Dontrelle to make rehab start for Hens Sunday

Dontrelle Willis, who has been working out with Triple-A Toledo for the past month or so, is scheduled to make a rehab start for the Mud Hens Sunday against Indianapolis, as first reported by the Toledo Blade’s John Wagner. It’ll be Willis’ second try at a return to action after going on the disabled list in June with anxiety disorder. His last rehab start August 19 was cut short in the second inning with soreness in his right hip.

The Mud Hens’ regular season schedule ends Sept. 7, so Willis likely has one more rehab start left after this.


Willis is not far south enough for my liking.
I want no part of him whatsoever on the Tigers. He should never have been acquired, certainly not extended, and should have been released eight times by now. Bad enough that we’ll have to read all the fluff next spring about how his off season work regimen was so good, and how he’s primed for a big season, but I don’t want this distraction in Detroit in September.

I’ll have to agree. The only reason this Willis saga keeps going on is because DD made a major mistake with his contract. It’s not fair to subject loyal fans to this. I went to the expense of traveling to Pittsburgh in June and ended up seeing what amounted to an exhibition game in his last start. And now we’re in the thick of a pennant race. They can give Willis a start AFTER we’ve clinched, if we’re fortunate enough to do so.
I’m sorry to have to take a hard line on this.

I’m right there with you, guys. I hope this is just a courteous update on a player they have no intention of making part of this season.
Right now our only question mark seems to be that 5th starter, and I’d say with Galarraga, Nate and Miner (altho JL wouldn’t agree on Miner) Dontrelle has a long way to go. I don’t see bringing a guy with anxiety issues into the bullpen, either- especially when that’s not his normal gig.
I don’t know about you- but I am getting really excited about this race to the finish.

Gosh I have a real hard time with this, and while I agree that he cannot be brought up at this point, unless he strikes out every player he faces in the minors 3 times, we just cannot risk it.
But the problem is (as far as next year goes) he is under a big contract and you just cannot lose site of that. And the other problem is that I like him and want him to succeed. He is a guy you just want to cheer for. And look at Grienke he had the same problem and he’s come out of it okay but it took him a little while and Dontrelle even though he has been around for a long time is strill pretty young. And somehow I feel to say just screw him is well makes me feel mean. But please don’t bring him up here this year.

I think they just have to keep trying with Dontrelle and hopefully he either can contribute or somehow be good enough for us to get something in return. He’s gonna get paid anyway you look at it, so the organization is doing whatever it takes to help him. Now, will it work? I don’t know. He is doing positive things in Detroit with his charity work. I hope and pray he can return, but I must admit I’ll be shocked if he does.

On another note, this is again a day I won’t be able to watch the game (work). Have a great day guys and girls! Needless, to say I’ll be thinking of you.

Hey fellow bloggers. Between work, west coast games, blackouts, and family matters I’ve only caught parts of games for over a week now. I envy those of you who never seem to miss any games, and don’t know how you do it. Things are getting interesting.
I was at the same Pittsburgh game Rich is referring to and it wasn’t pretty. And then there were those throwback unis. I really don’t see how pitchers can get comfortable pitching in those things anyway. They’re ridiculously baggy and cumbersome. Don’t know why baseball feels the need to drag these things out every year. Nostalgia I guess. Poor Dontrelle didn’t need any extra distraction that day. That game was lost shortly after it began. Not fun to watch.
Anyway, I’m in agreement with everyone here. I like Dontrelle and I hope he can somehow regain his pitching ability again. But now is not the time for sentimentality. He should continue to rehab but I don’t see any realistic benefit in bringing him back now. Maybe, as Rich said, give him a start after the Tigers clinch the division, should they be so blessed.

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