Inge hits another homer for a kid

inge082809.jpgIf you had a chance to watch Brandon Inge tonight on his home run, there was more ink on his arms than just his new tattoos. He had the name Noah on his right forearm for a 5-year-old friend of his who’s battling cancer and just recently returned home from Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor. You can kind of see Noah’s name on Inge’s arm on the photo to the right. (thanks to the AP for the photo)

“I visited him a couple times in the hospital,” Inge said. “He’s at his home at this point, so I went out there and visited him for about two hours today. He asked me the dreaded question: He asked me if I could hit a home run for him. I told him I would definitely do my best, see what I can do. And when the ball went over the fence, man, that was awesome. That was a special moment for me.

“He deserves it. He’s a good kid.”

You might remember Inge did something similar earlier this season for a kid named Tommy who had a heart transplant. He homered that night, too, so he has a pretty good record going.


Brandon and his family do a lot of nice things for the kids at the Childrens Hospital in Ann Arbor, time and money. I am sure that it tough when a sick kid does something like ask you to hit a homer when lets face it Brandon hasn’t exactly been feeling it at the plate lately. It is nice that he was able to do it for that kid.
Now regarding the game last night, going there frankly I thought that this one was one that we might lose. Rick kept his cool on the mound and was able to get out of his jams. That being said the ball the Rays were hitting were not finding holes and going pretty much right at the outfielders. Luck or good pitching????
It was nice to see the bottom of the order getting it done last night because the big guys well, were off last night.
I hope that Nate keepts up the momentum from Toledo and has a good outing. I still remember the Nate from 2006 and he was really really good.

I don’t care what anybody says about Brandon as a player, you don’t get much better than him as a human being. What great people he and his wife are. If anyone ever wants an example of how to properly use your “celebrity”, look no further than Brandon Inge.

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