could just be that there’s no post-season at stake.
Anyhow, I just looked it up. Since the All-Star break, the A’s have scored 214 runs and the Tigers 172. Oakland’s BA is .274 and the Tigers .253. Aha, so it wasn’t my imagination.

I forgot to turn the Tigers game on today, now I’m glad I missed it.

Regardless of the frustrations, it has been fun to have the Tigers in first place, let’s hope they can hang on!


Well the Rays showed up today, looked like they are hungry and trying to make the playoffs, leaving Detroit with a split on the road. The Tigs are content with a split at home, not showing any drive or determination at home or away. Who would have thought that Washburn and Huff would turn out to be duds? Sure Huff’s had some bad luck but Washburn has been terrible with his location and execution.

Let’s hope DD can find something alot better during the offseason. Look out for the Twinkies!

Had a feeling the Tigers would not win this game and real sorry Washburn was the cause of the loss. Jarrod’s 11 HR’s from only 37 IP already matches his Mariners total with 96 less IP’d. A shame to see the crowd boo him but understand their frustration making the effort to come to an early day game and watch it blown before it started.
There is considerable added pressure placed on mid season ‘name’ trades – coming into a new clubhouse in the midle of a pennant race and attempt to maintain form without pressing. Few immediately achieve without having an ego the size of CC.
A pitcher with a season long 2.64 ERA shouldn’t become 6.81 ERA after 6 starts. 5 of his 6 Tiger starts at home may have been compounding the problem and thankfully Washburn’s next start is out of town against the Rays.
Further to Rich’s part question about Huff past clutch performances with the O’s, whilst his 34 of 105 (.324/.411) for RISP is very good, incredibly only 5 AB’s were in late innings of close games for 1 hit. His LICG record overall at the O’s was poor for .219/.340 from 32AB’s.
I can not blame DD for the trades made that looked low risk / high reward potential with little of the farm given up. I think Rich is right that Huff is just having a bad season. Washburn though should still be a key.

Washburn is useless to this team, everytime he is out there he doesnt pitch well. He needs to go back to the team he came from!

Hello BloggaMates;
I’ve been out of town for a while and am finally back to school(ugh!). The good thing is I’m down to my last two school years until I become retarded. I’ve kept up with the Tigs through the paper and Al Gore’s Net. Thanks Al. Here is my biggest fear. We have held on for so long, I can’t bear losing out to the Twinks on the last three days of the season. If that is to happen, I just wish we would tank now. My wife is planning a power move to have me declared legally insane.
I had taped today’s game; I peeked at school on Game Day, saw the 6-0 lead, and didn’t even hit rewind when I got home. All along, I thought the hitting was going to come around, but ladies and gentlemen, it ain’t happenin’! We are going to have to continue to eke out those 1 run torture wins, placing undue pressure on pitchers and defense. The big positive: If we get to the playoffs, we’re in the hunt; it becomes a pitchers game then. So hold on to your shirts; 130 down with 32 to go.


Hi All,

Just want to chime in on the Grandy comments. I certainly don’t disagree that he has a lot going on- but he did not WRITE a book (that would be a little outrageous at this point in his career/life I think). It is a collection of entries (illustrations and copy) from 4th grade students about what they want to do when they grow up- or something like that- the theme escapes me now. I know, cause I wanted my son to enter last year and he didn’t want to. So, at most he had a hand in choosing the winners from the a group of finalists.
It’s a tough call- cause Curtis certainly does do ALOT for alot of people, kids mostly, and it’s hard to fault that- but he does seem to be pretty non-stop, and no one can keep that up forever.
Well, we decided to forego ordering our playoff tickets thru our season ticket package because it was not economically feasible at this time- but we do have 5 of the last 7 games of the season, which as Rich said will be the playoffs before the playoffs.
* G’nite.

I like Curtis but he did write a childrens book and has been around town for the last week or so having book signings. My point is that he seems to have a lot going on traveling in the off season, doing stuff for the MLB and who knows what else. I am just saying that he is nowhere near the player he has been in his career this year. Is it a fluke?? Or is he stretching himself too thin???

Thanks for the information, Tracey. I didn’t know anything about that project. The local paper here in the Blue Ridge foothills doesn’t carry much Curtis Granderson news. 🙂 I’ve always liked what Grandy does off the field and wouldn’t want that to change but, like you say, you can’t burn all your fuel.
At this point, I think the Tigers will need at least one good streak to pin this thing down, as they can’t allow the Twins to start their usual creeping up business. The reason I’m thinking of Granderson is because, of all the hitters having down years, he’s the one who hasn’t really gone on that good tear. If he got hot for a spell, it would be huge, beyond huge.
Failing that happening, it falls on the pitchers. We can’t have games ending before they’ve even started like today, because that eliminates one of our best weapons, that being the team’s overall scrappiness. If the pitchers keep us in the games, these guys will find a way, especially at home.
One final thought. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see the home and road game trends reverse themselves during the final month. Crazy things happen in baseball.

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