August 21st, 2009

What do Tigers mean to Detroit?

I’m off this weekend, back on for the Angels series, but I’m also working on a story for next week on what the Tigers and this season in particular mean to the Detroit area and to Michigan given the tough times. And after getting some input from all around, I figured I’d throw the idea out to readers here, since we have seem to have a pretty loyal, steady group.

Are the Tigers a diversion for people while they get through a miserable economy and an area trying to rebuild? If it is, is it something about the Tigers in particular that makes it so or is it more about Detroit sports in general? And how much are you able to follow the Tigers compared with past years? If you have views on this, I’d be interested in hearing them and maybe using some of them in my story. You can drop me an email at Please add your name and your hometown. You have my gratitude for reading, but you already knew that.

– Jason Beck