Granderson gets a knuckler

Curtis Granderson has long talked about the challenge of playing the outfield at Comerica Park in day games. But Monday was a new adventure even for him.

When Granderson drifted towards left-center field on Carlos Pena’s fifth-inning line drive, he wasn’t heading that direction to make a catch. He was preparing to field it on the bounce.

“I was actually getting into position to cut the ball off,” Granderson said after the Tigers’ 11-7 loss to the Rays Monday afternoon. “I didn’t think I was going to have a chance to catch it.”

It was much to Granderson’s surprise, then, when the ball carried long enough that he would’ve had a chance to catch it. The problem was that it also hooked so sharply that it ended back in straightaway center, close to where Granderson started.

“I’ve never seen that happen before,” Granderson said. “I don’t know what happened.”

He wasn’t the only one who seemed to have trouble out there. Rays center fielder B.J. Upton had trouble tracking Aubrey Huff’s drive to center, then seemingly found it before it popped out of his glove for a two-base error. Others around the league have had problems here, too, including Torii Hunter.

The fact that Granderson has played half his games here for about four years and still has trouble says plenty about it.

“We still can’t pinpoint what it is, whether it’s about the glare or the sun,” Granderson said. “This is the only stadium where you don’t need shades to fight the sun.”


Well it is good to hear him explain why he missed that. At the game it just looked like he blew it and over played it. Well I guess he kinda did, but maybe it took a funny spin on him. It looked pretty bad live though without replays.

two weeks ago I thought the Twins were done for. Well I should of known better. It looks as though CWS is throwing the towel, trading off Thome and Contrares this morning (not that Contrares was doing that well) But has anyone looked at everyones schedule – Basically we have almost the same schedule as Minnesota only subtracting Tampa for Oakland.
Minnesota schedule:
-7 games vs. Detroit 3 at home 4 at Comerica
-6 games vs. KC 3 at home three on the road
-6 games vs CLE 3 at home three on the road
-6 games vs. CWS 3 at home (including last night) 3 at CWS
-3 at home vs Oakland
-4 at Toronto
That is 15 home and 17 road
Tigers schedule:
-6 vs. CLE 3 at home 3 on the road
-4 vs Tampa 1 at home (yesterday) 3 on the road
-6 vs KC 3 at home 3 on the road
-4 at home vs. Toronto
-7 vs. Minnesota 4 at home 3 at the stinking dome
-6 vs CWS 3 at home three at stinking Cellular Field
That is 18 at home and 15 road games
White Soxs Schedule:
– 6 vs. Twins (including yesterday) 3. home 3 away
-1 @ Cubs
-4 @ home vs. Boston
-2 vs. Oakland at home
-3 vs. LAA on the road
-3 vs. SEA on the road
-3 vs. KC at home
-6 vs. Tigers 3 home three at Comerica
-3 vs CLE on the road.
That is 15 home and 16 on the road.
Like I said I think that CWS might be throwing in the towel, but that sneaky Twins team is hitting and their pitching seem to be coming around unfortunately. I am really starting to worry about them? This thing is going to go right down to the end.

Yea, the Twins are relentless. Remember how we fell apart in ’06 and couldn’t even win 1 game against the Royals to win the division. Lost it on the last day of the season. Sure, we had the Wild Card, but still. Their they were, the Minnesota Twins, Division champs. I was depressed for a week.

Did anyone think it would not go down to the end? Even if we won by a fairly comfortable margin, the clincher wouldn’t come until the final week, at home, against either Minnesota or Chicago. Because of the WC in ’06, we had an easy time of it even as we collapsed. It’s going to be for real this time. We haven’t had a truly gut-wrenching game in Detroit since the 161st game of 1987. Many of our fans weren’t even born yet. Hang on to your hats and take your meds.

Hmm… don’t you hate the comment “you don’t need sunglasses to battle the sun”? Seems like you would want anything to bend things to your advantage. Especially if you know the history of difficulty in the ballpark. Weird Stuff this game they call baseball ; ) –


Yep, the Twins scare the living heck out of me and I have to admit that I have a bad feeling about all this. We’ve been down this road before.

The thing that gets to me is that our pitching seems to be getting tired and our hitters cannot carry us. So, Rich is right. Fasten your seat belts and hang on. Mauer can carry the entire team for Minn.

Does anyone think the guys are not trying? They all know about the pennant race. This is baseball. The greatest game there is. You never know which way it is going to bounce, fly,wind blown, fan reaching over, umpire behind the plate. My son was at Sunday’s game. I wanted to go but had too much yard work to do after the 28th street Metro Cruise in Grand Rapids on Saturday. So I listened on the radio pretenting I was at the game. All the neighbors heard me yell when Polly hit the home run. I hope the fat lady stays put. Go Tigers, 2009!

In 2003 I dreamed of having the Tigers in a penant race. It is on now, and I do think the Tigers will prevail. I still like this team. One suggestion, Magglio needs to be the lineup more. I know about the vesting clause, but he is our 2nd best hitter right now.
Mauer is very, very good. But Minnesota’s starting pitching will have to carry them. I don’t think they can, but it will be great to watch.

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