Inge's knee still hurting

If you were hoping Brandon Inge’s leaping grab and throw to first for the final out of Sunday’s win might be a sign that his left knee is feeling better, it’s not quite that way. Though Inge said last week that he felt like the prolotherapy injections had his knee feeling better, Inge said Sunday he’s still hurting whenever he moves around. He made that play knowing he was probably going to pay for it.

“I knew I could get up,” Inge said after the game. “It’s just one of those things where I know it’s going to be pain, so I just have to deal with it.”

So that means he was in pain after the jump, but not before? No, that wasn’t it.

“To be honest with you, anytime I’m running, jumping, throwing, I feel pain,” Inge said. “I just have to deal with it.”


In my opinion, players playing hurt are not “battling it out for the team.” Inge’s knees obviously affect his swing. How about we get someone healthy in his spot in the lineup, so it’s not a given nothing productive will come out of that AB. It seems that it’s not affecting his play in the field, but his knees are obviously not getting any better. Why not let him rest for a few days, maybe even the 15-day DL before they get any worse? I’d rather lose his glove for a few games than months in the future.

jlew —
It’s been reported several times that Inge’s knee is not going to get any better without a significant amount of rest. If he can tolerate the pain and play through it, I say let him. I’d much rather have his defense with an occasional productive AB down the stretch than having him sit. Besides, who would you play at 3rd in his place? Ryan (3 errors in one game, 2 in the same inning) Raburn? Or how about Aubrey Huff? You know, the Tigers’ new LH power bat that can’t seem to buy a base hit since the trade. There’s always Guillen, I guess. But besides his incredibly slow feet, he’d probably hurt himself. Again.

Brandon Inge is hitting just .180 since the All Star break, which is over six weeks now. He’s gone way past the point where he is clearly hurting the team. He’s hitting just .103 with Runners in scoring position in that time frame. He needs to be sat down.

Curtis Granderson is THE WORST hitter in the league vs LHP’s with a mimimum of 100 AB’s. Last in Avg, last in OPS. The worst. He should not be in the lineup, much less leading off against LHP’s.

Adam Everett is about the worst hitter in the league vs RHP’s. Only Dioner Navarro is worse.

Polanco is hitting .330 with runners on base, and he is on pace to have over 40 fewer AB’s this season with a runner on base. Most of that is on Granderson and the rest is on the decline at the bottom of the order, in the 8 and 9 slots.

This isn’t “defense first”, this is NO stick all over the field.

You can make an argument against every single player in the lineup, if you’d like. Everybody has a weakness, and everybody gets into a slump now and then. The problem is that the manager is supposed to see these things and put his team in the best position to win, and he isn’t. Why does he keep running Curtis out there against lefties? Why does he keep DH’ing Huff when he’s been so cold? If it were just Inge struggling at the plate, I’m sure nobody would complain about him staying in the lineup because of his defensive abilities. It’s just because everybody else on the team is having a bad year statistically in some area that it compounds the problems.
Based on your logic, should we also wish that Avila would be the everyday catcher? After all, Laird has struggled at the plate most of the year. But defensively he’s been one of the best in the league, if not all of MLB. Look at how many guys he’s thrown out stealing this year. How many runs has that saved? Similarly, how many extra base hits has Inge taken away from opposing hitters? How many runs has he saved?
It amazes me how everybody was complaining about this team’s lack of defense last year, and now those same folks appear willing to trade the terrific defense this year for some better offensive numbers.

I think there is a fine line there. You can afford to accept less than stellar hitting performances from a few positional players like Inge, Laird and I will even throw Everett in there when there is great defense.
But when your consistently good hitters, like Polanco, like Granderson, and Ordonez are flailing for most or some of the year- this is what kills you. And I will even go as far as putting someone like Cabrera in there, while he has a great average and can be counted on for a single every game to keep his average up, he isn’t hitting the doubles or the homeruns as much as you would hope or doing it when runners are on base. He is real good at it when there is already two outs and nobody on.
That being said yesterday had little to do with bad hitting. (where there a few points ie the two double plays that Cabrera was involved in that could of changed the momentum of the game? well maybe) But that game was for all intensive purposes over 4 batters into the game. For the most part you cannot give up 6 runs in the first inning and expect to win a game, unless of course you can stop the damage. (and they didn’t)
I would really like to get someone’s opinion on where the Washburn of Seattle went to. Is there something in his delivery that is different?? I found it interesting yesterday in the first inning when he was pitching that the only person that went to the mound to talk to him was Inge. I don’t recall Avila going out there, and I know neither Leyland or Knapp went out to the mound? Is it because there was nothing wrong with his delivery? But even to go out there to settle him down NOBODY went out. I thought that this was strange. I don’t know if I have ever seen managers or coaches let a guy go that long without at least going out there to give him a blow or settle him down.

I agree completely, and I guess that is what I was trying to say. I can accept lower offensive numbers from guys like Inge, Laird and Everett because of their defense. It’s the big bats that have been hurting the team. I would say mostly Granderson and Ordonez. Throw in a couple cold streaks and poor AB’s in key situations by Polanco and Cabrera, and you’ve summarized our offensive struggles.
Washburn? I don’t know what happened to him. I thought it was odd starting with his outing against Seattle where he gave up a bunch of runs (and HR’s) to his old team. He keeps getting behind hitters and giving guys good pitches to hit — and they do. Maybe he isn’t happy here, but would he really rather be in Seattle than on a first place team looking at post-season play? And yes, I do find it extremely odd that no coaches went out to talk to him. Something just is not right about that given his performance. That’s one heck of an awful start to let him work through without a visit.

Those are interesting observations. Regarding no one visiting the mound, my guess is that he wasn’t being hit all that hard up until the Pena bomb. There’s no way of knowing whether Laird would have trotted out there for a moment. The other part is more intriguing. At the time of the trade, talk was that Washburn liked Seattle so much that there was a real possibility that he would re-sign with them after the season. If his heart’s not in this, even subconsciously, he’s not going to pitch very well.
A more likely scenario is that he attracted a lot of attention with the trade, and the book on him became more detailed. He went from being a dependable veteran to one of the best pitchers in the AL, nearly overnight. Fortunately, we didn’t give up much for him, as French is being pounded too, but we do have other pitchers we could use. I won’t run down the names again.

His heart isn’t in it. Even when he does an interview, he doesn’t sound like a Tiger. I think he’s probably embarrassed, but that’s about it.

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