Tuesday: Tigers at Angels

Not much of a change in the lineup save for Alex Avila behind the plate. That has nothing to do with last night. Instead, it’s a matter of Avila having worked with Washburn and getting him in against the right-hander John Lackey. Gerald Laird will be back at catcher Wednesday against lefty Joe Saunders.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Huff, DH
  6. Guillen, LF
  7. Avila, C
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Jarrod Washburn


Sure, expected Avila tonight. Laird has a .107 BA against Lackey in a hefty 28 ABs. That’s enough for me, I’d have done the same. I’m glad to see Santiago back in there. I’d be happy with a straight L-R platoon with Everett for the remainder of the season. Razor’s a money player.
See y’all after the game. Or tomorrow morning if this thing runs long.

is tonight going to be the night Huff hits the ball? If not, i’d like to see him not in the lineup……just what we needed – another cold bat.

Let’s hope he starts swinging with some authority. He seems to be a bit defensive at the plate.

Can the Tigers put two good efforts in a row together? They have never beaten Lackey. Washburn has not won a Tiger game yet. Huff is still playing as if this is Antarctica. I made the statement in an earlier blog that the Tigers would not win a game in LA. If they should happen to win another, I’ll accept suggestions from any of you about what to put on my words as I eat them. Ketchup, ranch dressing, maple syruo anyone?

Well I know we got a run there and Polanco continues to provide us some spark but Lackey pitching to MCab there shows a lot confidence in himself. Huff was on deck and it would have made way better sense to try and get him to hit into a DP. Huff looks awful right now. I hope he gets goig soon.
Nice piece of hitting by MCab.
Funny how we pick up these 2 big acquisitions and they have done really nothing since they suited up.

On the pre-show, the featured a story about Huff wearing his “lucky” pant his wife gave him. Got quite a few laughs and loosened up the clubhouse.

Wow, what a play Grandy just made!

Gonna be a long game if Washburn keeeps nibbling away like this. Throw goddam strikes and let the chips fall where they may. Real disappointed in this guy so far.

Washburn should thank his lucky stars after getting out of that with 2 sparkling plays by his defense. If he can’t pitch better than that inning though, we are going to be dealing with a lot of Angel runs.

Washburn is painful to watch. The big deliberate windup and then, ball one, the big deliberate windup then ball two. And they seem to be hitting him at will. I am not sure if he is going to be the pitcher the Tigers though they were getting. Sure hope I am wrong.

2 on, 2 out, 2 stranded.

“…dealing with a lot of Angel runs.” There’s 3 of them. Is Washburn washed out or burned out? And Granderson. Another wasted opportunity.

Let’s see if Washburn can survive this 3rd inning.

He survived it but with 60 pitches. He’ll be lucky to get 5 innings. Then it’ll be Miner. Plus Washburn has thrown more balls than strikes, 32-28.

He survived it but with 60 pitches. He’ll be lucky to get 5 innings. Then it’ll be Miner. Plus Washburn has thrown more balls than strikes, 32-28.

Be nice to see the Tigers take advantage of Lackey struggling. Yes, I do mean struggling. He has thrown a ton of pitches so far but we still are not making him pay for it.

Well, that was a start by Grandy!

Well, there we go. Miggy ties it up.

Well I better take some of that stuff back about Washburn. To his credit he got through the rough patch without caving in and has since thrown pretty smartly.
Be real nice to light Lackey up here, he has thrown a lot of pitches so I hope they work the count against him this inning.

Just looked at some stats over some players last 10 games;

Rayburn 9 for 22 with games played dating back to Aug.13th (.409) 5 RBIs, 4 HR

Thomas 5 for 33 with games played dating back to Aug.13th (.151) 1 RBI’s, 0 HR

Thames 6 for 32 with games played dating back to Aug.8th (.188) 6 RBI’s, 2 HR

Huff 2 for 31 with games played dating back to Aug.15th – played in all of the last 10 games (.097) 1 RBI, 0 HR.

Could someone please tell me why Huff has been in the lineup for the last 10 games??????

Huff is 3 for 32.

Sorry, miscounted
Huff is currently 3 for 32.

That looked like a HR to me!

He’s in there because they want a run producing LHB. What they want and what they are getting are 2 very different things though.
Tough break there in the 6th. Ramon gets a good swing and unfortunately hits it right at Figgins.

Geez-Curtis looks like he just hit another one but I suspect the review will not go in our favor. Regardless–we gotta score Granderson. Can’t let him die on 3rd with no out. Polanco is the guy to get him in as I don’t have the faith in Ordonez if Polanco doesn’t.
Hopefull this is a moot point and they award Curtis a HR.

Polly! A triple.

