Granderson could sit next couple days

Though Curtis Granderson’s bat has been a concern off and on for much of the season, it’s clear that it’s a particular concern for manager Jim Leyland now. Granderson’s 0-for-4, two-strikeout game extended his hitless streak to 0-for-13 with seven strikeouts, bringing his batting average for the season back down to .254, its low point since the end of May.

Leyland came to his defense after the game, pointing out that he’s taking extra batting practice every day now, including the last couple days since Monday’s off-day. So far, it hasn’t quite clicked, and Leyland sounded like a manager who thinks his leadoff hitter and offensive catalyst might be pressing.

“I’m thinking about getting him out of there tomorrow against the left-hander,” Leyland said, referring to Mariners lefty starter Ryan Rowland-Smith. “I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’ll probably get him a day off, maybe two days off.”

The second day off, if it happens, would be against another left-handed starter with Oakland’s
Gio Gonzalez slated to pitch Friday’s series opener out west.

The last time Leyland gave Granderson a day off, the Tigers called up Wilkin Ramirez from Triple-A Toledo for a day and started the right-handed hitting prospect in left to help pull it off. He probably doesn’t have that luxury this time, and it’s hard to see him sitting Granderson without starting another left-handed hitter in his place, whether it’s Clete Thomas in the outfield or Aubrey Huff at DH.

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Of course he is pressing – he expects better of himself and he is not performing at the plate like he should. His strikeouts are climbing and since he is not a pitcher, that is not a good thing. I love Curtis, think he is a tremendous talent, but good idea to get him out for a day or two – we need the defense but we need the offense too. Of course if his replacement makes a blunder in the field today then I will be wrong!

Too bad the boys couldn’t back JV yet again – he must wonder if they have a vendetta against him! Except for his pitch to Ichiro he did a terrific job – congrats to JV for rebounding from last season and proving all the naysayers that he couldn’t be their ace.

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