Tigers' advice for Saturday: Get here early

If you’re heading downtown for Saturday’s Tigers game against the Rays at 4pm, your best shot is to get here early. The Lions are hosting the Colts across the street at Ford Field at 1pm, so the Tigers are encouraging fans to arrive by 3pm to avoid fans leaving the Lions game. It’s a preseason game, so fans might leave early, but it’s also the third preseason game, when teams usually play their starters the longest, giving fans reason to stick around.


Garza has been tough for LHers to hit, but he’s also walked nearly five LHers per nine innings. A case can be made for Huff and Guillen being patient and getting good ABs, as opposed to Thames and Raburn who probably wouldn’t be as patient. I don’t think Porcello worked very well with Avila on Sunday, so I’m glad to see Laird back there.
This might be a very low scoring game.

I don’t know Rich. I think this might be a softball score tonight. By my calc, Tigers are 6-9 in games after a day off so that doesn’t bode well. Rick looked to me like he was wearing down a little mentally. So you are right that having Laird there may be helpful.

Anybody claim Hoffman yet? Brewers are cleaning house right now.

Giants did.

The back to back walks to Huff and Guillen kicked off the big inning. Wow, wish I could always order up things like that. Upton as the centerfielder should have taken charge on Laird’s flare, and that was the game changing play. It’s good to get breaks, as we’ve certainly been robbed enough this season.
Porcello battled his way through this one pretty well. 104 pitches a season high. That changeup he threw to finish off the first was a perfect pitch and a great call by either Laird or Rick. I suspect that was Gerald’s idea. That was huge.
After Garza drilled Laird following Inge’s homer, I was worried about retribution. It’s not a good idea to get Porcello labeled as a head hunter so I’m glad we showed constraint this time. Let the other side worry about when the payback is coming, if it comes at all.
I switched over to watch Cano’s walkoff over the Sox, but also saw Joe Nathan get out of a 2-on, 3-2 count with a strike called on a pitch that had to be a foot outside. In a one-run game. That was one gigantic bad call considering both the Rangers’ and Twins’ positions in the race.
Blackout day for us out of towners tomorrow. Here’s hoping Nate can do the job. CB Bucknor will be behind the plate, so get ready for just about anything.

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