Wow–Polanco wasted no time. It is real nice to see him steppin up the way he is.
Be interesting here to see if Leyland will PH for Magglio. I don’t think he will and out of respect for him I don’t think he should either. He is prone to whiffing in these situations but maybe, just mayb, the old Maggs will come through and give us some breathing room.

Excellent–good for him —and us!

No way do I let Huff hit here against the lefty. I know they would like to get him going but runs are too important. Marcus is an option or Raburn, not a good one, but you gotta send Huff a message that if he doesn’t hit somebody else will be given the chance.

Huff looks as though it is absolutely impossible to do something with the bat right now. He is astoundingly brutal.

After that very long inning I do wonder if JL brings Washburn out for another. I do say I would not be too throilled to see Miner

This is what I hate about Miner—pick–pick pick, next thing you know he walks a guy and the tying run is up.

He’s got to get Miner out of there. 2 walks in a row.

Miner is the one guy in this pen I have no faith in. He’s justifying all that right here at a critical time—again.

My God, can this guy throw a strike?

Guess not. 3 walks.

Rumor has it, Miner’s new baby already knows how to walk!

Miner was the luckiest guy on the face of the earth in that moment tonight.
He had no confidence, couldn’t even decide what pitch to throw, seemingly looking like he did NOT want to throw anything–walks three–throws one away and his catcher bails him out with a cat-like play.
Leyland, do you not see what most of us here see?
Miner is not a late-inning reliever. It’s pretty clear.

Aha! Miner can’t throw a strike so he uses play #79 right out of the book. Wild pitch and get the runner out at home. LOL

That is wickedly funny branch.
No way JL trots him out there for the 8th?!?

But you are right, slowbyrne. They should find a team who needs a starter and try to get them to take Miner for a good relief pitcher.

Way to go Clete!

Another nail-biter. Sure hope Rodney has the ability to come out and have another strong performance. Sure like to see an easy 3 up and 3 down for a change.

It’s never easy with Rodney is it? Roller Coaster Rodney that is.
Don’t like the indifference and letting Figgins steal.

How’d you like that catch?

I don’t know WHAT Rodney was doing throwing fastball after fastball to Vlad but he got away with it.
Kudos to Washburn who showed some grit and finesse out there. A little reminiscent of the Professor.
Granderson had a good game and not because of the triple and homer but he made a couple of very important defensive plays. The defense saved the day–Avila, turned the game around when it was going south and Clete made a real nice play too.
JL really needs to figure out how he is going to use Miner. The bullpen is Ok but they all have their moments and you never ever get the feeling that when JL brings any one guy in the opposing batter doesn’t have a chance.
The team gets some credit here for not being satisfied with yesterday’s win. Good on ’em.

Chone struck out no doubt then he gets that stupid little single. That was crap.

This game would have been a lot easier if Verlander had known how to pitch with a 10-run lead last night. What was left of the bullpen somehow got it done tonight.
Big time win. Big time.

WAY TO GO NANDO – In my opinion and the opinion of every person that knows what the strike zone is – Chone struck out and never should of been on base. BALL DON’T LIE.
Is anyone else sick of these camera views that they are giving. Your not seeing most of the pitches it is extremely annoying.

Great win last night – excellent defense. I saw a replay this morning of the catch by Clete – was he brought in as a defensive replacement? I assume so – if so, hats off to Clete for the catch and to Leyland for the move. If Maggs is in, I don’t see that catch being made, but kudos to Maggs for getting that sac fly for insurance.

Miggy is clobbering the ball lately, he is such a smart hitter. Starts off with a power approach, then learns to protect himself and is happy with basehits or groundouts that score or move the runners around – such a great asset for our team – am amazed they are pitching to him this series with Huff doing Jack Squat’s job being him.

Illinoifan – I think ketchup will go well for you! You can add hot sauce if they get the sweep!

sklant – agreed on the tv – I noticed the last 2 games they keep showing the views from the stands or way out field and you don’t get a good eye for where the pitch is going. If this is an experiment, I hope they stop it.

Am loving the defense yesterday and Washburn’s ability to get through that 3 run inning. 4.5 game pad now – let’s hope next week at this time we still have that margin.

I stayed up for Monday’s night game, so I couldn’t watch this one- wish it had been reversed. What a great game. Thrilling just to watch the video highlights with my kids this morning!
I did see the first inning and 1/2 and yes, the camera angles were annoying. Think I’ll send a note to FSN today and let them know.
Since no one on here has mentioned it- Inge’s tattoos are fugly. I can’t believe he actually had those designed, and then took the time to think about them and approve them. Certainly not a real issue in the grand scheme of the AL Central, just wanted to share my opinion.


I’m with you Tracey on the new body art of Brandon – I am not a big fan of the large lettered tattoos – could have been much smaller and still gotten the point across. to each his own though!

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